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Acharey Moth

This post is extremely short, but quite revealing in terms of a larger reality: In Acharey Moth “God spoke to Moses right after the death of Aaron’s sons [Nadav and Avihu] who brought an [unauthorized] offering...” The purpose of this was to warn Aaron not to enter the sanctuary so that he not die like his sons.

Some of our sources indicate that Moshe had earlier been informed by God that two people from among them would be (like) a sacrifice. Moshe assumed that it would be he and Aaron. However a sacrifice should have no blemish, and Moses and Aaron had sinned. The circumstances pertaining to the death of Nadav and Avihu however, are consistent with those of a sacrifice1. A number of these require blood to be sprinkled on the corners of the altar so that it is applied to two of its four walls simultaneously (any given corner being adjacent to two walls). The priest would then do the same to the opposing corner. Thus, it would require what is referred to as “two applications (of blood) that were equivalent to four.” 

This is a characteristic of the blueprint, or combined cubic form of the two luchot that were divided in half and brought down by Moshe (twice) with a total of four component halves. However, the characteristic is itself a reflection of an even larger reality originating with the letters of God's Name, specifically of two primary abbreviations of the Name: the Tetragrammaton and Adnoot, that are together (when re-unified) equivalent to four letters: Ehyeh (as is known)2

The permutations and combinations of letters (primordial energy) of the Torah arising from the geometry of the foundation stone, become our 'reality' in the physical world. That is why events such as the death of Nadav and Avihu conform to the intrinsic nature (geometry) of the foundation stone, or more specifically after its "division" into the shnei luchot (two tablets). In this case, Aaron's two sons were taken by two streams of plasma (fire) that emerged from the cloud covering the ark. Each of those streams was then divided into two more streams. The two streams were thus equivalent to four. Same reflection. Same luchot. Same letters. The streams of plasma entered the nostrils of Nadav and Avihu, as described in many sources, and were burned as would be the case for certain offerings.

The requirement for the sacrifices and the nature of the events pertaining to Nadav and Avihu are a reflection of the halacha, but more specifically, they are a numeric and geometric component of the luchot, which are a reflection of the letters of God’s Name. 

Insofar as the luchot are concerned, the twins were two, of what were four in total (having been brought down twice). Insofar as the Name is concerned, the two abbreviated forms combine/unify (the Tetragrammaton and Adnoot) and become the four letters of Ehyeh. That is, the unification of the two abbreviations (even though they collectively consist of eight letters) results in the four letters of the composite form (Ehyeh). The two are thus equivalent to four.
The Signature of the Architect (the signature geometry) is seen in the events and the halacha surrounding the events in the world below, which are simply reflections of a larger reality3. One can only perceive these things as a function of the luchot, and with knowledge of God's Name. This knowledge has been preserved by the Jewish people for the posterity of mankind, in order that he might one day come to know his Creator.

If what you have read above is new to you and this is your first visit to this blog, then before proceeding we need to mention that some of the information requires a broader understanding of certain concepts. The reader is therefore strongly advised to read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These constructs reveal the basic connection between the letters of the Name and the multidimensional mathematic and geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in their divided state and combined cubic form, along with an explanation of its internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen. The purpose of this blog is to show how they connect with one another, and to reveal where this unique Signature of the Architect is hidden in each week’s parashah. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post.


Footnote 1 - Whether or not this was a "sacrifice" is irrelevant. Rather, it is sufficient that the circumstances themselves, were consistent with those of a sacrifice. 

Footnote 2 - It is this unification, that is the underlying basis of quantum mechanics, wherein the male and female (plus and minus) halves of the four forces (the strong and the weak nuclear force, electro-magnetism and gravity) "rule" the universe. The 4 "forces" (Elohim) are what rule, as a function of the 4 "couples" (4 letters of the Tetragrammaton and the 4 letters of Adnoot).

Footnote 3 - The Oneness of God appears as a "duality" below, in a universe with male/female characteristics. This "duality" is a fundamental aspect of physics, as is "symmetry" and "super-symmetry," all of which arise from the marriage (unification) of the letters in the Name, in particular these two abbreviations, as the physical universe is little more than a metaphor for God's Name.


Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there lived a king who possessed extraordinary longevity (the king's subjects did not have such longevity). The king was both righteous and powerful, and he wished to build a magnificent kingdom that would include every province. To that end he appointed a viceroy to begin the work. The viceroy was given 600 years to complete everything according to the king’s direction. However, because of the viceroy's limited lifespan, he would never see its completion and so it was necessary to pass on the obligation to his descendants. 

The king was rightly concerned that people would forget him over time, and so he ordered that the roads and highways throughout the kingdom, be built according to the pattern of the letters in his name. That way, future generations would not forget the king and continue to obey his laws. The king did all this because he intended to disappear until such time as the construction was complete. The viceroy was told that the systems of measurement used to layout the pattern, as well as the measurements themselves, would also have to conform to the letters of the king’s name. All would serve to remind the people of the king’s authority, and there would be no doubt as to the kings identity or his intention to return. 

The king wanted the people to have every opportunity to trust him and learn how to be good and loyal subjects, so he also specified that the roads extend from the palace like the spokes of a wheel. That way, every road would lead directly to the king's palace. Of course there were side roads too, but the main highways would always take a person directly to the palace, or in the other direction depending on where a person wanted to go. No one need ever get lost. 

Nevertheless, as time passed the people forgot the king. They couldn’t even remember his name. The viceroy eventually died but his immediate descendants continued the work until they too forgot the king. There was one particular descendant however who did not forget. Seeing what had happened to the others, he established and maintained schools to teach his family so they too, would never forget. They built the palace and all the roads and all the highways as the king had requested. Many people outside of this particular family refused to believe there ever was a king and acted in all sorts of belligerent ways, especially toward the family of builders. Despite many obstacles the builders persevered. Some of them weren’t sure the king would return and so they slacked off. Others, weary from the belligerence aimed at their family, were unable to continue. But many worked twice as hard so that everything would be complete within the designated time. 

Well sure enough, the king did return. He was pleased with the builders and the work they had done. Each was rewarded according to his efforts. The king then appointed a new viceroy from among them, who set about restoring order and teaching everyone the ways of the king. Many people had gone astray and had come to believe all manner of strange things, but the viceroy explained the secrets behind the original plan, and why the king had disappeared for such a long time. The people then recognized the king and bowed down to him. They put away childish things, and peace and harmony returned to the kingdom. 

For those already familiar with the essential constructs, an explanation of the story is simple. The king is of course God and the first viceroy was Adam. God told Adam how to measure everything that could be measured. The kingdom is the world in which we live. It is mapped in all directions according to a unique pattern established by God and taught to Adam. We still use the same system today. What is this system and how does it correspond to the letters of God’s Name?

There are 360 equal portions in the circle of the earth referred to as degrees, like those on a compass. Anyone familiar with navigation of GPS coordinates knows that each degree of the earth’s circumference, polar or equatorial, is further subdivided into 60 smaller portions known as “arc minutes,” and these are in turn subdivided into 60 portions that are even smaller, called “arc seconds.” Any place on the planet (within its spherical 3 dimensions of space) can be expressed in terms of “so many degrees; so many minutes; and so many seconds” of latitude and longitude. 

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As we’ve seen before, the King’s Name is often hidden in the details (conversion of measurements) and as you might suspect, it is also hidden in this system. However, in this case, it includes a direct reference to the King’s timetable as well. When we calculate how many “arc seconds” there are in 360 degrees (360 degrees x 60 arc minutes x 60 arc seconds) the conversion results in 1,296,000 arc seconds (one million, two hundred ninety six thousand arc seconds). Any coordinate in “the kingdom” (planet earth) can be mapped accordingly. However, the King also provided a coordinate designated within the dimension of time for reasons that will become apparent. That coordinate was much like the one above where the king gave the viceroy and his descendants 600 years to complete the construction. In the real plan, God allowed 6 days for creation, but each day to the King is like 1,000 years as discussed in many commentaries. Thus, the 6 days of creation alludes to 6,000 years of human history. 

Divide the 1,296,000 arc seconds of ‘space’ that are used to locate any point on the earth’s surface (or the celestial equivalent for the stars under the rolling vault of heaven) by the 6,000 years of ‘time’ allotted to man for the purpose of creation, and you get the King’s Signature, the exact number of letters in His One Explicit Name (216 letters). 

