The Primordial Torah

This explanation of "the primordial torah" is designed to give you an idea of the extent to which God's Name "rules" over everything, and specifically how its letters give rise to the physical universe and even the history of mankind. 

What you are about to read is extremely profound, and highly significant. The substance was taken from numerous other posts but condensed here, in order to paint a clear picture of reality for the uninitiated. The premise is that this reality is little more than a metaphor for the letters of the Name and we will endeavor to demonstrate the premise mathematically and geometrically as we proceed. In the paragraphs ahead, we will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the 216 letters of that Name, that we see in "the measure" of the cosmic blueprint (luchot) in turn define the measure for everything else in the universe as well, including, but not limited to such things as the size and celestial relationships between the earth, the sun, the moon; and their movement in relation to all the other stars; the biological structure of every living thing; the underlying basis for the history of mankind and especially certain critical moments in time.

If you've read the preceding constructs listed in the column to the right, then you know that the 216 letters appear in the written Torah as a contiguous one-dimensional string of letters divided into their respective groups of 3 (times the) 72 letters in each group, and that these letters are then permuted into 72 triplets, where they can be perceived two-dimensionally. You also know these letters find their geometric reflection in the measure of the luchot, that together are 6 x 12 (72) x 3 cubic handbreadths (shown below) where they can be perceived three-dimensionally. They can be perceived in even higher dimensions (up to ten) but that is beyond the scope of this post.

The combined cubic form of the luchot, or cosmic blueprint, is the primordial torah that God "looked into" before beginning His creation of the world. This "cube of creation" was later divided and brought down by Moshe, where the ratio of its measurements changed. The ratio below appears as a divided brick with a volumetric measure of 108 cubic handbreadths in each half, for reasons that will become apparent as we proceed. 

The Shnei Luchot or Two Tablets of the Covenant 
(Click to Enlarge)

Dimensions of each tablet: 6 x 6 x 3 plus another 6 x 6 x 3
(according to Jewish sources)

Two tablets together equal 6 x 12 or 72 x 3 handbreadths
(simple math)

Volume: 108 plus 108 equals 216 cubic handbreadths
(simple math) 

The “measure" of the luchot that you see above is a reflection of the letters in God’s Name. It’s volumetric measure of 216 cubic handbreadths is the same after the division as it is before division. However, after the division we ‘perceive’ these letters in the measure of the 108 cubic handbreadths of one tablet, opposite the 108 cubic handbreadths of the other. The first set of luchot were shattered while a second set remained intact. The total volumetric measure of both sets was 2 x 216, or 432 cubic handbreadths. You will see in a moment how the universe literally conforms to this specification and very specific examples will follow. In the meantime, the two sets are graphically depicted below to help the reader see with their own eyes, the numbers and sets of numbers corresponding to their volumetric measure.

Graphic Representation of the Ratio and Volume
for Both Sets of Luchot
(Click to Enlarge)

108 + 108 and 108 + 108
216 and 216
(cubic handbreadths)

The universe conforms to these specifications “embedded” in the characteristics of the primordial torah. As an example, consider the measure of the earth. The equatorial circumference of the earth is 21,600, or 216 (hundreds) of nautical miles. Each nautical mile equals one arc-minute of latitude and there are 360 degrees times 60 arc-minutes in the circle of the earth, or 21,600 arc-minutes, and thus 21,600 nautical miles. The measure of the equatorial circumference is a function of the letters because its very existence is dictated by letters of its Creator's Name and measured according to the dynamics of the luchot.

The volume of the earth is no less a function of those letters and the blueprint for its creation. It is equal to 1.08 x 10 to the 12th power (in cubic miles) which is the same as 108 x 10 to the 10th power. Aside from the earth's volume being a function of 108, the expansion of that “measure" is coincidentally 10 to the 10th power. This should not go unnoticed as '10' is a primary function of the blueprint that geometrically consists of 5 "dual" mathematic constructs in the form of 5 opposite 5. An explanation of the primordial torah at this level, is beyond the scope of this particular post, but it can be found elsewhere in the blog. We will say only that the 5 string theories reconciled by 'dual' resonance, are a reflection of these parameters. Since this is also dealt with elsewhere in the blog, and also the post on "string theory and the luchot," we will turn our attention back to more basic matters, like the celestial specifications we've been examining.

The equatorial radius of the sun is 432,000 miles. That’s 2 x 216 (thousand) miles like both sets of the luchot with a volumetric measure of 2 x 216 cubic handbreadths. One measure is merely an expansion of the ratio between the cubit of creation and the imperial equivalent.

