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In Parashah Toldot, we find the unique mathematic and geometric Signature of God's Explicit Name hidden in the concept that is embedded in the phrase: 

                             "When it came time to give birth....
                                                       ...twins were in her womb."

In order to more fully understand the implications, it is important to read each of the essential constructs listed to the right.

The subject of this portion deals among other things with the pregnancy of Rivka and the twins in her womb (Ya'acov and Esav). However, these "twins" were in her womb throughout the entire gestation period, not merely "when it came time for her to give birth." In other words the unusual wording of the text alludes to something else that is very significant. In this case it alludes to the Shechina and the combined cubic form of the luchot. 

Thus, "when it came time to give birth" (to be brought down by Moshe) they were divided (made twins). They were not twins until that moment in time.

There are three prominent witnesses to that effect. 

1) The measure of the luchot that were divided (made twins) at the time of birth (when it was given) were 6 x 6 x 3 handbreadths or 108 cubic handbreadths each. The volumetric measure of each "twin" was 108. The two were thus: 108 + 108 (or 216 cubic handbreadths) which is same as the number of letters in God's Explicit Name.

The specifications within the blueprint/luchot cast their shadow in the world below and...

2) The mathematic specifications manifest themselves as twins in the form of Yaacov and Esav, who were both born in the 108th year of the 3rd millennium. That is, the 2 were born in the 108th year: 2 "sons," 108 "years" = 216) and...

3) The millennium and the year (within the millennium) also reflect this geometry in that they are the same as the twins. The year was 2108: 2 millennia and 108 years (2 x 108 = 216).
The mathematic and geometric specifications in the cosmic blueprint/luchot (as they apply to
the foundations of the world) are very precise and so the Signature of the Architect is deeply embedded in the event. The closer the source, the brighter the reflection.

For more information on the Triad Name and where it is found in the Torah (as well as in everything from particle physics, quantum mechanics, celestial dynamics etc., to the historical narrative of mankind) see the "Signature of the Architect," that should be available soon in the iBookstore.

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