The total number of arc seconds, 1,296,000, divided by the 6,000 years = 216. The King’s Name is indeed hidden within the layout of His kingdom, as is the designated time period for creation. It remains hidden in order that people may exercise free will. They can choose their destiny by moving toward the palace, or away from it. But either way, the King’s Name is embedded within the dynamics of the space-time continuum created for this purpose, to which all of the people are subject.

How did man come to forget this? God walked with Adam in the garden and taught him many things. He taught him the secrets behind the systems of measurements and how each in its own way reflected certain characteristics of His Name. Adam’s descendants preserved this knowledge. However, eventually, they too forgot. There was only one small line of descendants who remembered and worked to preserve it. These were the descendants of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov. The Jewish people established and maintain yeshivot (schools) to pass on a correct understanding of God, His Name, and the moral code that man was expected to obey. They are the only ones who know the 216 letters of His Name. They are the only ones who know the mysteries surrounding it. The Jewish people are the builders mentioned in the story above. And yes, belligerent people have risen up against them in every generation and will continue to do so until the King returns. And yes, many outsiders are engaged in all manner of strange worship, thinking that they know God, when in fact, they don’t even know His Name.

If you are new to this blog and have not yet read the essential constructs listed in the column to the right, please do so before proceeding. This is very important, as they explain some of the basic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional mathematic and geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen. The purpose of this blog is to show how they connect and to reveal where the Signature of the Architect is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post.

For those who wish to dive a little deeper into this particular rabbit hole, the systems of measurements that emanate from the primary system mentioned above,  are each an aspect of the roads leading to and from the palace. One can see from the diagram below how the degrees of a circle or sphere, for example, correspond to, and delineate these systems (some of these have already been discussed in previous posts). A circle coincidentally can be divided into 5 equal portions of 72 degrees. Any 3 portions (in degrees) alludes to the King’s Triad Name, along with the total number of letters.

By the same token, the circle can also be divided into 2 equal portions of 72 degrees so that 2 equal portions of 108 remain, like the 2 luchot with a matrix of 108 cubic handbreadths, or the 2 (north and south) walls of the tabernacle (house) that can be divided in exactly the same manner (72/108 opposite 72/108) (see also the post on Parashah VaYakhel). 

The King’s 'house' alludes to the kingdom wherein these measurements are found. When divided into the 5 equal portions of 72 degrees as previously mentioned, each segment corresponds to the 5 male and 5 female aspects of the universe (think of the 5 mathematic constructs in a cube, and their "duals" or opposites, as well as the 5 string theories in physics reconciled by dual resonance). In the case of the circle, these "5" opposite "5" equate to 36 degrees for each of the 72 degree segments (5 x 72 degrees equates to 10 x 36 degrees). Each 36 degree segment is either the male or female half of 72. When separated into their male and female halves, the “kingdom” has 5 segments on half the circle, opposite 5 segments on the other half. How do we validate (reveal) the King’s Name in this male-female representation of the system?  Calculate the tangent of each 36 degree line of division1 around the circle (using the 2 most significant integers) and the tangent will alternate from plus 3.0 and plus .72, to minus 3.0 and minus .72, alluding once again to the King’s Triad Havaya of 72 (consisting of 72 triplets) that defines all systems of measurement (we will model this in the paragraphs ahead).

The measure of 36 degrees (half of 72) is 1/10th of the circle. Divided in this manner it correlates with the Base-10 number system. The circular or spherical system of measurement described above can be expressed  as 6 "squared" (tens) of degrees x 6 (tens) of arc-minutes x 6 (tens) of arc-seconds, harmonically expanding into 10s, 100s, and 1000s. It's square or cubic form of course being 6 x 6 x 6 handbreadths. Both systems, square/cubic and circular/spherical, are a reflection and function of the 216 letters in God's Name. The expansions (10s,100s, 1000s) are a natural function of the Base-10 System where significant ratios (related to the Name) are often a matter of simply moving the decimal point.

The Measure of the Earth Defined by
the Sphere within the Cube of Creation
(combined cubic form of the luchot
(Three Dimensions)

Click to Enlarge

The Circle Defined by the Square of the Cube [of Creation]
(Two Dimensions) 

Click to Enlarge  

For purpose of clarification, the circle and the square are two-dimensional, while the cube and sphere are three-dimensional: 6 x 6 (two) or 6 x 6 x 6 (three) and 6 x 6 (as tens or 360 degrees). 