Thus far, the calculations you’ve seen are either exact, or accurate to within approximately .001% (one thousandth of a percent). Some readers might be inclined to think that this is just a coincidence, so let’s examine the depth of the connection between the luchot and the measure (and movement) of celestial objects.

The equatorial radius of the moon is 1,080 (108 “tens") of miles. This is accurate to within .0001% (one ten thousandth of one percent). The radius is of course half the diameter, so the other half of the diameter (the 'opposing' radius) is also 108 “tens" of miles, which means the diameter of the moon is 216 “tens” of miles. Sound familiar? Keep in mind that the gematria of the Hebrew word for “half,” equals 108 (Hebrew being the Holy language for reasons which should now be more obvious). The equatorial circumference of the moon also just happens to be 10,800 or 108 (hundreds) of kilometers in circumference4 (we'll explain the convergence between various systems of measurement in a moment). Incredibly enough, the volume of the moon is 2.16 x 10 to the 10th power5 in cubic kilometers (the last two figures on the circumference and the volume are accurate to within 0.01% but when you use the lunar sphere as the basis for calculation, and factor the mountain tops and high plains in or out, depending on context, you may as well say they are 100% accurate).

Meanwhile, the next time you do kiddush levanah, you may want to recall the significance of these measurements as they apply to the shnei luchot and to God's Name. When you do, keep in mind that they apply to much more than just this one aspect of creation, for example, what's the equatorial radius of the sun? It also 'conforms' to the specification in the luchot, as its equatorial radius is 108 times that of the earth6. All of these measurements are reflections of the specifications within the cube of creation (luchot). The raw data is readily available and can be easily verified by anyone with an internet connection and a calculator. If you feel your reality slipping away, don't worry, you will be able to pick up the shattered pieces as we proceed1.

In the meantime, with regard to the convergence we mentioned above, you may have noted that many of these metronic2 relationships involve several different units of measure. However, all converge in the measurements of the luchot. We see this in circular measurements (degrees) as well as metric and imperial units of measure, and many of these aspects of convergence are examined in other posts. The important thing to take away from this post is that the ratios between these different systems are found within the combined cubic form of the luchot because it is the luchot that defines each system. A prime example of this convergence is found in the ratio between the volume of a sphere and the cube that surrounds it. The surfaces of a cube (any cube) “define” a perfect sphere within that cube. The volume of that sphere is always .5236 of the cube that surrounds it (well known in mathematics). The measure of the combined cubic form of the luchot is one cubit-cubed (6 x 6 x 6 handbreadths or 216 cubic handbreadths) but what is not so commonly known is that a cubit also happens to be .5236 of a meter (which is an entirely different unit of measure in the metric system). In other words the ratio between the volume of a sphere and the cube that surrounds it, defines the metric system when the cube is "the cubit-cubed," or what we might otherwise call the combined cubic form of the luchot. It is literally the common denominator between all systems of measurement and we go into this in more detail throughout the blog. The post on "the story of the cubit-cubed" provides detailed information on the imperial system of measurement, where royal "hands," 'feet' 'yards' and 'fathoms' are defined in the geometry of the luchot. In the meantime, we have just begun to reveal the connection between the primordial torah and the universe that was created by it’s “measure,” and so we will continue with this particular ratio.

The distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. The accepted data suggests that the distance is actually closer to 109 times the diameter. However, if you look closely at the numbers you will find that while the distance between the 'axial center' of the earth and the 'axial center' of the moon is in fact 109 times the moon's diameter, when you minus-out the radius, of both the earth and the moon, then the distance from surface to surface is almost exactly 108, and when you factor-in the mountain tops, again, you may as well say that it is precisely 108 times the diameter of the moon.
That brings us to the distance of the earth to the sun, which happens to be 108 times the diameter of the sun. The accuracy varies by as much as a half of a percent only because the surface of the sun is not constant.

The volume of the sun is very close to 1,296,000 times that of the earth. However it can vary as much as .003% depending upon the sun’s activity at any point in time (often rounded to 1,300,000). Keep in mind that the measure of the earth (in arc-seconds) is also 1,296,000. The two primary factors in this measurement of 1,296,000 (cubic miles or arc-seconds) are 216 and 6,000 (216 x 6,000 = 1,296,000) where the number 216 is a function of the letters in God’s Name that define 'space' (in the volumetric measure of the luchot) and the number 6,000 that defines 'time' (a function of the 'cosmic clock') and specifically 'the time' that has been allotted to mankind for the purpose of creation. These numbers are well know. However, what is not so well known is that they are a reflection of the point where time and space converge in the geometry and the measure of the luchot, which defines the cosmic scheme of things. All of this should be carefully contemplated because it is the Signature of the Architect Who designed each and every aspect of the system.

