Human DNA and God's Name

The Signature of the Architect can be found just beneath the surface of virtually everything, including but not limited to such things as quantum mechanics; particle physics; string theory; celestial dynamics; chemistry and even biology. The focus of this post is biology. We mentioned its connection to Carbon-12 in a previous post and so it will not be discussed here. 

One researcher, a Dr. Rubinstein, contends that he has found the gematria of the Tetragrammaton in human DNA. Other authorities have tried to verify the authenticity of the assertion and are not at all satisfied with the explanation. We will provide both claims, and you can make up your own mind. 

Dr. Rubinstein was a researcher who says he found a unique pattern that forms breaks in the amino acid sequence between the bridges. My explanation may be somewhat lacking, however he claims the first break is at an interval of 10, the second at 5, the third at 6 and the fourth at 5. The pattern then repeats itself all the way through the strand. Some may recognize these numbers. They happen to be the gematria of each letter in the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key) in sequence. The yud has a gematria of 10. The heh has a gematria of 5. The vav has a gematria of 6 and the final heh, of course, is another 5. If true, this would be highly significant.

Here is a link where Dr. Rubinstein explains:

Video 1 in Hebrew (Youtube)
Video 2 in Hebrew (Youtube)

A counter argument is presented here: Kofer

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For those who want some additional thoughts on the above: 
I read the Kofer article and it sounds like they may have a point. 
As a former reader of the "Skeptical Enquirer” I tend to be skeptical myself. However, I also know that skeptics are skeptical for the sake of being skeptical, not necessarily for the purpose of determining the truth. I remember when the Skeptical Enquirer first reported on the phenomena of Torah Codes. The article was fraught with errors and omissions before they finally arrived at the totally erroneous conclusion that it was nonsense. They didn’t even bother to assess the work of Drs' Rips and Witztum or the peer reviews. To their mind, and to the satisfaction of most of their readers, they had sufficiently debunked the assertions. Since I was fully familiar with their errors, and poor research, I lost interest in their publication. They just hadn’t done their homework. The Kofer article sounded every bit as authoritative as did the faulty one from Skeptical Enquirer on torah codes. And perhaps they are correct. However, there are reasons why Dr Rubinstein's assertions may still be correct.
Sometimes when we speak extemporaneously (as Rubenstein did in the video) we make mistakes and don’t always say what we mean to say, and one's memory as to specifics can also be deficient.One point of contention was that his findings were published in Nature Magazine in 1986, but what findings specifically was he referring too? Again, memroy from things long ago can become blurred.

To be fair, all we can say at this point, is that if the information is correct, and there is a sequence of 10,5,6,5, (no matter the choice of words of Rubinstein to describe it, or whether it was sulfur or something else) then the only question is whether it is a coincidence (unlikely from the standpoint of probability) or whether the Rubinstein was lying (unlikely because he appears to be a genuine individual). Or maybe he was mistaken altogether (unlikely because of his status and position).

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