The 6 (tens) x 6 (tens) x 6 (tens) are like the 3 dimensions of the Kodesh Kodeshim (Holy of Holies) which was 216,000 cubic handbreadths. All are reflections (or a mathematic function of) the system of measurement originating within the sapphire cube that was 6 handbreadths x 6 handbreadths x 6 handbreadths (216 cubic handbreadths in the third dimension) times another 6 (that corresponds to the one dimension of time). The one is different from the other three because it is a reflection of the primary abbreviations of the Name (see the post on The Marriage of the Letters). 

The product of all four is 1,296 which is the integer root (times 1,000) of 1,296,000 arc seconds in the spherical form. Multiplied together, there are 4 dimensions of space-time in the observable universe, and here, again, one dimension (time) is different from the other three (space) because "the measure" is a reflection (function of)  the sapphire cube that is (again) defined by the letters of God's Name (3 x 72 x 4 dimensions equals 1,296). Everything is interconnected, but absent a knowledge of the letters in God's Name, not everyone has the ability to see the intricate nature of the connection.

The Carbon-12 mystery is closely related to this same system. There can be no life on earth without Carbon-12. It is the underlying basis of life. Carbon-12 is created by the bonding of Helium-4 and Beryllium-8, during what is called the tri-alpha process, wherein 3 alpha particles are fused together. The excitation energy during the process is 7.2 MeV (again with the 2 most significant integers) thus
3 particles and 7.2 electron-volts. So the Signature of the Architect or Seal of the King, is also found in the underlying basis of life, as well as time and space. And by the way, the Helium-4 and the Beryllium-8 are themselves a reflection of the Name or its primary abbreviated forms having a total of 8 letters that divide into 4 male and 4 female (the Tetragrammaton and the Havaya of Adnoot). Some of this is explained in the post on Ki Thetze.

The study of measurements or systems of measurement, by the way, is called metrology. However, the basis for the various systems was lost eons ago. There are those (even among other religions) who have noticed these unusual numbers, sets of numbers, and ratios, and can easily see that they are an integral part of the universe (we'll provide a prime example in a moment). They also rightly conclude that the pattern is evidence of intelligent design. However, since they are involved in “all manner of strange worship,” and not familiar with God’s Real Name, that is, the Name that gave rise to the universe (His Explicit Name) they invariably attribute the design to the name of their own particular (false) deity or idol. These childish things will eventually be put away, at the appropriate time, when God makes Himself known and confirms the identity of the builders and the nature of what was built and why.

That brings us to this week's parashah, Metzora wherein we again see the primary underlying pattern of the above system of measurements involving 5 mathematic constructs found in the sapphire cube, together with their 5 polar opposites (the male and female halves of those 36 degree segments). We see a reflection of this pattern in 5 things mentioned in this parashah that correspond to leprosy manifested within the physical body
(1 being mentioned in the last parashah). 

This is the law of the leprous mark (13:59)
This is the law of the Metzora (14:2)
This is the law of one who has the mark of leprosy (14:33)
This is the law for every leprous mark (14:54)
This is the law of leprosy (14:57)

There are however, 5 counterparts that are not mentioned. They pertain to a spiritual form of leprosy that cannot be seen in the physical body, but nevertheless manifest within the soul, as is known. The latter is much worse.

Psalms 34:13,14 says: "Who is the man who desires life, who loves days to see good? Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking maliciously." King Solomon said: "He who watches his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from grief" (Proverbs 21:23). The word for grief is tzaroth which is related to tzara'ath (leprosy). It could thus be rendered, "he who watches his mouth and tongue safeguards his soul from leprosy2". This is what afflicts those among the nations who are belligerent toward the builders and it is what causes them to engage in baseless hatred.

The mathematic signature in the mention of leprosy, is merely another reflection of God’s Name. It is not only hidden within the 5 equal segments of 72 degrees in a circle of 360, but in its male-female counterpart as  36 “male” and 36 “female” (degrees) as described above in terms of their tangents of plus or minus 3 and .72, that arise from the 5 opposite 5, alluding to the Triad Name of 72. It is also found in the specifications for the creation of a male-female universe found in the sapphire cube (later brought down by Moshe as the luchot) with it 5 internal constructs and their 5 opposites. Echoes of this reflection include, but are not limited to the 10 sephirot that are 5 opposite 5 (sefer yetzirah) along with hundreds of other relevant examples (many more are examined throughout this blog).