Continuing with the above numbers, we can extrapolate an approximate volume for the sun: 216 x 108 x 6 (the number 6 is the measure for each dimension of the cube of creation that can also be expressed as 6-cubed) x 10-cubed x 10 to the 10th power (in cubic miles). In concert with these measurements, it was reported in the August 18, 1935 edition of the New York Herald Tribune, that Nikola Tesla had "finally ascertained within a reasonable degree of certitude, [and to his] amazement, the sun was at a constant positive potential of about 216,000,000,000 volts.

The diameter of the earth's ellipse (orbit) around the sun is roughly 299,200,000 kilometers which makes it 216 times the diameter of the sun which is approximately 1,400,000 kilometers (accurate to within 0.01%).

It also happens that the speed of primordial light (as it was before creation) was equal to 216 + 216, or 432 squared, in miles per second (the mile and the second being two of the measurements defined in the internal ratios of the cubit-cubed). The accepted speed of light through a false vacuum (like the vacuum of space) slows it down to 186,282 miles per second. This is a mere fraction-of-a- fraction slower (less that .001% percent slower) than that specified by the measured geometry of the foundation stone (luchot) as the absolute speed of light. The reason is more fully explained in the post on the speed of light, which is the next essential construct. 

A few of the numbers mentioned earlier, in the celestial relationships of the sun, moon and stars, have been known since ancient times, and in some religious belief systems, the numbers themselves are considered sacred, although no source exists to explain why, or in what way they are actually sacred, or so incredibly significant. This blog is singularly unique in that (at the time of this writing) it is the only source that explains their connection to the letters of God's Name and the measure of the shnei luchot. That is because knowledge of God's One Unique Explicit Name is so extremely rare, which brings us (also) to the 12-letters, a primal subset of that Name (generally referred to as the "12-letter Explicit Name) that we see reflected mathematically in the stars above. 

This reflection takes form in the movement of the 12 constellations through the rolling vault of heaven that completes one full circuit every 25,920 years. Each constellation is allotted 2,160 years (216 “tens” of years) to complete it’s portion. This is why the Sages of Israel measured the passage of an hour in terms of 1,080 halaqim/parts (108 “tens” of parts) per hour, with 12 times 1,080 parts for the day and 12 times 1,080 parts for the night. The total number of halaqim/parts in 24 hours equals 25,920 parts per day which is a localized reflection of the 25,920 years in the precession of the equinoxes. This allowed them to track, calculate, and measure the cosmic clock with a degree of accuracy that could not be rivaled until this century with the advent of sophisticated telescopes and computers. Are you starting to see the light?

The “beginning of wisdom” requires an understanding of these things. We’ve discussed some of them in this post. You will find many more throughout the pages of this blog. In the meantime, contemplate the bottom line. Despite what so many modern academics would have you believe, the intelligent design of the kingdom is an unmistakable reflection of a larger reality. It is a direct reflection of the mathematic and geometric characteristics of the shnei luchot, which are a direct reflection of the letters in the Name. Our great Sages knew this. 

The following appears in Section I of "The Book of Lineage," by Rabbi Avraham Zacuto (1452-1515) (Talmudic scholar, philosopher, scientist, historian, astronomer and astrologer, the Great Royal Astronomer at the Court of the Kings of Spain and Portugal, Inventor of the Copper Astrolabe and the Zacuto Tables (Perpetual Almanac of the Heavenly Bodies); Advisor to Columbus and Vasco da Gama) regarding the Tannaic Sage Rabbi Ellazar cHisma (circa 100 CE), who was a great astronomer and mathematician and knew geometry. Rabbi Ellazar cHisma states in the Mishnah in Avot 3:18 – “Celestial mechanics and geometrics are embellishments of wisdom.” Rabbi Avraham Zacuto then gives an explanation of the word, “Gematria” (as Rabbi Ellazar cHisma was well versed in it) which is pertinent since it is often the focus of this blog: “gematria is a Greek word, [formed by the contraction of 2 words:] matria [=metria] is ‘measurement’ and Ge[a] is ‘Earth’ [(as in Gaia = ‘Mother Earth’)]. Thus [‘gematria’] means “the measurements of the Earth” because using it they knew how to calculate the celestial measurements.”3

