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Ki Thetze

In Ki Thetze, the Explicit Name is hidden in the requirement to: “Make yourself bound tassels (tzitzith) on the four corners of the garment with which you cover yourself (the talith).” This command refers to the four corners on the clothing that covers the body. However, there is a hidden aspect that refers to the mitzvoth that clothe the soul. These mitzvoth are performed for kiddush Hashem (the honor of God’s Name).

So what do the tzitzith have to do with God’s Name? Just as there are four corners on the garment in question. There are four strands that are looped through each corner and doubled over, so that each of the corners has four strands, opposite their four counterparts. 

This is like the four letters of the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key) that stand opposite their counterparts, specifically the four letters of Adnoot (aleph-dalet-nun-yud). The 'marriage' of these letters can be seen on the shiviti in any synagogue and it is the marriage of these four 'couples' that are envisioned during the four bows of shemonei esrei

We will examine the mathematic connection between the strands of tzitzith and the letters of God's Name in a moment. In the meantime, if you are new to this blog, please read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These pages reveal some of the basic mathematic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen, and together they form a unique signature. We refer to this geometry and its mathematic common denominator as the Signature of the Architect. The purpose of this blog is to show how all of these things connect, and to reveal where the signature geometry is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post.

In addition to what was said above, the four strands that are opposite their four counterparts come together at the four corners of the talit, like the three primary abbreviations of four letters: the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key) Adnoot (aleph-dalet-nun-yud) and Ehyeh (aleph-heh-yud-heh). This is the origin of a 'pattern' that repeats itself throughout Torah, time, and space, like the "three instances of four" that we saw last week in the linguistic structure of Parashah Shoftim. The one-dimensional metrics of the linguistic structure of the text were a reflection of the three-dimensional geometry in the cosmic blueprint, specifically in the three edges/points on each of the four faces of the star tetrahedron or three-dimensional magen david, that is an integral part of the geometry in the combined cubic form of the luchot (this will be pictured in succeeding paragraphs). The tzitzith are the mirror image of this geometry, which is in turn the mirror image of the letters of the Name that gives rise to it.

To more fully appreciate the relationship, consider the star tetrahedron within this 'cube' [of creation] that is comprised of a tetrahedron and its polar opposite. There are four faces/points on one, opposite four faces/points on the other, and when they are merged together in opposing directions each of the eight two-dimensional triangular faces is divided into four smaller triangular faces. The division caused by the 'marriage' results in twelve small triangular faces opposite another
twelve small triangular faces, like the twelve-letter abbreviation of the Explicit Name that will be discussed in next week's post on Ki Thavo.

Four Opposite Four

The geometric marriage of the two halves is what results in the star tetrahedron or three-dimensional magen david, where each of the original four faces and their four counterparts, now has four quadrants.

This geometry is a perfect geometric reflection of all 216 letters in the Explicit Name, as well as the letters corresponding to its three primary four-letter abbreviations that are four opposite four letters that become four (more thoroughly explained in "The Marriage of the Letters" and also Massey and Devarim). The 216 points in the 72 triangular corners (with three triangular corners on each of the four pairs of opposing faces in the third dimension) reflect as-it-were, the three-dimensional geometry corresponding to those letters.

What does this mean? It means that by wearing tzitzith, we are placing within our garments a very special magen david that corresponds not only to God's Explicit Name, but every aspect of that Name. Understand this well, and contemplate the implications which will become even more apparent as you proceed through this text. 

The four strands on the tzitzith opposite the four strands on the half that are doubled over, as well as the four corners on which they are tied, allude to the exact nature of God’s Name in the four letters of the Tetragrammaton that are married to (unified with) the four letters of Adnoot, and become the four letters of Ehyeh, all of which are hidden in the complex geometry of the royal seal. 

Coincidence? Last week we explained the significance of the requirement for two witnesses or three witnesses. Let's see if we can find two or three 'witnesses' who are willing and able to testify to the validity of this larger reality.

The first witness is found in the manner by which the Ark of the Covenant was lifted and carried. The ark was lifted by eight priests (four at one end, and four at the other). After it was lifted into the air, the four priests in the middle (who were on the corners of the ark) would then rest the ark on their shoulders in order to carry it. The others would back away, leaving only the four at the corners of the ark. The four opposite four that become four in this service become what is essentially a numeric/geometric reflection of the combination of letters in God's Name that, in its unified form are the letters of Ehyeh. The effect of the transition between lifting and carrying, or the eight that become four (rising from the second dimension to the third) mirrors the unification of the letters and the ultimate result.

