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Ki Thavo

In Parashah Ki Thavo we transition from events and halachic requirements that reflect the math and geometry of the four-letter abbreviations for the Name (the Tetragrammaton, the Havaya of Adnoot and Ehyeh) to the events and requirements reflecting that of the twelve-letter abbreviation(s).

In the paragraphs ahead you will see these allusions to the twelve-letter (Explicit) 'Name'. In the meantime, if you are new to this blog, please read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These pages reveal some of the basic mathematic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen, and together they form a unique signature. We refer to this geometry and its mathematic common denominator as the Signature of the Architect. The purpose of this blog is to show how all of these things connect, and to reveal where the signature geometry is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post. In order to more fully appreciate the allusions mentioned above, it is also important to have read last week's post  on Parashah Ki Thetze where the four-letter 'Names' were examined.

In that post, you may remember the allusions involved the marriage between the four letters of the Tetragrammaton and the four letters in Adnoot, that result in the four letters of Ehyeh. 

These letters were mirrored in the requirement for tzitzith where four strands were doubled over against their four opposing halves, tied through the four corners of the talith. The nature of their division into opposing male-female counterparts sustain the physical universe in like form. The letters in turn, are manifested in the physics of the four primary (male-female) continuum's in the dimensions of time and space, as well as the four (male-female) forces in quantum mechanics that “rule” the universe (like the plus and minus of electricity or magnetism).

In last week’s parashah we also showed how the four letters of each 'Name' had their geometric counterpart in the star tetrahedron (a three-dimensional magen david) resulting from the male-female combination of two opposing tetrahedrons. A tetrahedron has four faces, so two “opposing tetrahedrons” have four faces on one, opposite four faces on the other, like the letters, and like the tzitzith. When they are merged (or married together) or otherwise mathematically unified, they form what is called a star tetrahedron. In their unified state, each of the former faces is now divided into four smaller faces. The geometry of the unification is a mirror image of the marriage between the letters (four and four resulting in

Now in this week’s Parashah, we see the exact same reflection, except that in Ki Thavo it takes the expanded form, mirroring the twelve-letter abbreviation(s) of the 'Name' that are referred to as explicit because, like the Tetragrammaton, Adnoot and Ehyeh, they are also abbreviations of the One Explicit Name of 216 letters. The four letters are really a subset of the twelve letters, that are in turn a subset of the 216.

According to tradition, God taught Moshe this twelve-letter 'Name' at “the burning bush” and reminded him of this knowledge when he was blocked by the angel from ascending to receive the luchot. It consists of twelve letters that are a triad-form of the Tetragrammaton. That is, the combination of letters in the Tetragrammaton are repeated 3 times:

yud-key-vav-key -- yud-key-vav-key -- yud-key-vav-key” 

In the meantime, just as the four-letter Name has its four letter counterpart resulting in a four letter combination, so too does the twelve-letter Name. The twelve-letter (tripled) “version” of the Tetragrammaton, could best be described as a Tri-tetra-grammaton, since the four letters are tripled. It's counterparts (aleph-dalet-nun-yud and aleph-heh-yud-heh) each have their triad counterpart, consisting of the same number of letters in triad form. These may be  combined or married just as their primal forms are combined or married (twelve, twelve and twelve). We'll see where the Torah alludes to these three triad forms in a moment.

In the meantime, just as the four-letter 'Names' cast their geometric shadows in the form of a magen david (as explained in last week’s post) so too, the twelve-letter 'Names' cast their geometric shadows in the magen.

A tetrahedron, for example, has four faces and four points. When two tetrahedrons are merged together to form a star tetrahedron, there are four points on one, opposite four points on the other. However, each point or stellation, has three faces that merge to form each point (twelve opposite twelve). Since there are four stellations on each of the two tetrahedrons (each having three faces) there are a total of twelve small faces on each of the opposing tetrahedrons. In other words, there are
twelve on one, opposite twelve on the other (the picture below shows the three faces that merge to form each of the four points on each of the two tetrahedrons in the star).