A study of the cosmic blueprint
and its internal dynamics reveals that it is in fact the origin of the 'design' behind the physical universe (and that which God looked into before 'creating' the universe). We will now take a brief look at its internal characteristics and how they too constitute 'specifications' for that creation. The number of angles in this 'measured' cube for example, adds up to 2,160 degrees (24 x 90 = 2,160). This is "the specification" used by the Creator to determine the 'time' allotted to each constellation for its passing in the precession of the equinoxes mentioned previously. The tetrahedron within the cube (which is one of its five internal mathematic constructs that gives rise to the five unique regular polyhedrons more commonly referred to as the platonic solids) has four triangular sides with a total of 720 degrees. When married to its polar opposite (another tetrahedron facing the other direction) its total number of degrees is 4,320 ((216 + 216) x 10) like certain solar measurements and the speed of light mentioned previously (
(216 + 216) squared) or approximately 186,000 miles per second. The marriage also 'creates' an octahedron at the center of the 'star tetrahedron' and the total number of degrees in its 8 triangular faces is 1440 (720 + 720) which is also the total number of years that the pre-flood kings reigned (from Adam to Noah) that will be more fully examined in a moment. The two-dimensional equivalent of the star tetrahedron is the magen david, and the total number of degrees in its triangular faces is 1,080 (half of 216 x 10) which is like the reign of Seth (the son of Adam) who reigned for 10,800 days (1,080 x10) (3 saros in pre-flood time). Moreover, its internal hexagonal face also has a total of 720 degrees. One might consider these numbers as normal facets of cubic 'geometry,' and that is true to the extent that they are 'facets' of the geometry. However, to consider them merely facets of geometry is to miss the point, because the same numbers are not only embedded throughout the various properties of the physical universe (as shown in the celestial dynamics mentioned above) but even time itself (on which we will elaborate more fully, in a moment) where historical events occur 'on schedule,' directed by the Hand of God according to the letters of His Name. Indeed, the specifications of the cosmic blueprint also define the history of mankind. We will provide a few examples in the paragraphs ahead, however there are many more that are equally remarkable, examined in other pages throughout this blog. We will emphasize a few below to give you a glimpse of this particular facet of the creation process.

Consider for example that the “twins” Yaacov and Esav were born in the 108th year of the third millennium. Yaacov was the quintessential “righteous man,” while his brother was the proverbial “evil twin.” The brothers actually existed. They are not merely fictitious characters in a story, yet they are the archetype for good and evil, a paradigm that is characterized by the two halves of the luchot (108 opposite 108) which defines the nature of opposites. In other words, Yaacov (good) was born in the 108th year of the third millennium, and Esav (evil) was born in the 108th year of the third millennium. They are both reflections of a larger reality, the luchot, which is itself a reflection of an even larger reality, the letters of God's Name. Yaacov and Esav were twins, but they were also the gilgul of their predecessors, another set of twins by the name of Kain and Hevel (Cain and Abel). We do not have a source for the date of their birth. However, it can be calculated (as we’ve done in our post on Bereishit and Noach) to be the 108th year of the first millennium. So just as Yaacov and Esav were a reflection of the letters in God’s Name, so too were Kain and Hevel. Kain (the embodiment of all that was evil in man) was born in the 108th year of the first millennium, and Hevel (the embodiment of all that was good in man) was born in the 108th year of the first millennium. The reflection of a larger reality however, is not limited to just these dates.

According to the Masoretic text, the flood occurred in the year 1656 from creation. If you add up the total number of years that the pre-flood “kings” reigned using the most accurate historical list available, you’ll find that from the beginning of Adam’s appointment as the shepherd of mankind, until the end of Noah’s “reign” at the time of the flood, a total of 1,440 years passed: 1656 - 1440 = 216 (briefly mentioned above in some of the internal measurements of the luchot). In other words, 216 years elapsed from creation, until Adam received the sceptre (signifying this appointment). Along with that sceptre he received a certain mantle, both of which were passed down to subsequent “kings” (from the shepherd kings of the line of Seth to David Hamelek, the shepherd son of Ishai). As it turns out, the mantle was “made for," appointed, or otherwise given to Yoseph in the 216th year of the third millennium, just as it had been given to Adam in the 216th year of the first millennium. These dates are hard to ignore as they continue to reflect the specifications of the luchot measured by the letters of God’s Name.

