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In Parashah VaEthchanan we see the mathematic Signature of the Architect in the linguistic structure of the text describing the luchot (two stone tablets). These “twins” are mentioned twice in this parashah, just as they were brought down twice after the first set was shattered. This is like the mention of twins, twice, in Toldot and VaYeshev.

In Toldot, you may recall that 'twins' are born to Rivka (Ya’acov and Esav) but later in VaYeshev, 'twins' are born to Tamar (Peretz and Zerach). Both of these events in combination with one another, together with the unusual words used to describe the events, allude specifically to the twins (shnei luchot) that would be brought down twice at Sinai. All are mathematic or geometric imperatives originating in the properties of the cosmic blueprint (the combined cubic form of the luchot or primordial torah). 

We will examine all of these "twins" further in the paragraphs ahead. However, if you are new to this blog, please read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These pages reveal some of the basic mathematic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen, and together they form a unique signature. We refer to this geometry and its mathematic common denominator as the Signature of the Architect. The purpose of this blog is to show how all of these things connect, and to reveal where the signature geometry is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post. Insofar as this parashah is concerned, it is also important to have read the posts on Toldot and VaYeshev mentioned above, as they contain a detailed explanation of the geometric language describing the twins born to Rivka and Tamar.

Assuming you've already read these posts, a brief summary will suffice. The birth of these two sets of twins is a reflection of the primordial torah brought down twice as the luchot. The volumetric measure for each of the luchot is 108 cubic handbreadths (each half being 108 and noting once again that the gematria of the Hebrew word for 'half' is also
108). This geometry is the substance of our reality and so we see the equivalent in such things as the birth of the twins Yaacov and Esav who were born in the 108th year of the third millennium.  Together, the one-dimensional metric geometry of this event reflects the nature of the cosmic blueprint (the two tablets) that in turn reflect an even larger reality in the signature geometry of the Explicit Name. 

With all of this in mind, we note that the first word group in this parashah (essentially a series of contiguous letters) can be examined on this same level (i.e. its one-dimensional geometry). It is the phrase 'VaEth~chanan' (which also happens to be the name of the parashah). The last half of the letters in the phrase 'VaEthCHaNaN' (which are chet-nun-nun) have a gematria of 108 alluding to each half of the reality that was previously mentioned. What about the first half of the phrase? The first half of 'VaEthchanan' does not equal 108. Why? We'll get to that in a moment.

In VaEthchanan Moses is told he will not be permitted to enter the Land and despite his 515 prayers, the decree was sealed. VaEthchanan is Hebrew for “...and he [Moses] pleaded,” specifically “to be graced,” that God would grant him permission to enter the Land. He was not involved in the sin involving the scouts, so why was he not permitted to enter? One of the reasons given by our Sages is that, had Moshe been allowed to enter, Israel would have never fallen into idolatry and the First House (Temple) would never have been destroyed. But why would the King want to destroy His own House?  Our Sages explain that this is like the story of the king whose son rebelled. The son displeased the king so he had him banished. The decree would not allow the son to enter the palace. Later the son realized the error of his ways and repented but it was too late because the king’s decree had been sealed. However, the king loved his son very much, so what did he do? He tore down his house, and built a new one instead. The king’s decree applied to the first house. Had Moshe been permitted to enter the land, Israel would never
have fallen into idolatry, and if that had happened, the first house (the temple) would never have been destroyed. The son is like those who were lost in the wilderness and forever banished from the King’s House. What did God do? He took out His wrath on the building (the temple) of stone and wood, rather than His son (Israel) so that the decree would no longer apply. As long as Moshe remained outside of Israel, the King’s son would have a portion in the world to come. Had Moshe entered the land, the ensuing idolatry would not have led to the destruction of the house, and those who sinned would have been forever left outside. It is said that at the time of the resurrection Moshe will bring those who were lost outside the land, back into the fold. This has its counterpart in all the lost souls that are in the diaspora who may not even know they are Jewish. At the time of the redemption, they will find out who they are and mashiach will bring them back to the land. This is why the decree was sealed and why God told Moshe, to speak of the matter no more. Otherwise (had the decree been changed) the first half of the letters in "...and he [Moses] pleaded," (vav aleph tet) would have been different, and the gematria very likely equal to that of the second half (making the two halves 108 opposite 108). The age of mashiach would have begun immediately, there would have been no idolatry and no destruction of the temple. However, it would have also meant that those lost in the wilderness would have no way to return. In order that none be left behind, Moshe's prayer had to be refused.

In VaEthchanan, after Moses is told he will not enter the land and accepts that fact, he proceeds to remind the Jewish people of everything that had transpired to that point, including what God requires of them. Moses said: “He [God] announced to you His covenant, instructing you to keep the ten commandments, and He wrote them on two stone tablets” (Dev/Deut 4:13). Moshe speaks of the ten commandments and then repeats what was said above, that: “[God] wrote [these commandments] on two stone tablets” (Dev/Deut 5:20). In other words, the description of the two stone tablets is redundant, in that it is repeated (twice) just as the luchot were brought down twice. The gematria of the phrase "the stones" (in Hebrew) is 108. There were two stones (2 x 108 = 216) The sequence of letters is in essence a reflection of a larger reality dictated by the nature of the primordial torah (shnei luchot / two tablets) that were brought down twice. The reflection however, has further implications.

