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In this week's parashah we find two specific instances where "3 measures of 6" are an integral part of the narrative. These 3 measures of 6 are a rather unique allusion to the ratio of the sapphire block that was seen by Moshe under the throne of God (in Mishpatim). You may recall the first set of luchot were shattered and the people missed their chance to receive them, but then a second set was brought down and given to the people. So it is with the two instances. One is hidden (missing from a specific mathematic progression) and the other instance is revealed in the actual numbers that are given. We'll examine these two instances and their significance in a moment.  

In the meantime, if you are new to this blog, please read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These pages reveal some of the basic mathematic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen, and together they form a unique signature. We refer to this geometry and its mathematic common denominator as the Signature of the Architect. The purpose of this blog is to show how all of these things connect, and to reveal where this 'Signature' is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post (please note that this post is particularly long and involved, but at the same time, it is relatively easy to understand. If you take the time to study the material and contemplate what is said, you will no doubt find it profound and highly significant!

We will start by looking at the '3 measures of 6' in this parashah: “Now God is going to give you meat and you shall have to eat it. You will eat it, not for 1 day, not for 2 days, not for 5 days, not for 10 days, not for 20 days, but for a full month [30 days] until it is coming out of your nose and making you nauseous.” This is a curious sequence of numbers. The Torah rarely, if ever, mentions anything inconsequential like a series of inapplicable numbers, before mentioning an applicable number. More curious, these numbers correspond to 6 specific periods of time, in days, and their simple mathematic product is 60,000. The text continues by quoting Moshe who says, “Here I am on foot with 600,000 men.” 

One cannot help but notice that these numbers constitute 3 measures of 6, reminiscent of the 3 measures of flour in Avraham’s tent (VaYera) each being 6 ounces, or the 6 days that Moshe spent in the cloud; with 6 days going back and forth; beginning or ending on the 6th of Sivan (Mishpatim).

In this case however, the measures are a progressive expansion of 6 that is best expressed mathematically as 6 (ones); 6 (tens of thousands); and 6 (hundred thousand). Even more curious, but less noticeable, is the fact that the mathematic progression happens to be missing what would otherwise be another '3 measures of 6.'

Listed below are the 3 measures of 6 that are nigleh (revealed in the numbers given as a function of the actual text) as well as their nistar (hidden) counterparts, or 3 measures of 6 that are not found in the text (shown in blue/grey) but nevertheless a part of the logical mathematic progression.

6 (ones)
6 (tens)
6 (hundreds)
6 (thousands)

6 (tens of thousands)
6 (hundreds of thousands)

We'll come back to this mathematic progression and the measures that are nistar in the paragraphs' ahead. However, in the meantime, in order to set the stage, so that we can peer beyond the veil and understand the significance of these two sets of numbers, we'll use the following story to provide some background: 

Once upon a time there was a king who possessed great power and strength. His kingdom was built by a special viceroy who, with the help of his descendant’s, were instructed to complete the project in 600 years (you may remember this king from the post on Metzora where the first part of the story was told, or the short version in the construct entitled "The Parable of the Sapphire Kingdom." If not, this would be a good time to review one or the other). In this post, we will tell the rest of the story.

The king decreed that everything in the kingdom was to be built according to the pattern established by the letters of his name. Everything would thus reflect the royal signature. The king also wanted the roads in the kingdom to be built like the spokes of a wheel. Not only would their design correspond to the royal name, but whenever the people used the roads, they would remember the king. The palace where the king lived, would be at the very center of the kingdom. That way, each road could lead the traveler directly to the palace, or away from it, depending on where they wanted to go. In addition to the king’s signature being a part of every road in the kingdom, it was also to be embedded in the cornerstone of each building, and stamped on all the official documents.

The reason the king had his royal signature placed throughout the kingdom, was that he knew it was in the nature of men to forget. This was especially true since most men would never see him, let alone recognize him. However, he hoped that the presence of his signature or royal seal would remind the people of what he had done for them throughout his reign.

The king also built a wall around the kingdom, a wall that would define the outer parts of the kingdom. The wall had four towers to remind the people that he was watching over them even to the outermost parts. There was a small town near the wall and there were even cities and towns beyond the wall, but all belonged to the king. The king preferred to stay in the city where his palace was built, because this was where his children lived.

