A Word of Caution

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing and knowledge of God’s Name especially so. There are people in this world who bend, twist and distort things to fit their particular belief. The sin of blasphemy is all about desecrating God’s Name and it carries with it serious penalties.

Most actions have consequences. It may be that a consequence is related to sin, but not always. If you drop a hammer, for example, and it lands on your toe, there is no sin involved, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any consequences. You may end up with a broken toe despite good intentions.

God said “no man may see my face and live.” There’s nothing wrong with seeing God’s Face (assuming that one could). Its just that it has a consequence. Its like putting your hand into a flame and having it burned by the fire.

Aaron’s sons offered strange fire to HaShem. They had good intent. The Sages of Israel debated whether this was even a sin, but there were consequences nevertheless. Nadav and Avihu were burned with fire from the inside and died as a result.

As you read about God’s Name in this blog, and delve into the various constructs and explore each week’s post, please keep this in mind.

The Sages of Israel chose to keep their knowledge of God’s Name a secret lest people (who are often like innocent children) inadvertently desecrate His Name and damage themselves in the process.

We live in a prelude to messianic times.  It is a period in which these things will be increasingly made known. There is a great blessing in this. Just keep in mind that knowledge of these things carries with it great responsibility.

In Shemoth 20:7 (parashah Yitro) it says: "You shall NOT take the Name of HaShem your God in vain for HaShem will not absolve anyone who 'takes' His Name in vain." This warning is sandwiched between BeShalach (where the 216 letters of the Name actually appear) and Mishpatim where the Torah is given (with these letters). The exact same warning with the exact same words is repeated in Devarim 5:11: "You shall NOT take the Name of HaShem your God in vain for HaShem will not absolve anyone who 'takes' His Name in vain." The warning is given as a set of "twins" for reasons that will become apparent as you proceed through the various posts in this blog.

In addition to the above, it is said that: The great, glorious, fearsome name,YHVH [as the soul of all 216] is a name that includes all the other divine names that are mentioned in the Torah. There is no divine name that is not included in the name YHVH. Realizing this, you must be aware how careful you must be when you pronounce [even its] letters. When you pronounce them, you take on your lips all the holy names upon which depend the universe and everything in it. When you realize this, you will understand the mystery of the third Commandment "you shall not take the name of YHVH your God in vain” (Exodus 20:7)…. You must realize that when you pronounce the name, sounding out its letters with the motions of [the] tongue, [you] agitate all universes, both above and below. All the angels rise up and ask each other, "why is the universe trembling?" And the answer, "because some wicked person is pronouncing the Explicit Name, sounding out its letters with his lips. As a result of these vibrations, every Name and appellation that depends on it, reverberate, and Heaven and earth tremble." Then they say, "and who is this wicked person who makes the universe tremble, pronouncing the Great Name without reason? He is this wicked person, who did these sins on this day, and those misdeeds another day." As a result, all of his individual's sins are recalled. When you shake the trunk of the tree, you cause all of its branches and leaves to tremble. Likewise, when a person pronounces the letters of YHVH, all the host on high and below tremble, since they all depend on it. The only place where this was not true was in the Holy Temple. When the high priest would pronounce this Name in the Temple, all the host of heaven would rejoice and would receive the divine influx. For in doing this, the high priest would rectify all the supernal channels, and blessing would be brought to everything in the universe (Kaplan Meditation & Kabbalah on Shaarey Orah 46b quoting Shaarey Kedusha). 
In the meantime, if you use information gained from this blog and distort it for purpose of avodah zara (strange worship) there could be severe consequences. Those who pursue such knowledge for the wrong reasons are asking for trouble. Using it for personal benefit or for purpose of promoting a particular belief, especially if it is errant or idolatrous, is dangerous. Anyone who would use it for the sole purpose of elevating their status amongst peers is headed in the wrong direction. All of these things are an improper use of God’s Name. It would constitute the "taking/use" of God's Name (in vain) mentioned in the above verses. It should not be seen as a 'tool' to use for the acquisition of fame or status, nor should it be used to personally enrich oneself at the expense of others. 

On the other hand if you sincerely wish to come closer to God; to more fully appreciate Torah; to understand lofty subject matter, to do what is acceptable in His sight, and conversely learn what is not acceptable; then there is great reward in knowing God’s Name. Other motives may have unintended consequences.

It is however, perfectly acceptable to teach and derive one's sustenance from teaching and you should support your Torah teacher. We must continue to learn throughout our lives and those dedicated to the task do need your help.

Please also be aware that the significance of any given connection (shown in this blog) rises above any single theology or belief. It is relevant and applicable to everyone, but especially to those whose lineage it pertains (speaking of the Jewish people). It is the Jewish people, their lives, their history and their observance of Torah in particular who give witness to this truth. Moreover, no single connection should be relied upon to prove anything. The sum total of the mathematic and geometric connections to the letters of God's Name that are examined in this blog are statistically significant (using standard methods of assessment) and when taken as a whole they adequately demonstrate the premise that everything in the physical universe has a connection to God’s Explicit Name.

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