The Hebrew words describing the events (in the above mentioned passages) are spelled differently in the second mention of the tablets. The first time the words are spelled: “lamed-vav-chet-tav,” and the second time as “lamed-chet-tav” (without the
vav). Even though the tablets were identical twins (in terms of size, ratio, substance and clarity as described in the essential constructs in the column to the right) the different spelling alludes to something that was missing from the second set! At the letter level, the missing element is obviously a vav, but this is highly significant because of its secret in the Tetragrammaton where its marriage to the nun causes it to disappear. It is subtracted from the nun during the marriage between the letters (as explained in the essential construct on the "Marriage of the Letters" that was repeated in last week's post on Massey and Devarim). So, just as it is subtracted from the Name, during the unification, so too, it is here subtracted from the language describing the second set of tablets. The connection between the vav that is subtracted from the second set of tablets (of what would ultimately be four tablets) and the vav that is subtracted during the unification (of what is ultimately four letters) should not go unnoticed. The events, and in this case the linguistic structure, again reflect (to an even greater degree) the nature of a much larger reality that originates with the letters of God's Name.

In addition to the above connection between the Name and the luchot, the letter “vav” also has a gematria of 6, which is the primary measure of the luchot (6 cubed) where each dimension is 6: or specifically 6H x 6W x 6L (handbreadths in combined cubic form). The fact that a “6” is missing from the reference to the second set of twins suggests something very specific. Three 6s correspond to "space," which has three dimensions. However, in the primordial torah, the dimension of "time" is defined in similar terms, where a hyper-cube (sometimes called a tesseract) is merely the next dimension expressed by the same measure (for example the 6 thousand years allotted to mankind). In this case, over a period of time, one set of tablets was withheld while the other was received. Had Israel not been involved in the sin of the golden calf and the original luchot not been shattered, then “time” (the next dimension above the three-dimensions of space) in terms of Israel’s “history” (His-story over time) would have been dramatically different.

Had the sin of the eigal/calf not happened, the first set of tablets would have been received, and the vav that is missing from the language of the second set, would never have been subtracted. It's an interesting paradox that must be contemplated, however the bottom line is that the internal dynamics of the cosmic blueprint (which would have been the first and only set) would have resulted in "the messianic era starting immediately" (numerous sources explain that absent the sin of the eigal/calf the messianic era would have begun at that time). As it stands now, that missing vav needs to be restored and we expect it to be “added back into the equation” during a period of time known as the footsteps of mashiach, when it figures into the sequence of events immediately preceding the final stage of the redemption, when all things are restored.

In addition to the above explanation, the word "redeemer" (go'el in Hebrew) is usually spelled without a vav. However, in the phrase "a redeemer will come to zion" (in reference to mashiach) it is spelled with a vav. The implication being that, had the sin of the eigal not occurred, Moshe would have initiated the redeemption (become the redeemer) and the messianic era would have started immediately. As it is, mashiach will be the redeemer and bring the vav when he comes. The vav with a gematria of 6 also has other implications.

As stated above, it is the primary measure of the luchot (in handbreadths). There is one vav in the Tetragrammaton (which is the template for the subtraction) but there are three in the 12-letter equivalent, like the three measures of 6 in the luchot: 6 x 6 x 6 (216). We will not delve into this now, except to say that in this context, it has a connection to the fourth dimension (time). It is said that mashiach will be 'born' (at a future time) on Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av). If you read last week's post then you know that there are 216 hours in 9 days. This is of course the one-dimensional signature geometry of the Explicit Name with its 216 letters that in turn defines or otherwise limits the nature of the luchot.

In summary, the vav that was subtracted from the letters describing the second set of luchot  are a reflection of the vav that is subtracted during the process of unification (in the marriage of the letters) but it is also indicative of an appointed 'time,' that is in this case destined to occur near the end of 6 days (6,000 years) in the messianic era, having been subtracted from the equation when the luchot were received (the redemption that would have occurred at that time, had the sin not occurred). Given that it was subtracted when the luchot were given, we fully expect to see it restored at the time of the redemption in the future, as the designated time approaches, and likely on the 9th of Av when
"a redeemer (with a vav) will come to zion." We’ll just have to wait and see how all this plays itself out in the cosmic scheme of things.

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Massey and Devarim

In Parashah Massey and also Devarim we see the mathematic reflection of God’s Explicit Name again hidden in the characteristics of certain events that conform to the tetrahedral geometry of the royal seal. In this case, these characteristics begin when the forty years in the wilderness come to an end, and specifically the day on which these and subsequent events occur, along with certain other aspects that essentially 'build' the signature geometry associated with the letters.