Well as time passed, the king’s subjects began to rebel. They engaged in all manner of strange behavior until the king became angry. Now as we mentioned, the king possessed great power and strength. In fact, the king had such great strength that whenever he stamped his foot, the ground would shake. The king was a very patient king however, and he had always exercised restraint. But the day finally came when the king could no longer abide by the rebellion in his kingdom. He stamped his foot on the ground so hard that not only did the ground shake, but fissures began to open everywhere. Cracks appeared in the roads and before long, they lost their original shape and form. The water pipes under the streets broke and the buildings above began to crumble. The roads were so badly damaged that travelers could no longer find their way to the palace. By the time the king’s anger subsided, there was very little left. The pattern of the letters that was so clearly evident in the roads, was not so easy to see anymore. Even the wall that the king had built around his kingdom was damaged. The towers, the foundation of the walls and the outer towns had even moved from their original place.

The people were frightened. They had never seen the king become angry, nor did they realize his great strength. They had always taken their king’s benevolence for granted and never realized that he would do this sort of thing. Once the king’s anger began to subside, they attempted to rebuild the kingdom, so they cleaned up the mud, the water, and the rubble from the streets, but it was too late. The king had removed himself from their presence and could no longer be found. No one knew what he looked like, and they couldn’t even remember the design of the royal seal, much less his name, so they were at loss as to how to proceed. They turned to the descendants of the viceroy but they too had forgotten, and could not remember any of the king’s instructions. To make matters worse, the ground still shook from time to time, so even the things they tried to rebuild would crumble. 

Well, time passed, and the king’s anger abated. The kingdom would need to be rebuilt, and so the king eventually revealed himself to one of the viceroy’s descendants. This particular man was very special, and so the king decided that all the knowledge and trust that he had originally vested in the viceroy, would be given to this man and his descendants. The king even provided them with a book of instructions. The kingdom might thereby be rebuilt according to the king’s high standards. The king’s subjects however, did not know of the king’s plan to renew the kingdom through the work of this man. When they saw the preferential treatment the king extended to him and his family, they became jealous and tried to kill them.

This angered the king even more and so eventually the king stamped his foot once more until the ground throughout the kingdom moved so far from its original place, that even the sun in the sky seemed to move from its place. Suddenly, the entire world realized that this family must be special, so for the sake of their lives and their well being, the king’s subjects decided to make friends with the family that seemed to have gained the king’s favor.

It would have been nice if the story could end there, with the kingdom being rebuilt and the family gaining the trust and respect of the king’s other subjects. But that’s not what happened. You see, the king’s signature and royal seal were no longer easy to see, having been obliterated, and so, not having anything to remind them of the king’s name; his careful design of the kingdom or his benevolent rule; or what had happened in the past when their forefathers had rebelled; they eventually became just as bad as their forefathers, who had caused the destruction in the first place. And so it continues to this day. The reminders (in the design of the kingdom) are all but gone. There is little physical evidence to suggest this king ever existed. The signature and the royal seal of the king are buried so far beneath the mountain of rubble, caused by the king’s anger, that it cannot be seen except by those who know what to look for, or those determined enough to dig and recover this lost knowledge of their king. The subjects are as distant from the king as ever, and without any reminders, there is little reason for the people to fear his anger and change their ways. The king, it seems, left all but a few to their inevitable fate.

The meaning of the story may already be evident to the reader, at least in part. The King once again is God and the viceroy was Adam. The roads (like the spokes of a wheel) are the precise measure of the earth’s surface in degree’s, arc-minutes and arc-seconds. The King allotted 6,000 years for creation, which mirrors’ the 6 days of creation as is known. When we divide the 3 dimensions of ‘space’ exemplified in the measurement of the earth’s surface (the kingdom) in latitude and longitude (a total of 1,296,000 arc-seconds) by the 6,000 years of ‘time,’ allotted by the King for the creation of his kingdom, we get the number of letters in the King’s Explicit Name (216). We explained this in our post on Metzora and also the essential construct entitled "The Parable of the Sapphire Kingdom." Today, this measurement is slightly "damaged" and appears to be a coincidence even though it is a reasonably accurate "remnant" of the original Signature (the letters of this Name being known only to the Jewish people).