The Circle as a Function of the 216 letters
(108 + 72 opposite 108 + 72)

Click to Enlarge

Examine the 360 degrees pictured above. Each segment of this circle is divided in successive halves. The 360 is of course 180 +180 (like the north and south walls of the tabernacle in handbreadths ~ 180 opposite 180). Each 180 degrees further divides into 72 + 108 degrees. When each 72 degree segments is successively divided, it becomes 36 degrees (as previously noted) then 18 degrees (18 being the gematria of life) of which there are 20 segments (which is the number of beams in each of the two walls of the tabernacle) then 9 (which is the measure of each beam in handbreadths) and so on. 

The Tabernacle as a Function of the Circle
and the 216 Letters

(108 + 72 opposite 108 + 72)
(20 Beams ~ 9 Handbreadths)

All of these systems of measurement, their numbers, sets of numbers and ratios are reflections of the signature geometry associated with the Explicit Name. 


Footnote 1 - Enter 36 degrees into a scientific calculator (most smart phones have them as an app) and then hit the TAN or tangent button on the calculator (do this with each increment of 36 degrees around a circle: 72, 108, 144, 216, 252, 288, 324, 360). The result in terms of the 2 most significant integers (above zero) will be plus or minus 3.0 or .72 which reflect the nature and number of letters in the Explicit Name. This is an aspect of the mathematic system underlying the (intelligent) design of the universe by a real Creator, whose Name, though hidden, is nevertheless embedded throughout the system.

Footnote 2 - Me'am Loez Metzora 1

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Shemeni and Tazria

Parashah Shemeni will be combined with Tazria because the subject matter of the second is a continuation of the first and the two have a unique connection that reveals a parallel between the Explicit Name and the physics of string theory and what is called the E8 lattice.

In previous posts we have seen that the numbers, sets of numbers and corresponding ratios associated with this Name can be found in such things as: 

  • The geometry of the shnei luchot or tablets of the covenant;
  • The geometry of the magen david or star tetrahedron;
  • Various events that have occurred throughout biblical history;
  • The construction of the tabernacle and its furnishings;
  • The clothing of the priests or cohenim;
  • The movement of the stars;
  • Characteristics of relevant metals on the periodic table;
  • The latticework of certain relevant crystals; and 
  • Biblical and modern systems of measurement.

With respect to the systems of measurement, we noted in last week's post how the mathematic characteristics of the letters in God’s Name were the common denominator between these systems, and how more modern variants are still in use today among the nations. In some cases these measures were further refined for purpose of accuracy, like the minim which is a "measured drop" equivalent to 1/60th of a dram that is in turn 1/6th of an egg. In the vast majority of circumstances however, the mathematic Signature pertaining to the Name is essentially invisible. The origin of the systems and their significance has been lost to antiquity (assuming it was ever known at all). In each case, the Signature, or one of its many reflections, is hidden in numbers, sets of numbers and ratios between sets.

If what you have read above is new to you and this is your first visit to this blog, then before proceeding we need to mention that some of the information you are about to read requires a broader understanding of certain concepts. The reader is therefore strongly advised to read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These constructs reveal the basic connection between the letters of the Name and the multidimensional mathematic and geometric characteristics of the luchot (tablets of the covenant) both in their divided state and combined cubic form, along with an explanation of its internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen. The purpose of this blog is to show how they connect with one another, and to reveal where this signature geometry is hidden in each week’s parashah. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post.

In this post we will introduce some additional units of measure to further demonstrate that the early systems all revolved around the letters of God’s Name, and in the case of the mikva and its measure, it is attached to numbers and sets of numbers that we see in theoretical physics. Before we get into the details, it is worth mentioning that the first parashah we will discuss is named Shemeni, which refers to the eighth day and the sacrifices that would precede the moment in time when God would reveal Himself to the people.

While this 'revelation' may have started, or at least began to accelerate in this parashah, it is really an ongoing process that will not culminate until the entire world knows God's Name. How is that even possible? Our understanding of science is becoming more advanced everyday, and through these advances we continue to see how intricately connected the letters of this Name are to our reality in the physical universe. Just as He revealed Himself back then, to the people living at the time described in this parashah, He continues to reveal Himself to people today. Where or how does Shemeni enter this equation?

