Friday, April 13, 2018

Acharey Moth

In Acharey Moth “God spoke to Moses right after the death of Aaron’s sons [Nadav and Avihu] who brought an [unauthorized] offering...” The purpose of this was to warn Aaron not to enter the sanctuary so that he not die like his sons.

Some of our sources indicate that Moshe had earlier been informed by God that two people from among them would be (like) a sacrifice. Moshe assumed that it would be he and Aaron. However a sacrifice should have no blemish, and Moses and Aaron had sinned. The circumstances pertaining to the death of Nadav and Avihu however, are consistent with those of a sacrifice1. A number of these require blood to be sprinkled on the corners of the altar so that it is applied to two of its four walls simultaneously (any given corner being adjacent to two walls). The priest would then do the same to the opposing corner. Thus, it would require what is referred to as “two applications (of blood) that were equivalent to four.” 

This is a characteristic of the blueprint, or combined cubic form of the two luchot that were divided in half and brought down by Moshe (twice) with a total of four component halves. However, the characteristic is itself a reflection of an even larger reality originating with the letters of God's Name, specifically of two primary abbreviations of the Name: the Tetragrammaton and Adnoot, that are together (when re-unified) equivalent to four letters: Ehyeh (as is known)2

The permutations and combinations of letters (primordial energy) of the Torah arising from the geometry of the foundation stone, become our 'reality' in the physical world. That is why events such as the death of Nadav and Avihu conform to the intrinsic nature of the shnei luchot (two tablets). In this case, Aaron's two sons were taken by two streams of plasma (fire) that emerged from the cloud covering the ark. Each of those streams was then divided into two more streams. The two streams were thus equivalent to four. Same reflection. Same luchot. Same letters. The streams of plasma entered the nostrils of Nadav and Avihu, as described in many sources, and were burned as would be the case for certain offerings.

The requirement for the sacrifices and the nature of the events pertaining to Nadav and Avihu are a reflection of the halacha, but more specifically, they are a numeric and geometric component of the luchot, which are a reflection of the letters of God’s Name. 

Insofar as the luchot are concerned, the twins were two, of what were four in total (having been brought down twice). Insofar as the Name is concerned, the two abbreviated forms combine/unify (the Tetragrammaton and Adnoot) and become the four letters of Ehyeh. That is, the unification of the two abbreviations (even though they collectively consist of eight letters) results in the four letters of the composite form (Ehyeh). The two are thus equivalent to four.
The Signature of the Architect (the signature geometry) is seen in the events and the halacha surrounding the events in the world below, which are simply reflections of a larger reality3. One can only perceive these things as a function of the luchot, and with knowledge of God's Name. This knowledge has been preserved by the Jewish people for the posterity of mankind, in order that he might one day come to know his Creator.

If what you have read above is new to you and this is your first visit to this blog, then before proceeding we need to mention that some of the information requires a broader understanding of certain concepts. The reader is therefore strongly advised to read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These constructs reveal the basic connection between the letters of the Name and the multidimensional mathematic and geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in their divided state and combined cubic form, along with an explanation of its internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen. The purpose of this blog is to show how they connect with one another, and to reveal where this unique Signature of the Architect is hidden in each week’s parashah. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post.


Footnote 1 - Whether or not this was a "sacrifice" is irrelevant. Rather, it is sufficient that the circumstances themselves, were consistent with those of a sacrifice. 

Footnote 2 - It is this unification, that is the underlying basis of quantum mechanics, wherein the male and female (plus and minus) halves of the four forces (the strong and the weak nuclear force, electro-magnetism and gravity) "rule" the universe. The 4 "forces" (Elohim) are what rule, as a function of the 4 "couples" (4 letters of the Tetragrammaton and the 4 letters of Adnoot).

Footnote 3 - The Oneness of God appears as a "duality" below, in a universe with male/female characteristics. This "duality" is a fundamental aspect of physics, as is "symmetry" and "super-symmetry," all of which arise from the marriage (unification) of the letters in the Name, in particular these two abbreviations, as the physical universe is little more than a metaphor for God's Name.

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