In this continuation of the story, the wall at the outermost part of the kingdom is the circumference of the lunar orbit. The town that was near this wall is the moon itself (its radius being 1,080 of kilometers and diameter being 2,160 of kilometers mirroring the volumetric measure of the cosmic blueprint/luchot, as explained in the post on "The Primordial Torah"). The 4 towers are the 4 phases of the moon that correspond to the King’s Signature in the abbreviated form of 4 letters. The cities and towns outside the wall refer to the sun and other celestial objects in its orbit.

After God created the world, there were 10 generations that followed (the reign of the 10 pre-flood kings from Adam to Noah was explained in the post on Bereishit and Noach). The King’s subjects rebelled however, so the King (God) caused the earth to shake. Fissures opened up causing the subterranean waters to come forth and flood the streets (the world). The layout of the streets includes the earth’s exact equatorial size and orbital circumference in relation to that of the sun and the moon. These "streets" were no longer the same. As a result of the destruction brought by the King, the orbital relationship of these celestial objects changed, ever so slightly, along with any obvious connection to the King's Name. Even their equatorial size as a function of the new orbits was altered (we’ll provide specific examples in a moment).

When the flood waters subsided, the King’s subjects started to rebuild the world, but their descendants soon forgot, and eventually continued the rebellion. Then, after the birth of Peleg, some 300 years after the flood,  the King (God) shook the earth once again and the continents broke apart. Today this is generally referred to as continental drift. These events are mentioned in the Torah, the book that preserved this knowledge, although there are many cryptic references in other sources.

In order to rebuild His kingdom, God revealed Himself to one very special man. The man's name was Avraham. The King continued to reveal himself to this man’s descendants, Yitzak and Ya'acov, and then finally, only to Ya’acov’s descendants who continued to “build” according to the standards of the King and with few diversions have continued to do so. The King gave the descendant's of these men Torah to provide them with the necessary instructions (this Torah was a letter-form redaction of its primordial mathematic equivalent, essentially the combined cubic form of the luchot).

The family however was eventually persecuted by those who were unfamiliar with the King’s plan and the oppression made their work more difficult. Many succumbed to the pressure and gave up, at which point the book of instructions (Torah) was all but forgotten. Eventually one of the descendants, king Hezekiah restored the study of Torah (the King’s standard) to his entire family. In a gesture to Hezekiah and those among the king’s other subjects that might oppose him, He caused the sun to move backward 10 degrees ("even the sun in the sky seemed to move from it's place").

This miracle was apparent to all the subjects, not just the family of builders. We know this because of the historical account describing how the king of Babylon sent a letter to Hezekiah, seeking to curry favor. That letter was written by one of the court's scribes and began: “Peace to the great king Hezekiah. Peace to the great city of Jerusalem. Peace to the great God of Israel [who performed this miracle].” You may have noticed that the letter mentioned God last, when it should have mentioned Him first. This was entirely inappropriate.

There was another scribe however, who was not present when the letter was written. This scribe arrived just as the messenger was leaving to deliver it to Hezekiah. When he asked how it was worded, and discovered the error in the wording, he was horrified. The scribe quickly rush out to catch the messenger and change the greeting so that it referenced God first. The diligence of this scribe did not go unnoticed and God rewarded him by making him the next king of Babylon. The scribe’s name, by the way, was Nebuchadnezzar. 

It wasn't just the Babylonians who knew what had happened. The nations were all keenly aware that the sun had returned 10 degrees for Hezekiah (which was in fact the reason for the above letter) and so they all sought to make alliances with Israel. Whatever had caused the sun to retrace its steps, evidently forced all nations to make adjustments to their calendars. The adjustment involved 5 additional days as indicated by the historical accounts of various civilizations existing at the time. That brings us to the premise that there was a time, prior to these events, wherein the earth orbited the sun every 360 days (as opposed to 365 1/4 days as it does today) and where the King's Signature was once so clearly seen (we referred to this period of time in the post on BeMidbar).

If one takes the time to research the premise, they will find ample evidence to support the theory. We won’t detail the theories in this post. The reader is free to do their own research. Just enter “360 day year” into any search engine and you'll get a listing of millions of pages dealing with the subject.

We will however demonstrate that the change in the orbit altered the Signature that corresponds to the King’s Name, so that the people would forever lose the ability to see its connection to the intelligent design of the kingdom.