What you are about to read is somewhat long and complex because it takes time to express the events in the context of the geometry within the sapphire cube. The one-dimensional metrics that are associated with the various components must first be unpacked before they can be perceived within the framework of three-dimensions. It takes time to lay the proper foundation and then model everything accordingly. However, the parallels are extraordinary and the implications quite profound. If you read this post to the very end and contemplate carefully what is said, you will see how deeply the Signature of the Architect is embedded in the events. Knowledge of God's Name always results in a paradigm shift in consciousness (the way reality is perceived) and it inevitably helps an individual to see the hand of God more clearly, and appreciate the precise manner in which He rules the universe. This particular post, if read and contemplated from beginning to end, is like medicine for the soul. 

If you are new to this blog, please do not attempt to read this post before reading each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right. These pages reveal some of the basic mathematic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen, and together they form a unique signature. We refer to this geometry and its mathematic common denominator as the Signature of the Architect. The purpose of this blog is to show how all of these things connect, and to reveal where this 'Signature' is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post. In Parashah Massey, we see what led to the decree concerning the forty years and make note of what happened when the decree ended. 

After leaving Egypt, Moses brought the people to the borders of Israel. It was decided that prior to entering the land, the people should send twelve of their more prominent leaders as scouts to tour the area and then provide a report. The scouts concluded that the land was indeed good, but the people living there were formidable and it would be impossible to conquer.

In other words, despite the fact that God had delivered the people from Egypt with a mighty hand; brought the ten plagues which gave them the opportunity to leave; even parted the reed sea; and defeated their enemies along the way, the scouts nevertheless returned with an “evil report” (evil because it left God entirely out of the equation) saying instead that it was simply impossible to conquer. One marvels at such a conclusion. It not only ignored what God could do; and what he had already done for the people; but it ignored His promise to give them this Land as an eternal inheritance. The rational person usually has difficulty with the conclusion reached by the scouts and the people who believed them, in light of everything else.   

When this report was accepted and acted upon by the people, the punishment was an exile of forty years in the desert wilderness until the offending generation died. Only then would Israel enter the land. The details are rather encompassing, but a few of the facts will suffice to paint the appropriate picture.

During the years Israel lived in the wilderness, the angel of death had no power over anyone except for one day a year. That one day was the 9th of Av because it was on this day that the scouts (all but two) delivered their evil report. Since that fateful day, the 9th of Av has been a day of mourning for the Jewish people because bad things happen on that day. Both the first and second Temples, for example, were destroyed on the 9th of Av, and that’s just 'two of five' primary examples. What is generally unknown is that the Signature of the Architect is hidden just beneath the surface of this precise moment in time, but we're getting ahead of our story.

During those forty years in the wilderness, the angel of death had the power to act only on this one particular day. Since there were literally millions of people in the wilderness, the number of people that had to be buried on the 9th of Av was considerable (the average estimate is over 15,000). So to deal with the problem on a practical level, each man would dig his own grave the day before and then sleep in it. The next morning, the dead would of course remain lying in their respective graves and those who were still alive would simply climb out and shovel earth on top of anyone who failed to get up.

This continued until the end of the decree, when in the 39th year, no one died. Everyone got up the next morning. The old generation was gone and the decree fulfilled. This new generation, untainted from the sin of the previous generation, received, and entered into the land that God had promised. This moment was of course cause for celebration! However, the people did not immediately begin rejoicing. In fact, they were quite concerned when they discovered that no one died. Their first thought was that they had miscounted. There were no smart phones or printed calendars in those days, and it wasn’t like they could just go to a store and buy one, or check what date it was via the internet. They had to keep track of time by counting each day as it passed. When no one died that night, it was assumed they had simply miscounted, so it was decided to wait a day to see what happened, but again no one died. So they waited another day, and then another, and another, until they reached the 15th of Av. It was at this point they realized that they had indeed counted correctly.

Since the 9th of Av had been the eve of their demise, it wouldn’t make sense for succeeding generations to 'celebrate' that day as the end of the decree. Instead they celebrated it on the 15th of Av because it was on the 15th that they realized with certainty, they had not miscounted. The 15th of Av was henceforth associated with good things. As you might suspect, the Signature of the Architect is also hidden just beneath the surface of this precise moment in time as well, but again, we're getting ahead of the story.

As it turned out, there were (or would be) four major 'good' things1 that would occur on this day throughout Israel’s history. Unlike the 9th of Av, each of these good things would occur on the 15th of Av and be cause for celebration. All of them 'reflect' the geometry of the letters in God's Name, and if you read this post through to the end, their will be no doubt in your mind as to the veracity of that statement. 