Click to Enlarge
On the Eight Stellations of a Star Tetrahedron
 Three Faces Merge to Form Each Point  

Four Faces Opposite Four Faces
Twelve Small Faces Opposite Twelve Small Faces

Four Letters Opposite Four Letters
Twelve Letters Opposite Twelve Letters 

The three-dimensional magen david reflects all of these characteristics. Not only does it reflect the characteristics of the three 'Names' with four letters, but it also reflects the characteristics of the three triad versions of these 'Names' with twelve letters. Now, where do we find allusions to these three twelve-letter abbreviations of the Name in the Torah? We find them in this parashah where it says: “On the day that you cross the Jordan [river] to the Land that God your Lord is giving you, you must erect large stones...”

Before we elaborate on this text, please remember that all of the (internal) geometry above is framed within the (external) geometry of the evan shetiyah (foundation stone) or cubit-cubed, otherwise known as (the combined cubic form of) the shnei luchot (two tablets) with a volumetric measure of 216 cubic handbreadths, a surface measure of 216 square handbreadths, and 2,160 degrees in its twenty-four 90 degree angles (all reflecting its connection to the 216 letter Name) as well as the 42 sets of 42 linear handbreadths, explained in the post on the 42 Letters in Sapphire (that reflect the nature of the 42 letter Name). These are the only real fundamental "constants" in the universe. Even the speed of light is subject to and dependent upon these primal constants, that again, correspond to the letters of the Name(s) (see the post on the speed of light).

With all of this in mind, we return to this week's parashah and its allusion to the 12 letter Name(s) where it says: “On the day that you cross the Jordan [river] to the Land that God your Lord is giving you, you must erect large stones...” 

The written Torah does not provide the details. However, we have many sources that do. The entire Torah was written on these stones, some say in all 70 languages. There were twelve stones set up on the east bank of the Jordan River and another twelve stones on the west bank (in what is today Jordan). In other words, there were twelve stones on one shore opposite twelve stones on the other. Moreover, there were actually three sets, because in addition to these two sets of twelve stones, another twelve were removed from the Jordan River and then replaced. The word “stone” in Hebrew has a double meaning that is used in referring to the permutation of letters in a name or a word, as it says in Sefer Yetzirah: “three stones build six houses [and] four stones build twenty-four houses,” referring to how many permutations of letters there are in words of this length. Insofar as the twelve stones are concerned, the twelve "stones" allude to the twelve letters in the Name. There are three sets of twelve letters and so there are three sets of twelve stones. That is, there are three triad versions of the Name (having twelve letters) that parallel the three singular versions of the Name (having four-letters).

This is why the tzitzith are four opposite four (strands) on four corners (as mentioned above and in last week's post on Ki Thetze) and also why (in this week's parashah) there are
twelve opposite twelve (stones) with twelve in the middle (reflecting the marriage of the two opposing twelves'). Take the time to contemplate this, and understand it well. These are all aspects of God's Name hidden in the geometry of the foundation stone. Consider the following:

In the last post on Parashah Ki Thetze we showed how the letters of the two primary four-letter abbreviations provided the underlying basis for the four directions' (opposite four directions) in the four continuums of space-time, as well as the four forces in quantum mechanics, opposite their four counterparts (like the plus ~ minus of electricity).
The twelve-letter abbreviations are much the same, however the letters cast their collective shadow into the physical universe somewhat differently. 

The twelve "stones" opposite twelve "stones" (twelve letters opposite twelve letters) are a primary aspect of human physiology. You may remember that God took one of Adam’s ribs to form Eve. Eve was a real person but nevertheless symbolic of the female half of the creation-equation. Just so, the twelve-letter abbreviations are the basis of human physiology where we find twelve ribs opposite twelve ribs in human anatomy, man being made in the image of God [i.e. His Name]. The combination forms the one rib cage that serves to protect and support the internal organs.

The Carbon-12 mystery is also rooted in the twelve-letter Name. Carbon-12 is the basis of all life. Were it not for Carbon-12, none of us would exist. It is formed during a stellar process referred to as the "tri-alpha process" (sometimes called triple-alpha) so-named because it involves 3 alpha particles. When an alpha particle fuses with Beryllium-8 (both at rest) they form the Carbon-12 nucleus with an excitation energy equal to 7.28 MeV (a function of Hoyle’s calculations where the short lived state is slightly more). Tri-alpha (3 alpha particles) and 7.2 should look familiar. The numbers are a reflection of the Triad Havaya of 72, but it does not end there! Carbon-12 gives life (or is the chemical/biological basis of life). This is the opposite of a sacrifice, which involves the taking of a life. In the requirements for various sacrifices, we find the same set of numbers in the same ratio. 