When the King destroyed the world, the numbers, sets of numbers and ratio’s that were so clearly a reflection of His Name, and His blueprint (cube of creation / luchot) that until then could be seen everywhere in the layout and design of the kingdom in the form of the orbits, and the size of the celestial “cities and towns,” all but disappeared. However, if we reverse engineer those numbers (and this is possible) we can get a glimpse of how remarkable that design was. The numbers reveal the connection between the original design of this kingdom, and the letters of God’s Explicit Name.

A brilliant mathematician and astronomer by the name of Johannes Kepler proposed the first cogent laws of planetary motion. One of the things that he posited was that as the orbit of a planetary body changed, its axial rotation and corresponding equatorial oblation would also change, as would its polar circumference. The changes would all be relative to one another. According to the laws of planetary motion advanced by Kepler, the equatorial circumference could even be calculated.

For purpose of our explanation concerning the design of the kingdom, the unit of measure that is most important is the nautical mile which is a function of the equatorial circumference of the earth in terms of its measure in arc-minutes. The number of arc-minutes in 360 degrees is 21,600, so the measure of the earth’s circumference in nautical miles should be exactly 21,600 miles, where the nautical mile is exactly 6,000 feet. The problem is that it is not. If you measure the current circumference of the earth, its slightly over 21,600 nautical miles, and so the current measure of a nautical mile is slightly over 6,000 feet. Today we calculate the nautical mile at roughly 6,076 feet. However, if we reverse engineer these measurements with the help of Kepler’s laws, the equatorial oblation shrinks, as does the nautical mile, and the measurement returns to  21,600, where each mile is exactly 6,000 feet, or something so close as to be indistinguishable. 

(Note: The 360 degrees (or portions) of a circle or sphere are self-embedded in the measured geometry of the foundation stone (combined cubic form of the shnei luchot or two tablets). A detailed explanation of how the "stone" (which is essentially a mathematic system at the heart of the universe) defines these 360 degrees can be found in the construct entitled: The 360 Degrees of a Sphere.

Now pay attention, because this is where it gets interesting. Under the scenario described in the preceding paragrapghs, the lunar orbit also shifts. The lunar orbital circumference is currently around 1,302,116 nautical miles. However, when it is reverse engineered to account for the change in the Earth's orbit, the circumference of the lunar orbit shrinks to a distance that is somewhere very near 1,296,000 nautical miles. If you read the post on Metzora, that number should sound vaguely familiar. It also happens to be the number of arc-seconds in the 360 degrees by which the earth itself (or any other sphere) is currently measured (1,296,000 arc-seconds). This coincidence is a bit more than just astounding. In Metzora, when we divided this number by the number of years that God allotted for creation (6,000 years) it gave us the primary number corresponding to the royal signature (216) which is the number of letters in God’s Name. In this case however, we are NOT dealing with arc-seconds but the result is essentially the same. Here we are dealing with the measure of a nautical mile; the circumference of the lunar orbit; and the earth’s equatorial circumference. They are the exact same numbers! Divide the number of nautical miles in the lunar orbit adjusted to account for a 360 day year (1,296,000 nautical miles) by the number of feet in a nautical mile at that time (6,000) and the result is the same (216). It's the number of letters in the King’s Name.

All of these numbers corresponding to the orbital dynamics of the sun, the earth and the moon, had, in the past, a direct connection to God’s Name, but they were evidently obliterated by the King in the centuries following the flood. The people who rebelled, and their descendants, were no longer afforded the opportunity to see this Signature because "the roads and the buildings" that once reflected the Signature so clearly had been damaged. There were exceptions of course. Those who were familiar with the Name (and its mathematic signature) who cared enough to look for it, could see it. Those chosen to restore the kingdom and entrusted with preserving the book could still see it. But others could not. When the earth was destroyed and the design of the kingdom distorted, the mathematic and geometric signature all but vanished. Since the King’s subjects could no longer see the intelligent design behind the kingdom, they were free to go their way and follow their nature. The level of human consciousness subsequently degenerated as well. Even their lifespan decreased, to 120 years as is commonly known. The people who survived, could still see bits and pieces of the signature, but did not recognize it for what it was, and they assumed the few remaining vestiges of these mathematically perfect coincidences, were just that: coincidences (we’ll provide a couple of very accurate examples in a moment). The servants in the story who could still see the King’s Signature are the Jewish people, because they are the only ones who know God's One Unique Explicit Name. The 'Signature' is the sum total of the mathematic constructs that correspond to that Name; the royal seal or emblem of the King, found in such things as the magen david which is a geometric reflection of those characteristics; and "the book" is the Torah (or letter-form redaction) of the cosmic blueprint (luchot).