In the meantime, the Talmud elaborates upon this day’s joyous nature by comparing it to Yom Kippur, saying that: “It is understandable that Yom Kippur should be a day of rejoicing because our sins are forgiven on this day, and so also, were the second [set of] tablets given, but why did they rejoice on the 15th of Av?” The Talmud then adds (among other things) it was: “...because on that day the tribes were allowed to intermarry.” Permission to intermarry resulted from the matter pertaining to the daughters of Tzelafchad and their petition regarding inheritance, also found in this parashah. Yet, there were still other reasons that would arise for celebrating this particular day. It was also the day that the tribe of Binyamin was welcomed back into the fold, after the affair in Judges Chapter 19. You may recall that the charom (ban on association) lasted until the tribe of Binyamin was nearly extinct. In order to cancel their oath of abandonment, the other tribes concluded that “ tribe [of Israel] should be blotted out,” and with this, the prohibition against associating with the tribe of Binyamin was lifted and the people saved from extinction. Still, there is yet another reason to celebrate the 15th of Av. It was on the 15th of Av that the sentries that Jeroboam had placed on the road to Jerusalem to prevent his constituents from worshiping in the Temple were removed. This too, was cause for celebration. So the 15th of Av became a very special day over the years.

Needless to say, there is much more to each of the above stories and the reader is invited to pursue the details on their own. In the meantime, our purpose here is to show the connection these events have to the royal seal or magen david and the 216 letters of God’s Name that are part of its geometry, and so we will continue to examine the numbers and sets of numbers pertaining to these events, in that regard.

In summary, the four major events that were cause for celebration were:

     1) The people realized on the 15th of Av that the forty years

          had come to an end and this was cause for celebration.

     2) The people were permitted to intermarry on the 15th of Av

         and this was cause for celebration.

     3) The tribe of Binyamin was welcomed back into the fold on

          the 15th of Av and this was cause for celebration.

     4) The sentries of Jeroboam were removed on the 15th of Av so the people could

          once again worship at the Temple in Jerusalem, and this was cause for celebration.

These four events on the 15th of Av mark very special 'moments in time' (a mo’ed or appointed time) for Israel. Each year, the first two weeks of Av would pass (the 9th would go by) and then on the 15th of the month the festivities would begin (we’ll describe some of the details in a moment). However, the two weeks prior (or 14 days) leading up to the day of the celebration, are themselves significant. We showed in our post on Emor, how certain events take form in pairs of 7s and/or pairs of 14s, and that these sets of numbers allude to the royal seal wherein the King’s Name is hidden.

To give you and idea of how these numbers reflect a larger reality, consider that the gematria of the word 'hand' is 14; that the hand has 14 visible joints; that a man has two hands (14 opposite 14) and that the 'hand of God' (a singular representation of a larger reality) as an extension of 'the Name' is seen in the geometry of the three-dimensional magen david with 14 elements in the left half, and 14 in the right half (14 opposite 14) having 72 triangular corners (216).  

To see how the letters of God’s Name actually connect to these “appointed times,” we need to examine the events through the prism of the magen david. You already know the magen is really just a two-dimensional shadow of a three-dimensional star tetrahedron, and that both the shadow and its counterpart above, reflect the geometry associated with the King’s name. We’ve demonstrated this many times, not only in the essential constructs listed to the right, but throughout prior posts. However, a brief review might be helpful to set the stage.

A two-dimensional magen david consists of two opposing triangles (male and female) that each have 7 elements (1 face, 3 vertices and 3 lines). Its one-dimensional metric geometry expressed as a “pair of 7s” (7 opposite 7) is a shadow of the two-dimensional space defined by the geometry of the royal seal associated with the letters of God's Name.

Of course this is not limited to just one or two dimensions. A three-dimensional magen david consists of two tetrahedrons (male and female) that each have 14 elements (4 faces, 4 vertices and 6 lines). Its one-dimensional metric geometry (as a 'pair' of 14s that are 14 opposite 14) is a shadow of the three-dimensional space in which the royal seal is more fully revealed, and more directly associated with the letters of the Explicit Name in its 72 triangular corners: 3 x 72 = 216

Click to Enlarge

As we proceed, its important to understand that in two dimensions a magen david consists simply of two opposing triangles. However, in three dimensions it consists of eight opposing triangles, that in effect create the faces of four  'two-dimensional' magen davids. You will see these eight opposing triangles (four magen davids') graphically depicted in both two and three dimensions as we proceed. However before doing so, we should mention that we have, in previous posts, expressed many events and/or halachic requirements in terms of these elements, where the corresponding numbers always appear as pairs of 7s, pairs of 14s, or both. The sheer number of times this occurs is statistically significant in and of itself, and the only real question is how to connect the dots. A prime example of such an event, containing both pairs of 7s and pairs of 14s is seen in the case of Pharaoh’s dream in Miketz where the pair of 7s is found within a pair of 14s.

We also explained (in the essential construct on the sapphire magen david) how these numbers are a mathematic aspect of the sapphire cube that was later brought down as the luchot, although more specifically, it is one particular “pair” of internal mathematic constructs within the cube (a pair of tetrahedrons) that merge together to create a star tetrahedron or three-dimensional magen david. The post on Parashah Emor was especially revealing in that regard, and again, if you’ve not read it, you should do so before proceeding.