It should also be noted, that before it was lifted, it was within the two-dimensional (on-the-ground) framework of those who surrounded it, and so everyone was required to face it. However, once it was lifted into the air, it moved from its former two-dimensional reference frame into the third dimension, where those down below were no longer subject to the halacha that required everyone in the lower dimension to face it. This is why it was permissible for the four who carried it, to all face the same direction as they walked.

The requirement for tzitzith in this parashah is a reflection of the same thing, showing once again how everything is bound to the letters of God’s Explicit Name, male opposite female for purpose of sustaining a universe in that form.

For those who want to peer a little deeper into this particular “matrix,” notice that one of those strands is different from the other three, because it is the strand that is half techelet (blue). This is like the marriage of the four letters of the Tetragrammaton with the four letters in the Havaya of Adnoot, where the marriage of one pair is different from the marriage of the other three. The vav is physically subtracted from the nun as opposed to being physically added during the process of unification that results in the Havaya of Ehyeh (as described in the post on Massey and Devarim and also the construct entitled "The Marriage of the Letters"). The one strand that is half techelet and the other that is half is white, is like the vav that is subtracted from the nun in the marriage of that particular couple. It completely disappears leaving what is in essence “half the nun” (or the portion that corresponds to the resulting yud). This reflection is the mirror image of what it represents, which is the pair of letters that is combined differently and the nature of that combination.

The Tetrahedral Construct Within
the Combined Cubic Form of the Luchot is Identical
(it's geometry is defined by the marriage between the letters)
(one couple is different from the other three couples


This is the cosmic template for the physics of time and space. There are three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. The three dimensions of space can be described as East-West, North-South, and Up-Down, although the terms are relative and they could be described in any number of ways. Each continuum has a male-female component like East-West. We can move about freely within the three dimensions of space, however time is different. We are limited when it comes to movement through time since we can only move in one direction, forward not backward. So one dimension is different from the other three.  

Each dimension has two continuum's and these continuum's are 'paired' with one another. There are four specific pairs of primary continuum's (in the observable universe) just as there are four specific pairs of primary letters, and just as one pair of letters is different from the other three, so too, one dimension is different from the other three dimensions. The primary dimensions of time and space are merely extensions of the primary letters. Our 'reality' is an energetic metaphor for the letters of God's Name. Just as there are more than four dimensions, there are also more than four letters in the Name. However, they are all connected in a very specific way that mirrors this larger reality. The physical universe is literally framed within and limited by the nature of those letters. The letters of this Name "rule" the universe, so it should come as no surprise that they are also the cosmic template for the physics of quantum mechanics, in the four 'forces' and their four polar opposites (like the plus and minus of electricity). These are also precise reflections of these letters, and one (gravity) is decidedly different from the other three as known in physics. 

History is also framed within this larger reality, which is why there were four couples on board the ark, and why one couple (Noah and his Wife) were different from the other three couples (Shem, cHam and Yafet and their Wives). The causality is a function of the letters. This is also why there are four couples buried at Machpela, and why one of these couples (Adam and Eve) are different from the other three couples (Avraham/Sarah, Yitzak/Rivka and Yaacov/Leah). Each is a reflection of a larger reality in the tetrahedral aspects of the luchot, which is a reflection of an even larger reality in the marriage of the letters.

Four male opposite four female? When we "see" the four-letters of the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key) we "say" the four-letters of Adnoot (alpeh-dalet-nun-yud). Our halachic requirement to do so is rooted in the male ~ female nature of the four letters opposite their four counterparts that are at the heart of this larger reality. Additional mathematic implications related to the foundation stone are covered in the essential construct entitled "The 1820 Paths of the Magen David."