The signature in the form of "roads" that were like a wheel, are still reasonably intact (that is the current measurement of the earth in terms of nautical miles, latitude and longitude). However, the walls of the outer parts of the kingdom (the celestial dynamics of the earth and the moon) that so clearly reflected the royal signature, have been moved from their original position and so the obvious connection to the King’s Name is gone (although the celestial measurements are still very close). People are now free to act according to their nature and their more base desires, without being encumbered by the King’s standards.

We said a moment ago, that we would provide more specific examples of the royal signature in celestial measures. This is essentially a review of what was explained in the post on "The Primordial Torah." There are several worth mentioning wherein we find a similar change in relationships. It has been known since ancient times that the distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. It was likewise understood that the distance between the earth and the moon, was 108 times the diameter of the moon. This knowledge finds its way into a variety of religions for no apparent reason. In many cases, the number of things corresponding to 108 have their opposite form. It is considered a sacred number, however no one knows exactly why it's considered sacred, or where this ancient knowledge was obtained. All we know is that it is as old as time itself. The radius of the moon happens to be 108 (tens) of miles and the volume of the earth is 108 times 10 to the 10th power in cubic miles, as mentioned in our post on BeHar and BeChuko-thai, all being derived from the intrinsic characteristics of the
combined cubic form of the luchot, with a volumetric measure of 108 cubic handbreadths for each half, or what we might call the cosmic blueprint (the gematria of the word "half" being 108). A more accurate and complete chart reflecting more recent data will be presented in a moment.

(click to enlarge)

Interestingly, these celestial relationships could not even be proven until modern times, with the help of sophisticated optics for telescopes, computers and other technology. Even more strange is that these traditions have been proven to be true and the ratio just happens to be the same as that of the luchot, where the two halves together correspond to the 216 letters of the Name. It really should come as no surprise then, that the ratio in the distances between these celestial objects, and their sizes and orbits (etcetera) are a reflection of the luchot and the letter’s of the King’s Name. However, in order that this knowledge not interfere with the free will (rebellion) of the King’s subjects, the numbers were subtly changed.

A brief but accurate list (with just a few examples of the many examples provided in the post on the primordial torah) appears below, and reveals an astonishing number of parallels between "the measure" established by the combined cubic form of the luchot and the celestial dynamics of the Sun, Earth and Moon:

Measurements with a variance of less that .001% (less than 1/1000th of 1 percent)

        Equatorial Circumference of the Earth = 216 (Hundreds) of Nautical Miles
                     (Nautical Mile = 1 Arc-Minute of Latitude)
                     (360 x 60 Arc-Minutes = 21,600 or 216 (Hundreds) of Nautical Miles)
                     (exact ~ no variance)

         Equatorial Radius of the Sun: 432,000 Miles (2 x 216 thousand)
                     (almost exact ~ varies less than .01%: 432,687)

Measurements with a variance of less that .1% (less than 1/10th of 1 percent)

        Distance: Earth to the Moon (surface to surface) = 108 x Diameter of the Moon
                     (almost exact ~ varies less than .1% ~ that's 1/10th of 1 percent)
                     (oft quoted distance from 'axial center' to axial center is 109 times

                      the diameter of the Moon)

        Equatorial Radius of the Moon = 108 “tens" of Miles
                     (almost exact ~ varies less than .1% ~ that's 1/10th of 1 percent)
                     (the opposing radius of the diameter is another 108 “tens” of miles
                      making the diameter 216 “tens” of miles)
                     (gravity of the Moon is "of course” 1/6th that of Earth)
        Volume of the Earth: 1.08 x 10 to the 12th power (same as 108 x 10 to the 10th power)
                     (almost exact ~ actual varies less than .1%:
1.083 x 10 to the 12th power)