It happens that eight days have a connection to the two primary abbreviations of the Explicit Name, that have a total of 8 letters. These abbreviations can be seen (juxtaposed against one another) in the shiviti of most shules (synagogues) and they are referred to as the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key) and the Havayah of Adnoot (aleph-dalet-nun-yud). Each abbreviation has four letters. The two 'Names' together, have 8 letters that can be perceived in male~female form as 4 opposite 4. They combine to form the Havayah of Ehyeh (aleph-heh-yud-heh). See the post on "The Marriage of the Letters" for details.

These letters have a geometric connection to the combined cubic form of the luchot which has 4 corners opposite 4 corners (a total of 8 corners) and also the star tetrahedron or “royal seal” of the King, which has 4 points opposite 4 points (a total of 8 points). The star tetrahedron, or what we call the 'royal seal,' is an internal mathematic construct of the cube, or more specifically the combined cubic form of the luchot. This internal construct is three-dimensional but it casts a two-dimensional shadow known as a magen david. The relationship between these abbreviations, the luchot and the geometry of the royal seal is explained more fully in other posts such as Emor and Ki Thetze. Insofar as this post is concerned it is sufficient to know that there are 8 letters involved in the “marriage” of these 2 Names of 4 letters and this is why the eighth day has a unique place in the passage of time.

In Shemeni we are told “the waters of the mikva [always] remain clean,” and the subject of the parashah deals with purity and the mikva’s role in making clean what is unclean (in that sense). The Signature of the Architect is surely hidden somewhere within the measurements of the mikva, so let’s take a closer look at those measurements. In order to do so, we need to focus on several units of measure in particular. The first is the se’ah and the second is the egg. The volume of a mikva is 40 se’ah. How much is a se’ah

A se’ah is equal to 144 eggs (in Hebrew the word for egg is beytza). Since there are 40 se’ah in a mikva, the total volume of a mikva is 40 (se’ah) x 144 (eggs) or 5760 eggs. There are of course fractional proportions within an egg as well, like a half an egg, a third of an egg, or a sixth of an egg, which happen to be the same fractional proportions that are defined when a cube that is measured in terms of 6 handbreadths (6 x 6 x 6 ) is divided in half. The sapphire block under the throne (seen in Parashah Mishpatim) was divided in half and became the two tablets of the covenant, that were each 6 x 6 x 3 handbreadths. Each handbreadth is either a third or a sixth of any given side.

There are specific “terms” used by the Sages of Israel to describe these fractional proportions, and specifically as they apply to a beytza/egg. For example, Rabbeinu Yitzchak defines a “ke’zayit” (olive) as one half of an egg, and the RamBam defines a “grogeret” (dried fig) as one third of an egg. Rabbi Culi (Me'am Loez) describes a sixth of an egg as a dram. The actual volume or measure of these items, whether it is an olive, grogeret or a dram, does not necessarily have anything to do with the fractional proportion, although there is an approximate equivalency. Rather, the name of the item is assigned to the fractional proportion for practical purposes, like the application of halachic requirements.

Regardless of terminology, 5760 eggs is equivalent to 17,280 grogerets or third-of-an-egg units in the measure of a mikva. Having said that, and as interesting as the above numbers may be, we still have not ascertained whether God’s Name is hidden in the measure of the mikva. In order to test the theory that there is a connection, we would (as an example) need to determine whether the measure of the mikva in one or more units of measure (like the 17,280 grogerets mentioned above) had a relevant connection to the halachic requirements for its use (this would be one method). If the result in anyway corresponds with the nature of, or number of letters in the Name, or the geometry of the luchot or magen david, within the same context as a mikva, then we can safely say that the Signature of the Architect is the underlying basis of the measurement and its requirement. 

The most relevant numbers having to do with the context of purity (which is the subject of the text) happen to be those that immediately follow the mention of the mikva in Shemeni. Those requirements appear in Tazria, where the waiting period for a woman, who has just given birth, is specified. For a girl, the full waiting period is 80 days, and for a boy it is 40 days. If you divide the 17,280 grogerets in a mikva by 80, you get 216, which just happens to be the number of letters in God's Explicit Name. If you divide it by 40, you simply get twice that, or 2 times 216, which is 432 and the combined volumetric measure of both sets of luchot that were ultimately brought down by Moshe (the first set having been shattered). 