Do we see an allusion to this elsewhere in the text. That is, do we have yet another witness to the male~female division of these letters (and the physics of the universe) anywhere else in this parashah? Yes. In verse 24:06 it says: "Do not take the upper or lower millstone as security." On the simple level (pshat) this refers to the security for a loan. However all things come from God who "loans" to mankind the use of His kingdom. The reference to the prohibition of dividing "the upper and lower" alludes to the letters of His Name in the form of their male and female counterparts that would otherwise be a unity. How do we know this refers to the male ~ female counterparts of the letters that sustain the physical and nonphysical universes, as opposed to just the components of the millstone? The preceding verses alludes to this marriage in verse 24:01, where the marriage of the two halves is expressed as when "a man marries a woman..." an allusion to the marriage of the male and female letters and their counterparts in the 'duality' of the quantum universe. 

Do not separate the pair. This is like the four pairs of rings on the ark: four on each corner together with their four locking counterparts on the poles. Thus: "Do not remove the poles" which would require a separation of the rings that correspond to the marriage in the four pairs of letters.

We would only add that the marriage of the letters that we contemplate during shemonei esrei  is essentially the reverse engineering of the 'division' that was necessary for creation, a process that necessitated the dividing of these letters in the first place; where (in unified form) they started as Ehyeh (aleph-heh-yud-heh) but then 'divided' into the letters of the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key) opposite those of Adnoot (aleph-dalet-nun-yud) for purpose of creating a male~female universe. Our re-unification of the four letters (yud-key-vav-key) and their four counterparts (aleph-dalet-nun-yud) during the four bows, is a tikkun or rectification for the duality, that might otherwise be perceived as something less than perfect unity of the Holy One blessed be He.  

The amazingly precise interconnectedness between the text of the Torah; halachic requirements; historical events; the geometry of the magen david and the letters of God’s Name would be impossible for any man or group of men to compose, especially considering historic events that occurred over time, let alone be embedded into a meaningful narrative, demonstrating once again the remarkable way in which everything is held together by the letters of the Name.

Each service to God that has been described above, like the commandment for a Jew to wear tzitzith, rests upon a knowledge of God’s Name that is absent among the nations. The Jewish people are the only ones who have preserved this knowledge. They are the only ones who know how to properly pronounce the Name, and equally importantly, under what circumstances it is permissible to pronounce. The Jewish people are the only people who know how, or even allowed to perform the mitzvoth set forth in the Torah, and the only ones who understand the nature of the service that honors this Name upon which the universe depends. Unless and until that service is fully restored (specifically Temple service and all that it entails) the world will remain in chaos1. Moreover, as difficult as it may be for some to believe, if the performance of the mitzvoth (like those pertaining to tzitzith) were interrupted, the very fabric of the universe would be torn apart (and specifically the delicate physics of its duality) resulting in total collapse, which is why the Sages of Israel asserted that if Israel ever failed to perform these mitzvot, the universe would simply cease to exist. 

Once again God has provided an easy way, or a hard way. Man has only to choose the path.


Footnote 1 - The nations are constantly attempting to oppress Israel and never cease in their collective attempts to bend Israel to their will or destroy it all together. This results in a more limited form of service to God that in turn destabilizes the entire universe. Witness the absence of the ark and the service described above that binds the letters together (think time and space and quantum mechanics). If the nations continue in their quest to abrogate God's promise to Israel and specifically its inheritance of Land, then a great war will likely ensue. If that still does not rectify the matter, then it may lead to a planetary catastrophe described these days as an ELE (or near "extinction level event"). The last time this happened was at the time of the flood (see the posts on Metzora and BeHa'alothekha). The future borders of Israel are specified and described throughout Tanach. The nations have only to acquiesce. The unification of the people with the Land, is a binding of these same letters. Since the days of Avraham Aveinu, God's servants have been separated from the Land a total of 4 times, like the letters of the Tetragrammaton that are separated from those of the Havaya of Adnoot that are ultimately unified (during the 4 bows as is known). The 1 pair is different of the other 3 pairs. The diaspora is a perfect reflection. The Land and the people are an inseparable pair that testify to the nature and the power of God's Name. The present iteration (in the reestablishment of the nation Israel in 1948) is different from the other 3 because Israel will never again be dispossessed. If the nations try to create a separation, collectively or individually, it will lead to their destruction by the Hand of God. They should wake up now before its to late. No people, nation, or religion will be spared should they choose to participate in the attempt to prevent this unification (of the letters of God's Name mirrored in the marriage of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel that God has promised).

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