        Volume of the Sun:1,296,000 x Volume of the Earth
                     (216 x 6,000 = 1,296,000)
                     (almost exact ~ actual varies less than .1%: as much as 1,300,000)

Measurements with a variance of less that .05% (less than 1/2 of 1 percent)

        Distance: Earth to the Sun = 108 x Diameter of the Sun
                     (almost exact ~ actual varies less than .05%: 107.41)

Measurements with a variance of less that 1%

        Equatorial Radius of the Sun: 108 x Equatorial Radius of the Earth
                     (actual varies less than 1%: 109)

        Equatorial Circumference of the Moon = 108 (Hundreds) of Kilometers
                     (actual varies approx 1%: 109.21)

The "design" of the kingdom is unmistakable. It is a direct reflection of the mathematic and geometric characteristics of the shnei luchot. Our great Sages (of Israel) knew these remarkable things.

The following appears in Section I in "The Book of Lineage," by Rabbi Avraham Zacuto (1452-1515) (Talmudic scholar, philosopher, scientist, historian, astronomer and astrologer, the Great Royal Astronomer at the Court of the Kings of Spain and Portugal, Inventor of the Copper Astrolabe and the Zacuto Tables (Perpetual Almanac of the Heavenly Bodies), Advisor to Columbus and Vasco da Gama) regarding the Tannaic Sage Rabbi Ellazar cHisma (circa 100 CE), who was a great astronomer and mathematician and knew geometry. Rabbi Ellazar cHisma states in the Mishnah in Avot 3:18 – “Celestial mechanics and geometrics are embellishments of wisdom.” Rabbi Avraham Zacuto then gives an explanation of the word, “Gematria” (as Rabbi Ellazar cHisma was well versed in it) which is  pertinent since it is often the focus of this blog: “Gematria is a Greek word, [formed by the contraction of 2 words:] matria [=metria] is ‘measurement’ and Ge[a] is ‘Earth’ [(as in Gaia = ‘Mother Earth’)]. Thus [‘Gematria’] means “the measurements of the Earth” because using it they knew how to calculate the celestial measurements.”

Today, much of this knowledge has been forgotten, and so the reaction of the King’s more rebellious subjects (who more and more gravitate toward academic circles) was/is predictable. Instead of acknowledging the amazing fact that ancient civilizations knew many of these measurements and saw them as significant, or being curious as to how an ancient civilization might acquire such knowledge, they scurrilously point out that the actual distance between the earth and the sun is not really 108, but closer to 107.4 times the sun’s diameter, as is the radius of the moon at 107.9 (tens) of miles. They also point out that the distance between the earth and the moon is closer to 109, and yes, they are correct, because when the earth moved from its orbit of 360 days to that of 365, the original numbers corresponding to 108 also changed by a similar amount. The difference is usually  less than .1% (one tenth of one percent). The ancients perceived the significance, but those who rebelled against the King were no longer permitted to see the royal signature. Instead they would be given enough rope to hang themselves. Today, many people use this discrepancy as an excuse (and that’s what it is) to deny that the King even exists, or that He so carefully designed His kingdom to conform to His Unique Signature. We are told that HaShem hides the fact, that He hides Himself, from mankind. Otherwise, free-will could not exist. We provide a glimpse of a few hidden/inner aspects of the primordial torah below, as they pertain to the physical universe.
(click to enlarge)

A detailed explanation of the mathematic constructs at work in the above diagram(s) and specifically the one showing some of the internal measurements, are beyond the scope of this post. However, a small glimpse of how these constructs descend into the physical universe can be obtained by studying the measure of the mishkan (tabernacle) that was thoroughly explained in the post on Parashah VaYahkel, as well as the explanation of the numbers hidden in the mathematic progression that will be discussed in the paragraphs ahead.

This brings us back to this week’s parashah, where we find the numbers hidden in the text, along with additional evidence that the Signature was intentionally hidden, and specifically how it was hidden. In this week’s parashah, the people were complaining that the King would not provide them with a more preferable menu (meat). The King of course wanted to put things in proper perspective for those who were complaining. He thus caused the wind to bring quail in large numbers. The people gorged themselves on the meat, whereupon they became sick and started to die.