One of the things that emerged from that analysis was the realization that numerous observances for which the requirement specified the 15th day of the month were preceded by a “pair of 7s” (the first 2 weeks of the month) and that these repetitions, or patterns, in combination with the patterns corresponding to pairs of 14s, were in fact a mathematic reflection of the magen david(s) either in two dimensions or three. You'll see why this is important in a moment, and as we said at the beginning, if you take the time to contemplate what is to be revealed in the paragraphs ahead, it is well worth the effort.

In this case, we have four events that all occur on the 15th of Av, each preceded by a two week period (a pair of sevens') or what amounts to four pairs of sevens' related to the four events. You should now recall what was said above, how one pair creates one magen david (in two dimensions) but four pairs create the eight two-dimensional faces of a magen david, and there just happen to be eight triangular faces on a three-dimensional magen david, a complex geometric also known as a star tetrahedron.

This is not unlike the four pairs of seven’s that we saw in Parashah Chukath. Whenever we see four pairs of seven elements, the numbers provide us with a flat one-dimensional metric reflection of eight (two-dimensional) triangles (each consisting of seven elements) which also happens to be equal to the number of surfaces on a three-dimensional star tetrahedron. In two dimensions, the same four pairs of seven elements (when married together) form four magen davids. Why eight triangular “faces” in three-dimensions? Why four magen davids in two dimensions? They are actually the same thing.

The numbers, sets of numbers and ratios are a one-dimensional metric expression for the three-dimensional characteristics of a star tetrahedron, or 'royal seal' that reflects the 216 elements that are mathematically and geometrically equivalent to the letters in the King’s Name (this will be graphically represented in a moment). In the meantime, it should also be noted that when the four letters of the Tetragrammaton are 'married' to the four letters of Adnoot, they form the four letters of Ehyeh, as is known (four opposite four become four). This 'marriage' (or unification) is "cause for celebration," and that is why there are four major events on the 15th of Av to celebrate, with four male and four female aspects (that we will explain momentarily). Each event is a reflection of a pair of letters in the primary abbreviated forms of God’s Name. The 'place' where the (full) Name itself, with 216 letters is hidden, will be revealed at the end of the post.

We “marry” these letters together (the four of one with the four of the other) during the four bows of shemonei esrei, and just like the four pairs of letters are married together, so too are the four pairs of sevens' (triangles) “married” to form the four magen davids that are a structural feature of a star tetrahedron and a mathematic function of the One Unique Explicit Name. This marriage of the two male~female aspects (in its abbreviated forms) appears geometrically in the King’s royal seal, where the elements corresponding to the letters can be seen in their “unified” state. Lets take a closer look at how the events, the geometry, and the letters of the abbreviated forms of the Name all converge.

Contemplate for a Moment the 'Cause and Effect' of the Following Events:
                          Event 1                 Event 2                  Event 3                  Event 4
                   40 Years Ends   Tribes Intermarry     Binyamin Saved   Sentries Removed
                       15th of Av             15th of Av              15th of Av              15th of Av

The Mathematic Pattern (14 Days) Preceding the Events:

                          Preceded by      Preceded by     Preceded by     Preceded by
                            Pair of 7s           Pair of 7s           Pair of 7s         Pair of 7s
                          Male/Female     Male/Female     Male/Female    Male/Female

Two-Dimensional Geometry of the 4 Major Events
(You will see the Three-Dimensional Geometry in a Moment)

Contrast the above geometry with the marriage of the four letters of each abbreviation and you can begin to see the parallel and significance of the pattern that repeats itself throughout the Torah. Once you are familiar with these numbers and the sets of numbers as they apply to the letters of the Name, the numerous repetitions (reflections) in various events are hard to miss. It's the Signature of the Architect that is invariably hidden beneath the surface. The letters below are shown left to right (as they would appear in english) as opposed to their actual right to left form (in Hebrew).

                                       Yud                Keh                 Vav               Keh

                                    Marries          Marries            Marries         Marries
                                     Alpeh              Dalet                Nun              Yud

                                                     The end result as is known:

                                        Aleph              Keh                 Yud               Key

This Name (abbreviation) and how it is derived is a subject that is not generally discussed, not because it is prohibited, but because of the lofty nature of the concept that most find difficult to understand. If you wish, you can skip this section and continue with the next because an understanding of this concept is not necessary to "see" the connection we've been describing. It is provided only for those who wish to learn as much about God's Name as possible. We do recommend that you try to understand and contemplate what is said here, if for no other reason than the fulfillment of what was told to the Baal Shem Tov: "when the people do unification's as you do, then will mashiach come." In order to hasten this event, we will explain the unification. It is primarily seen in the "marriage" of the above letters during the four bows. Although we see it elsewhere as well, such as the strands of tzitzith as explained in our post on Ki Thetze

To 'perform' this unification properly, it is necessary for people to know and understand God's Name, which is by the way, the purpose of this blog. Normally, during each bow, a pair of letters is "married" by mentally envisioning them coming together side-by-side. Some prayer books actually have the "pairs' written this way. However, there is more to the story. To understand the rest of the story, we first have to explain what the letters are

The Sages said that the letters of creation are the primordial energy or "substance" of the universe. They only appear to us as letters (or we represent them as letters) due to our limited ability to perceive reality. Just like protons, neutrons and electrons remain unseen, sub-atomic particles form atoms that have "substance" which comes together to create a physical universe that we can see. On a smaller level, the vibrating strands of primordial energy (represented by those 22 letters plus five more duals) come together to form words and sentences (more complex constructs) that create ideas in "the world of thought" (yetzirah). These in turn (can and do) physically manifest in the "world of action" (asiyah). The letters of a name (any name) are no different. They combine and define. Since we're looking at the primary letters in the abbreviation of God's Name, we'll need to look at how they combine and what happens when they do.