The halachic requirements for various sacrifices explained in Parashah Pinchas are the inverse of this process. The measure of meal and oil was equal to 3 tenth's of an ephah (for the bulls) a tenth being 7.2 lugim. The same requirement is also found in the combined sacrifices of rams and sheep where one requires 2 tenths of an ephah and the other 1 tenth of an ephah, the total being 3 tenth's, where a tenth is again 7.2 lugim, the two reflections being one in the same. The halachic requirement and the formation of Carbon-12 have something in common, specifically the numbers, sets of numbers, and ratios, that characterize the letters of God's Name. 

The tri-alpha process, by the way, involves the fusion of Helium-4 with Beryllium-8 (the combined number of particles in the nuclei being 12). One of the elements (Beryllium-8) has four protons opposite four neutrons (male-female) but these combine with another four particles in the nucleus of another Helium atom. This is like the four opposite four (a total of eight letters) that “marry” (fuse together) to become the four letters of Ehyeh. These four opposite four are married together, but both are also combined and become one with another four during that 'unification' process, just like their chemical counterparts and the physics that sustain life. The internal subatomic structure of these two elements are what marry to form Carbon-12 which is a clear reflection of the twelve-letter Name (as diagrammed below) as it relates to the Tetragrammaton, Adnoot and Ehyeh (the three Names with four letters and their three expanded forms that each consist of twelve letters). Life is quite literally sustained in the physical universe by the letters of the Explicit Name. Physicists delving into the Hoyle state would do well to know these 'Names.' Recent research (Epelbaum) even suggests that the alpha particles in the ground state appear to be in the form of a compact triangle which would be another reflection of the triad nature of the Name and the geometry of the magen.

For purpose of visual comparison, we've depicted the numbers and the nature of those numbers involved in the atomic structure of the tri-alpha process, where four particles combine with another four particles and result in a specific "marriage" of four particles opposite four particles, or 'four pairs' of male~female couples (protons~neutrons) and then; in the ongoing and subsequent bonding process, or marriage to another four couples, the end result is the twelve particles of Carbon-12. The numbers and sets of numbers, and the nature of those sets, is the same as the numbers and sets of numbers, and the nature of the letters in the primary abbreviations of the Name that are ultimately tripled in the twelve letter abbreviation. Coincidence? The chemical/biological basis of life, in Carbon-12, at the atomic level, is a very accurate reflection of the number and nature of the letters in the Name. The release of energy in the Hoyle state of the tri-alpha process is again, 7.28 MeV. Using your knowledge of God's Name and its primary abbreviations, explained in the post on the marriage of the letters, and also your knowledge of the twelve-letter 'Name' as it correlates with its subset, of four, contemplate the atomic structure involved in the process pictured below and see if a familiar 'pattern' emerges.

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Man is the only creature capable of perceiving God at this level. It is in fact the destiny of mankind to know God's Name. This is the messianic promise that may soon be fulfilled as the secrets of the universe continue to unfold.  

In summary, we see once again that the text of the Torah, historical events, halachic requirements, calendric observance (etc) continue to mirror the letters of God’s Name and its abbreviated forms, and that these letters in turn sustain every aspect of the universe. The system (of the physical and non-physical universe) operates like any other, according to certain established rules. Who performs the mitzvoth that maintain the framework necessary for the system to operate? The Jewish people! This is why the Sages of Israel said that if the Jewish people ever ceased to exist (God forbid) or if their observance of these mitzvoth ever ceased (God forbid) there would be no reason for the universe to continue and it too would cease to exist. All of the underlying mechanics however, goes unnoticed by the casual observer. The interconnected nature of our present reality with the letters of His Name and those of Torah is very complex, with each aspect measured to a hair’s breadth, but all of this is hidden right under the collective "nose" of an unbelieving world, including the most brilliant scientists, who don't have a clue who really sustains it.

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