As previously mentioned, the Torah describes what happened this way: “Now God is going to give you meat and you shall have to eat it. You will eat it, not for 1 day, not for 2 days, not for 5 days, not for 10 days, not for 20 days, but for a full month [30 days] until it is coming out of your nose and making you nauseous.” The Torah rarely, if ever, mentions anything inconsequential like a series of inapplicable numbers. More curious, these numbers correspond to 6 periods of time, in days, and their simple mathematic product is 60,000, another measure of 6. The text continues by quoting Moshe who says, “Here I am on foot with 600,000 men,” which is yet another measure of 6. As we said in the very beginning of this post, one cannot help but notice that these numbers constitute 3 measures of 6, reminiscent of the 3 measures of flour in Avraham’s tent (VaYera) each being 6 ounces, or the 6 days that Moshe spent in the cloud; with 6 days going back and forth; beginning or ending on the 6th of Sivan.

In this case however, the measures are a progressive expansion of the number 6, expressed mathematically as 6 (ones); 6 (tens of thousands); and 6 (hundred thousand). Even more curious, is that the mathematic progression happens to omit 3 other measures of 6. Listed below are the 3 measures that are nigleh (revealed) in the text, as well as their nistar (
hidden) counterparts or 3 measures that are not found in the text (shown in blue/grey) but nevertheless would be part of the mathematic progression, were it complete.

6 (ones)                                             6
6 (tens)                                            60
6 (hundreds)                                  600
6 (thousands                            6,000

6 (tens of thousands)               60,000
6 (hundreds of thousands)     600,000

In each case the numbers are an ever-expanding reflection of the measure for each dimension of the cosmic blueprint. The 6 (ones) that are revealed allude to the 6 days of creation, or 6,000 years that are hidden or missing from the progression. They also allude to the characteristics of the sapphire cube, a cube of 6 handbreadths; its division into the luchot, the blueprint for the kingdom; and to the letters of God's Name. What do the other hidden iterations represent?

Cube the first hidden measure in the progression (which is 60), then multiply it by the first measure of 6 that is 'revealed" (6) and you get 1,296,000. This is a mixture of nistar and nigleh (hidden and revealed). It is the measurement of the earth's surface in terms of arc-seconds, wherein the King's Signature can still be found, but it is also the measure of the former orbital circumference of the moon in nautical miles, when the Earth orbited the Sun every 360 days (before the King obliterated the connection between His Signature and "the outer wall with its cities and towns").

Divide the 1,296,000 (a mixture of the nistar and nigleh) by the first ‘hidden’ measure of 6 in the above progression (60) and you get 21,600. This number is revealed in the current number of arc-minutes in the measurement of the earth's surface, but it is hidden in the current measure of the earth’s equatorial circumference, as it differs slightly from its former measurement, when it orbited the sun every 360 days (before the King "stamped His feet" and destroyed any connection between the letters of His Name and the design of the kingdom).

Divide the
1,296,000 nautical miles by the second hidden number in the progression (which is 600) and the result is 2,160, which is the amount of time in years that the King allotted for each of the 12 constellations as 'their respective portion' in the precession of the equinoxes.

The third hidden measure of 6 in the above progression (which is 6,000) is the number of feet there were in a nautical mile when the Earth enjoyed a 360 day year (before the more perfect design of the kingdom was wrecked) and also  the number of years that the King allotted for creation.

Divide the
1,296,000 nautical miles of the circumference by the third hidden measure of 6, (6,000) and you get 216, which is the number of letters in the King’s Name and the number of cubic handbreadths in the blueprint for His kingdom (the shnei luchot).

That is how deeply the signature geometry was (and really still is) embedded in the design of the kingdom, much of which was destroyed by the flood, the separation of the continents and the events that occurred during the time of Hezekiah. The Signature is still there, although a bit distorted. Since it's not so easy to see, it can be ignored by rebels looking for an excuse to justify their acts of barbarism toward their fellow man, and especially their crimes against the family that was chosen to continue building the kingdom according to the King’s standards. 

The fact that all of this provides evidence of intelligent and careful design, or that its design was and is connected to the letters of the Name, and the tablets brought down by Moshe, would no doubt be particularly offensive to those who have chosen to reject the King and persecute the builders (the academic community is increasingly anti-semitic as evidenced by trends on university campus's everywhere). 