In addition to the above, the octaherdal core of the star tetrahedron (which is mathematically defined by the faces of the [foundation] stone or combined cubic form of the luchot) has 3 equal triangular corners and 1 triangular center (4 triangles) on each of its 8 faces, for a total of 5760 degrees in each of its angles (4 x 8 x 180 = 5760) degrees. Each face alone (4 triangles x 180 degrees) consists of 720 degrees, reflecting the signature geometry of the Explicit Name (the Triad Havayah of 72). The multiple of 10 (72 x 10 = 720) finds its origin in the 10 vectors of 5 dimensional space mentioned in sefer yetzirah 1:5. The 8 faces which geometrically correspond to the 8 letters of the two Names (the four letters of the Tetragrammaton and the 4 letters of Adnoot) have a total of 72 x 80 degrees (5760) but 40 of these come from the male half of the octahedron's surfaces. One can easily see the mathematic connection between the halacha for the waiting period mentioned above; the measure of the mikva involved in that halacha; the geometry of the octahedral core of the star tetrahedron at the heart of the foundation stone; and the nature of the E8 lattice (that we will examine in the paragraphs ahead) which is itself a more complete model of the physics behind the entire universe. Its a rather odd coincidence isn't it? Or maybe, just maybe, it's not a coincidence at all, but a reflection of a much larger reality that is dependent on the letters of God's Name.

Either way, the halachic requirements in combination with the geometry of the luchot and the mathematic characteristics of God’s Name,is equal to the measure of the mikva. Even its use, as it would pertain to the requirements for a boy or a girl, is dictated by the nature of those letters. The numbers are not arbitrary. There is a specific reason for the numbers involved in the requirements. They are crystal clear reflections of the letters in God's Name and the numbers and sets of numbers that ultimately define the cosmic blueprint or shnei luchot. God makes clean something that is unclean and His Signature is embedded throughout the 'specifications,' as seen in the above measures (in terms of both time and space) that are a required part of the process.

God is of course "the Master of the Universe" (a title given Him by Avraham). From the parashah we learn that when something in His universe is unclean, contact with it makes whatever touches it equally unclean (although again the words pure or impure might be more accurate). Either way, we immerse ourselves and we immerse objects such as when newly acquired utensils must be teveled

The halachic requirement ultimately boils down to a process involving the rectification of the soul, and the ensuing social stability it provides to the people of Israel. When the need for rectification arises, the mikva (immersion in water) provides a solution, but there could be more going on than might first appear. As an example, look at our requirement to rest on the seventh day. The concept has a larger role that we often miss. The land must rest every seventh year (the shmitah) and God Himself rests every seven thousand years. Does the concept of purity extend further as well? Is it possible that other things are 'made clean' in similar fashion? Perhaps a stellar process (involving the underlying physics of the universe) that ensures some sort of cosmic stability, but a process for which man is completely unaware? Is there another aspect to this? If so, what process might be involved, and where might it be found, in what set of numbers? In what context? At this point, we can only hazard a guess as to this aspect of a larger reality, but it could be much the same.

For those of you who took the red pill, the following may be of interest. If you've read the advanced construct's on String Theory and the Luchot, and also the E8 Lattice and the Explicit Name, then you may already know that the measure of the mikva is closely related to the E8 model. More specifically, it appears that certain aspects in the physics of string theory and also that of gravity, in quantum mechanics (which are both related to the stability of the universe) all have a connection to, or rely upon, the same numbers or measurements found in the mikva for their continued existence. In order to get a glimpse of this hidden connection, we need to understand that string theory, and specifically the heterotic string (a hybrid of the 26-dimensional bosonic and 10-dimensional superstrings) are an integral part of the universe that God created. OK. So what does this have to do with His Name and the mikva or the continued existence of the universe? This brings us to the E8 Lattice.

In mathematics, there is a lie algebra group known as “E8” that mathematically models a part of this relationship. As an example, you may remember that we started this post by referencing 2 primary abbreviations of God’s Explicit Name that each have
4 letters. When the 8 letters are married together they create a third (unified) abbreviation. The mathematics of the E8 lattice is an identical match. It can be constructed, for example, from binary code1 (a binary system has 2 elements) in this case with rank 4 and a length of 8. Remember those 2 Names of 4 letters that have a total of 8 letters? The binary code is generally represented by H(8,4) signifying the fact that it is a self-dual. The application results in the E8 lattice, but let's assume for the moment that this is just a coincidence.