When you combine the Yud and the Aleph (the first "pair") they simply form another Aleph. You don't 'see' anything different on the surface, because the Aleph already contains a Yud within it. The end result is simply another Aleph because the Yud is subsumed by the Aleph. There are four pairs of letters in the two abbreviated forms of the Name above. The first two pairs and the last pair (a total of three pairs) are physically combined in the same manner and the "end result" are the letters of the Havayah of Ehyeh as shown above. However, you may have noted that when you add the fourth pair, which is the third in the sequence (the Vav and the Nun) they do not "add up" to a Yud. The Vav is special. It also has a secret which is beyond the scope of this post. It is sufficient here, to explain that these two letters are not "added," but rather subtracted. The upper part of the Nun is a Vav, and the foot of the Nun is a Yud. So when the two are subtracted, the only thing that remains is the foot of the Nun, which is a Yud. Its orientation with respect to the other letters is irrelevant. Even its sequence is irrelevant, because the letters are typically permuted. One pair is different from the other three and this pattern filters down into the nature of certain events, like the four couples buried in Machpelah (Adam and Chava being different from the other three couples) or the four couples on board the ark during the flood (Noah and his wife being different from the other three couples). One couple is always different from the other three because the events are 'defined" by the letters of God's Name where one couple is different from the other three. This is why it's corresponding geometry in the three-dimensional magen david has three points in any given two-dimensional plane, and one point in the third dimension. The one is 'different' from the other three. It has to be, because it is a reflection of a larger reality. The events reflect the nature of the blueprint (in this case an internal mathematic aspect of the combined cubic form of the luchot) which is in turn a reflection of the letters in God's Name, or in this case its primary abbreviations. The reality below, flows from the larger reality above. Contemplate this.

The marriage of these four letters and their four counterparts are the underlying basis for the four forces in quantum mechanics, but this is discussed in posts like Balak and VaYishlach and also the advanced construct on the eight dimensions, so we will not delve into it here, except to say that one 'force' (gravity) is entirely different than the other three. We refer to God as 'Elohim', which is best translated as El (God) over the "forces" of nature (plural). What are the four forces of nature? They are the four forces in quantum mechanics that "rule" the universe. What are the four forces? They are merely a reflection of a larger reality in the four letters (primordial forces) that abbreviate God's Explicit Name.

The twelve letter abbreviation is also found in this 'geometry,' for example, the four letters of Ehyeh create twelve (12) houses (or permutations). The same is true of the four letters in the Tetragrammaton (Y-H-W-H) but the four letters of Adnoot (A-D-N-I) create twenty-four (24) houses. The former create only twelve, because one of the letters is duplicated (there are two Heh's in these particular abbreviations) and so the number of permutations is reduced accordingly. The latter, however (A-D-N-I) creates twenty-four because all four letters are different, so 12 opposite 12 (or 24) becomes 12. The four letters are thus a shadow of the twelve letters that are in turn a shadow of the 216 letters. The 12 are also three times their four letter counterparts. This is where the twelve letter abbreviation(s) converge with the 4 letter abbreviation(s) and where they are both found in the geometry of the royal seal (or three-dimensional magen david) which consists of four faces with three corners on two tetrahedrons. Each is a perfect geometric reflection of a letter, in either the four or the twelve (or all 216) that comprise the Name, depending only upon the place and position of the observer. When the tetrahedrons (corresponding to these two aspects of the Explicit Name) are merged together in opposing directions and "marry" one another to create a star tetrahedron, the one subsumes the other (just like the four letters are subsumed by the opposing four letters) and the geometric result is twelve faces on one tetrahedron and twelve on the other (12 opposite 12) or 24 on both, like the "houses" created by the permutations (modeled below). You don't need to understand all of this to know God's Name, but it helps a great deal. One is simply a mathematic/geometric reflection of the other. It is worth taking the time to understand and contemplate the geometry, because if you understand the geometry, then the relationship between the abbreviations and the Explicit Name can be perceived with greater clarity. 

Now back to our topic. The connection that these four events have to God’s Name and the royal seal should now be easier to understand within the context of everything that has been said thus far about the four events on the 15th of Av, however, it also creates a mirror image of these events in the form of their actual celebration, as you are about to see. The daughters of Israel would rejoice on the 15th of Av in a very special way that constitutes 4 opposite 4 or male opposite female. On this day, any woman who was unmarried would dance in the vineyards so that a man looking for a wife could come and choose from among eligible candidates.