The only remaining thing to emphasize is that the "3 measures of 6" that are revealed in the text, and the 3 measures of 6 that are not revealed (but hidden within the mathematic progression) are together a reflection of the actual events pertaining to the luchot. The first set (6 x 6 x 6) were divided and brought down by Moshe but were withheld (and remain hidden) from mankind. The second set (6 x 6 x 6) that were divided and brought down by Moshe were received intact and given (revealed) to Israel. Simple geometry!

The Luchot as the Geometric Model for a Larger Reality 
Knowledge Withheld / Knowledge Given
Hidden / Revealed

6 x 6 x 6 = 216 Cubic Handbreadths times 10ˣ
(where "x" is the power of, or multiple of 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 etc)

6 (ones)                                             6
6 (tens)                                            60
6 (hundreds)                                  600
6 (thousands                            6,000

6 (tens of thousands)               60,000
6 (hundreds of thousands)     600,000

(the 'multiples' of 6 squared, or 6 cubed are significant in the measure of the cosmos)

In closing we would only say that to know God, to the extent that it is possible, one must know His Name and to know His Name, one must be familiar with His plan (blueprint) for mankind, and more specifically its letter-redacted form (Torah) containing the (specific) instructions as to what He expects of man. That knowledge (revealed in the "letters" of Torah) is the  domain of those who were privileged to received it, the Jewish people.  


Final Note on the "Royal Seal" of the King
(Star Tetrahedron within the Cube [of Creation](Combined Cubic Form of the Luchot)

The royal seal (magen david) is not traditionally a part of Jewish history, per se. The adoption/acceptance/recognition of this geometry (in Jewish sources) is a relatively recent phenomena. Why then, was it eventually adopted and attributed to David HaMelech? Few sources offer a good explanation for why this geometry was adopted at all; let alone why it was adopted only recently; or why it was attributed to David, and even less as to why it should be accepted; why it should be attributed to king David; or why it really is significant. Some sources attempt to offer an explanation, but most fall short of the mark. We refer to the magen david (shield of david) as 'the royal seal' of the Heavenly King (God) for one very specific reason: the geometry associated with the letters of that Name (as well as its many abbreviated forms) have a direct connection to the geometry of the three-dimensional magen david within the combined cubic form of the luchot. That is the only reason why it is significant. As for it being attributed to David: David's 'shield' (magen) was God Himself. God has a Name and David HaMelech knew this Name (perhaps better than any man before him) and so God protected David by virtue of their close relationship. In our parable of the sapphire kingdom, you may recall that before the mabul/flood, the knowledge of God was commonplace. In fact, from what we can gather, knowledge of God's Name; His 'cosmic blueprint' (primordial torah); and its mathematic connection to the physical universe that God' created, was also well known (we still have many vestiges of that knowledge today ~ some of it is only now being confirmed with the aid of modern telescopes and computers). However, prior to the flood, this knowledge was commonplace. Still, and despite this knowledge, man ignored his Creator and rebelled, and so in the aftermath of the flood, the ensuing generations 'forgot' these things (after the math pertaining to the letters of God's Name was lost). Since this 'math' was not passed on to succeeding generations, the reason/origin for many modern mathematic systems and various units of measurement was lost to antiquity. Shem (son of Noah) preserved some of this knowledge and passed it on to his descendants through the schools that he established, but 'the math' became less and less understood as human consciousness diminished (man's lifespan was not the only thing that diminished after the flood). Still, the knowledge of God, and His plan (blueprint) was/is an archetype of human consciousness, and so subconscious fragments of this knowledge still exist, along with an inherent understanding of its significance. This knowledge is greatest amongst, and more quickly recognized by those who inherited 'the birthright' (e.g. the Jewish people). That is the real reason why the 'magen' was eventually recognized (as significant) and adopted in Jewish circles, and became a symbol of 'things Jewish,' even though the reason for its adoption is a source of much debate. The Jewish people have an inherent (subconscious if not conscious) understanding of its connection to God's Name and to his (primordial) torah. Those who are closest to God and Torah are simply more likely to recognize this connection, which has, and will continue (to the extent possible) to precede messianic times (evidenced by the relatively recent acceptance of the two-dimensional shadow of the tetrahedral geometry as being related to 'things Jewish").

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