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In VaYera, God’s Explicit Name is found hidden in the ratio of the elements described thus, “take 3 measures of flour and make bread.” 

God comes to Avraham in the heat of the day. Avraham excuses Himself from the Divine Presence and says to Sarah: "take 3 measures of flour and make bread.”

Each of the 3 measures was 6 ounces. The 3 “sixes” allude to the ratio of the sapphire block in Mishpatim, which was 6 x 6 x 6. There are 216 elements in a matrix with this ratio, and these correspond to the 216 letters of God’s Explicit Name. 

The ratio of the “block” in Mishpatim, is also alluded too in the texts about Moshe, who remained in the cloud for 6 days, went back and forth for 6 days taking the Torah to the people, which either began on the 6th of Sivan or ended on the 6th of Sivan, depending on the source. 

Meanwhile, the bread that Sarah prepared was never served. The reason generally given is that Sarah either became niddah while preparing the bread, or that it was Pesach and Sarah inadvertently left it to sit for too long, and so it became leaven. In either case, it could not be eaten.


The 3 measures of flour, that were each 6, alludes to the Divine Presence that was in still in Avraham’s tent.  When Avraham excused himself from the Divine Presence he told Sarah to take make bread. Bread is not eaten in the Divine Presence (witness the showbread in the Beit HaMikdash). Rather, it is for the Divine Presence. Thus it was not served.

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