There were four “types” of girls (the female half of the equation) that would present themselves for “marriage,” to the men (the male half of the equation) looking for wives. This was done on the day celebrating the four major events (a mirror image of the four letters that are opposite four letters above, that "marry" and become the four letters of Ehyeh). 

The Girls that were (1) beautiful would say “...choose beauty for a woman is made special by her beauty,” while girls from good families (2) would say “...choose a woman from a good family, because a woman is meant to have sons and if she is from a good family she will have good sons.” Girls who were wealthy would (3) say “...choose one who is wealthy,” and girls who were (4) none of the above, would say “...choose neither beauty or wealth, rather choose for the sake of heaven and then cloth them in gold and fine linen, for false is charm and vain is beauty, a woman who fears God should be praised.

The Daughters that were to be “married” thus fell into four categories, mirroring the four major events that were cause for celebration in the first place. However, both the events and the celebration were/are real-world reflections of the marriage between the four letters of the Tetragrammaton and the four letters of Adnoot, just like the four couples on board the ark or the four couples at Machpelah.

Marriage Between the Women and Men Arranged on the 15th
(Four Male/Female Aspects of Celebration on the 15th of Av)

                                     Type 1             Type 2           Type 3            Type 4

                                     Beauty             Family           Wealth     Sake of Heaven

                                       Male                Male              Male               Male

                                     Marries            Marries          Marries          Marries
                                     Female            Female          Female          Female

The events, and the actual celebration of those events, reflect the patterns that conform to the geometry of the magen david and the magen david in turn reflects the characteristics of the King’s Name. 

The next few paragraphs are a bit dense, as we use 'text' (mere words) to describe complex geometry that really must be visualized to be fully understood. However, as we said in the beginning of this post, if you take the time (and struggle) with the information presented, then, at the end of the post, you will see how the dates, times and events hide all 216 letters in God's Name, and why these appointed times are so very profound. That being the case, please bear with us a bit longer, as we will, at the end, explain these things in the clearest of terms, that anyone can understand. If you have problems understanding our description of the tetrahedral geometry in the paragraphs ahead, then just scan quickly through the material until you get to the final summary and conclusion where everything will come into focus.

Having said that, lets look more closely at the three-dimensional version of the royal seal to see how its geometry conforms to the sets of numbers and the events in question. We already mentioned this above, but here we will get more specific. The star tetrahedron consists of two tetrahedrons (which are of course three-dimensional) having eight triangular (two-dimensional) faces. Each triangular face consists of seven elements. Half of the eight triangles (four triangular faces) are oriented in one direction and the other half (another four) are oriented in the opposing direction. Each face thus has a specific counterpart (a marriage partner) whose surface is oriented in the opposing direction. You will see this depicted graphically in a moment. When any given triangular face is merged with its opposing counterpart, it creates a two-dimensional six pointed star within the three-dimensional framework of the “world” associated with its orientation, essentially amounting to a series of four magen davids.

You can see this in the external geometry pictured below, where two halves of one magen david are shown in red and blue. There are actually four of these pairs (magens) in the form of four triangles opposite four triangles. Note however, that when two tetrahedrons are married together, there are also four small magen davids 'hidden' in the middle of the four that can be seen externally (these result from the opposing stellation that protrudes through any given face of the tetrahedron). So just like the four major “events” celebrated on the 15th of Av have four male and four female aspects corresponding to the celebration that are revealed (nigleh) and can be seen in the actual events, there are also four inner stars or small magen davids' that cannot be seen because they are hidden within the internal geometry. These also have four male and four female aspects that correlate with what is hidden (nistar) behind the scenes. What is hidden behind the scenes of these events? It is the hand of God (like the 14 elements of the tetrahedrons that combine to reflect the geometry having 216 components) that we see in the letters of His Name which are the 'physical template' that orchestrates the events. Each event correlates with an opposing pair of letters in the abbreviation of the Name, but each is well hidden beneath the characteristics of the celebration involving the marriage of the four types of daughters with their four male counterparts.

The four outer stars (pictured below) are the events revealed in the world below, but they follow the pattern established above, in the blueprint, where the four inner stars are like the letters of the Name that are hidden from the world. These inner stars in the geometry are also 4 opposite 4. Both the nigleh and the nistar can be seen in the geometry, which is a two-dimensional orthographic projection of a three-dimensional star tetrahedron. It is graphically presented from an angle that shows the relationship between each male~female counterpart. Ultimately there are four pairs of these “triangles,” even though only two (in red and blue) are emphasized below. In this orthographic projection, the shapes of the triangular faces are “skewed,” so they don’t really look like  equilateral triangles, even though they are (equilateral triangles have three 60 degree angles alluding to the ratio of the cube (measured by three 6s) with a volumetric measure equivalent to the number of letters in the Kings Name: 216. The balance between the letters is also found in the two-dimensional compression, where the angles become 2 x 54 (108) and 72 respectively, but nevertheless equal 180.