The geometry of E8 has 2 primary symmetries that preserve the lattice2 much like the 2 abbreviations of the Name we mentioned earlier. It just happens that these symmetries  possess additional measurements that are identical to those of a mikva and the letters of the Triad Havaya of 72, or the Explicit Name. Before providing details, it might be worth mentioning (just to give you an idea of its complexity) that it took 18 mathematicians and computer scientists 4 years using a computer to crunch the numbers and fully model the group. The geometry is pictured below. 

The E8 Lattice

Where do we see the letters of God's Explicit Name and the requirements for the mikva in this complex system? Each point of the E8 lattice is surrounded by 2160 symmetrics known as ‘8-orthoplexes’ and 17,280 known as ‘8-simplices.’ Do those numbers sound familiar? They should. The total number of degrees in the angles of the evan shetiyah (foundation stone ~ original form of the luchot before division) adds to 2160. There are 216 letters in the Explicit Name, which defines the measure of the blueprint/luchot, which in turn defines everything else like the passage of time, as seen in the 2,160 years that it takes each constellation to pass through the procession of the equinoxes. The total period of time is 25,920 years (called a great year) which, as we saw in last week’s post, is equal to the number of “drops” in a “hin” and also the number of “halaqim” (parts) in a 24-hour day. Everything is connected, and when you connect the dots, it invariably boils down to some facet of the Name or the geometry of the luchot (tablets).

In this case, each measure, be it 216 or 10 x 216 (2160) or 10 x 12 x 216 (25,920) are all multiples that originate with the letters of the Name that “defines” the day, the great year, or the measure of the hin. Here we see the 216 letters “define” a fundamental aspect of physics. We even see its corresponding abbreviations (2 Names with 4 letters, having a total of 8 letters) further define these fundamental aspects of the model. Remember the 17,280 symmetrics in the form of the ‘8-simplices’ mentioned above?

The other primary group in E8 involving 8-simplices, consists of 17,280 symmetrics. The number of these symmetrics is 3 times the number of shallow holes surrounding the origin in the lattice. So the number of shallow holes is 5760. Both of those numbers should also sound familiar. Each is a key measurement of the mikva. The number of grogerets in a mikva, for example, is 17,280, and the measure of a mikva in eggs is 5760. That’s a strange coincidence isn’t it? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s not a coincidence. Maybe the physics of the universe really does revolve around the letters of God's Name!

Remember the 8 letters in the two abbreviations? We've been examining the E8 group with reflections in its geometry that result in multiple groups of 8 intersections. The sacrifice for the 8th day in Shemeni is about God's presence descending to the tabernacle (His dwelling place in the physical universe) and subsequently revealing Himself to the people. The specific mathematic and geometric characteristics of the letters in God's Name were hidden in the measurement of the tabernacle (see the post on VaYakhel). Just as the measurements of the tabernacle hide the characteristics of the letters in His Name, so too does the E8 lattice where the letters are also a function of its mathematic and geometric properties. The numbers that correspond to the multiple intersections of this lattice, that model certain aspects of the universe, are either multiples of its 216 letters, or sets of numbers and ratios that correspond to its abbreviations that we see so often throughout the Torah. Or, is this too a coincidence?

We know that the shnei luchot (or two halves of the cosmic blueprint of creation) are a reflection of His Name, as are the systems of measurements in the Torah and the mikva. Is it so hard to believe that the Architect, who created the strings of energy and the gravity that binds us to the surface of the earth, did not specify their measurements in the same terms? The characteristics we find in E8 are just another reflection of the specifications in the  blueprint wherein the measurements for the entire universe are found. At some point it becomes necessary to accept the fact that all of these relationships are a reflection of a larger reality, and that the larger reality really does center around the letters of God’s Name.

These letters and their proper pronunciation along with when, and under what circumstances they are permissible to pronounce, have been preserved by the Sages of Israel so that one day mankind would be able to recognize the work of his Creator, and accept, honor, and bless the One Name that rules the kingdom!

For more information on E8, God's Name and the physics of string theory, see the advanced construct entitled: The E8 Lattice and the Explicit Name


1 - The Hamming Code
Footnote 2 - The Weyl/Coxeter Group