We said in the very first paragraphs of this page, that the specifications of the luchot and the letters that give rise to those specifications, could also be found in biology. We see these 3 x 72 or 216 letters in what is known as the mystery of life, or Carbon-12 mystery, as it is called. Carbon-12 is the basis of all life. Were it not for Carbon-12, none of us would exist. It is formed during what is called a "tri-alpha process" (sometimes called triple-alpha) so-named because it involves 3 alpha particles. When Helium-4 fuses with Beryllium-8 (both at rest) they form the Carbon-12 nucleus with an excitation energy equal to 7.28 MeV (a function of Hoyle’s calculations where the short lived state is slightly more). The tri-alpha (3) and the 7.2 should look familiar. They emerge from the geometry of the Explicit Name that we see in both the written Torah and the mathematic properties of the luchot; and also the properties of sapphire, the very substance of the luchot. All are reflections of the Explicit Name or Triad Havaya of 72.

That is why we see halachic requirements for various sacrifices of 3 tenth's of an ephah (for bulls) where a tenth of an ephah equals 7.2 lugim. The same requirement is also found in the combined sacrifices of rams and sheep where one requires 2 tenths of an ephah and the other 1 tenth of an ephah, the total being 3 tenth's, where a tenth is again 7.2 lugim, the two reflections being one in the same. The halachic requirement and the formation of Carbon-12 have something in common, specifically the numbers, sets of numbers, and ratios, that characterize the letters of God's Name. The measure for the sacrifices that require the "taking of life" stand opposite 'the measure' of the chemical and biological process that are involved in the "giving of life," that are found in the Carbon-12 mystery. There is always balance between the two halves of a male~female universe, and that balance is in effect 'stabilized' by the mitzvot performed by Israel.  Needless to say, the Carbon-12 mystery was unknown to mankind when the Torah (with these requirements) was given. Carbon-12, by the way, has an atomic structure consisting of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. This structure reflects the dimensions of the luchot, that in combined cubic form are 6 x 6 x 6 handbreadths. There is much more to the biological process of creation than we can explain on this page, but you will find details in various posts throughout this blog. Much of the world believes that these requirements were done away with, but they were not. The sacrifices literally allow for life to continue, but are currently fulfilled by the prayers of Israel (absent the Temple) and were it not for this, life in the universe would simply cease to exist. We would only add, at this point, that there will come a time when sacrifice will be reduced to just "thanksgiving offerings" (presumably when the letters of God's Name have been recognized by all nations) and where this knowledge of God is a function of messianic consciousness.

If you take the time to contemplate what you have just read, you will understand how interconnected everything is in the universe. The Jewish people are at the center of this connection and the only nation that knows God's Name, how to pronounce its letters, and when, and under what circumstances it is permissible to do so.

Hopefully, this page has helped to open your eyes and put things in proper perspective. It is my hope that the nations will recognize and accept HaShem (the Name) and seek out a competent teacher to guide them in the ways of righteousness as given in the Torah (more specifically the Seven Laws of Noach). You can help to accomplish these goals by promoting this blog among friends and posting it on social media sites. 

This completes our post on the primordial torah. If this is your first visit to the blog, you should go back to the "Introduction" and read the essential constructs in their proper order.If you have already read these constructs, then you may proceed to the next, which pertains to: The Speed of Light.


Footnote 1 - a reference to the restoration of the first set of luchot and the crushing of the head of the nachash in the tikkun (rectification) of the soul.

Footnote 2 - The word "MeTRology" by the way, is related to the word MeTRon (a measure) and MeTRic, which is one system of measurement. However, both words are related to the name of the angel MeTaTRon, who judges (measures) while serving the Holy One Blessed be He.

Footnote 3 - Thank you Uri 

Footnote 4 - The officially accepted circumference is 10,921 kilometers. However, this calculation is based on a circular measurement that includes mountaintops and high plains which are not really part of its actual mass or lunar sphere. Even so, it is nevertheless to within .01% of the true circumference.

Footnote 5 - The officially accepted volume is 2.19 times 10 to the 10th power cubic kilometers, but the calculation is based on the officially accepted circumference above rather than the lunar sphere itself. When this figure is adjusted for the correct circumference, it drops to almost exactly 2.16 times 10 to the 10th power cubic kilometers. Either way, the volume is accurate to within 0.01 percent.

Footnote 6 - The officially accepted ratio is 109 times the mean radius of the earth, with the maximum radius closer to 108, but either way accurate to between .01% and .1%

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