If you could rotate the model below in the third dimension, then you would see how both triangles relate to one another, essentially dancing separately around each other in the third dimension, perhaps best described as dancing in a geometric vineyard, just like the girls who were looking for marriage partners during the celebration. Each aspect of the model is identical in terms of size, shape and orientation. The only difference is that there is a separation between the male and the female “surfaces” in the third dimension. This separation “disappears” when the geometry is compressed into a two-dimensional state (as is the case with an ordinary two-dimensional magen david). It is imperative that the letters of God’s Name remain 'separated' as male and female counterparts, otherwise the universe as we know it would cease to exist (duality would collapse). That is why the male and female aspects of the geometry of God’s Name, takes form in the Tetragrammaton and the Havayah of Adnoot. The male-female nature of the letters is 'necessary' to sustain and perpetuate a universe having these same male-female characteristics (the duality of creation). We see this very clearly in the four (plus~minus) 'forces' in quantum mechanics.

The male triangle (below) points to the lower left. The female triangle points to the upper right. Their 'place,' position and orientation with respect to one another, is a geometric reflection of the “marriage” between the two aspects of the King’s Name. There are four such pairs (of seven elements) in the two tetrahedrons of a star tetrahedron. One pair (of four) is shown below as red opposite blue. These correlate with one of the four events. The pair of small triangles in the middle of the larger triangle are 'hidden' within the third dimension, and cannot be seen externally. These correlate with one (of four) pairs of letters in the marriage described above, that are otherwise hidden from mankind, lest freewill be negated.

It's worth mentioning or emphasizing at this point, that the small triangles hidden in the large triangles, are actually the base of the stellation on the opposing tetrahedron that is created when one tetrahedron passes through and "marries" its counterpart. The hidden aspect does not appear until the marriage takes place, but just as the large faces (that are each a triangle) are married in pairs (each with seven elements) and form four magen davids reflecting the characteristics of the four male~female (cause and effect) aspects of the four major events, so too, the small triangles have their counterparts and marry together in the four male~female letters of the King’s Name that are hidden from the casual observer (the 4 opposite 4 that become 4 mentioned previously).

Parashah Devarim is combined with this post on Massey for the same reason. The two together, characteristically reflect the marriage of the male~female aspects of the Name. Specifically, everything that transpired in Massey is simply repeated or summarized with clarification in Devarim, except in Devarim it's in "past tense.” One parashah is the mirror image of the other, or a “male~female” version of the events that so clearly reveal the royal seal. That is to say, the opposing “tenses,” of the text that describes the very same events, are divided into their respective portions (Massey opposite Devarim) as if to reflect the male~female aspects of the abbreviated forms of the Name that rule the physical universe and the history of mankind.

In conclusion, we would only add that despite the unique parallels between the aforementioned events, the geometry associated with the royal seal and God's Name, there will be those who consider the above connections coincidental. Some may even conclude that the connection has been "made to fit" by (this) author, or that the evidence is simply not strong enough to draw a conclusion. However, the minds of men are often occluded by lack of vision. Those unable to see through the veil of darkness caused by the surrounding clouds should carefully consider the following: 

The 9th day of Av is a remembrance for bad things that happened to Israel. For 9 days we contemplate the consequences of our actions. On the 9th day of Av we fast. 

The 15th of Av is a remembrance for good things that have happened to Israel. There are 14 days or 2 weeks leading up to, or preceding the celebration on the 15th of Av. On the 15th we contemplate God's mighty acts and celebrate what He has done for us.

What do all these days, dates and events have in common? All of them bear the unique mathematic Signature of the Architect. That Signature, with its 216 letters, is hidden just beneath the surface of all these appointed times. However, as we've said so many times, it remains hidden from the casual observer. We will now provide the reader with a special pair of reading glasses to help 'see' what would ordinarily be hidden beneath the surface:

The number of hours in 9 days is 216
The number of minutes in a pair of 7s (or 14) days is 20160.
The number of minutes in 15 days is 21,600 

These numbers constitute the one-dimensional metric geometry (or signature geometry) of the Explicit Name; they are a primary aspect of the royal seal (its three-dimensional counterpart) hidden within the cubic geometry of the luchot; and all three reflect the nature of the 216 letters in the Name that are embedded much deeper than anyone might imagine. There is no need to make it fit, because it does so on its own. It was part of the King's plan from the very beginning, as we so clearly demonstrated in the post on Metzora and also the construct entitled "The Primordial Torah."

All you have to do is open your eyes!

Footnote 1 - There were other things that happened on the 15th of Av that are considered positive. However, they were not in and of themselves cause for celebration. For example, permission was given to bury the dead of Bethar on the 15th of Av. This was a positive development in light of preceding events, but it was not really cause for rejoicing because of the grim reality that these innocent people had been murdered by Hadrian, and were buried on this day. Also, the wood for the altar could also be cut on the 15th of Av without concern for infestation. The date was positive in nature, but not really cause for celebration.