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The process of tikkun olam seems to be built into the mathematic and geometric structure of the luchot! The word tikkun means “rectification,” and the word olam refers to “the world” that God has (and is) creating. The phrase tikkun olam refers to the process by which God repairs that world. It's an ongoing process that shows up in the cyclic pattern of key events and the unique characteristics of those events. Not only does it have a mathematic fingerprint, but that same fingerprint appears throughout biblical history, and even the later history of Israel.

We will examine the process and the mathematic pattern in a moment. In the meantime, if you are new to this blog, please read each of the essential constructs listed in the column to the right before proceeding. These pages reveal some of the basic mathematic connections between the letters of God's Explicit Name and the multidimensional geometric characteristics of the luchot, both in the divided state and combined cubic form, along with the internal geometry that casts a shadow known as a magen david. There is a special connection between the Name, the luchot and the geometry of the magen, and together they form a unique signature. We refer to this geometry and its mathematic common denominator as the Signature of the Architect. The purpose of this blog is to show how all of these things connect, and to reveal where this 'Signature' is hidden, not only in each week’s parashah, but the physics of time and space, quantum mechanics and celestial dynamics to name a few. Once you are familiar with these constructs you can more fully appreciate each post. This week’s parashah provides another example of this geometry and we’ll use it to demonstrate the premise as it pertains to tikkun olam.

In Sh’lach we are introduced to the 10 'scouts' that sway the minds of the people and the events leading to the 40 years in the wilderness. The subtle relationship between the actions of these scouts; the people who listened to them; and the ultimate demise of those involved, is a textbook example of this process of tikkun and its mathematic and geometric properties that are hidden in the luchot.

These 'numbers' are an integral part of the sapphire stone that was 'divided' into male~female halves, and then 'brought down'. In sefer yetzirah (1:1) we read that when God "...created His universe [He did so] ...with three books [SePhaRim] ...with text [SePheR] ...with number [SePhaR] …and with story (communication) [SiPpuR] all alluding to the SapPhiRe cube [of creation](luchot). You may remember from the post on the nature of sapphire, that its measure of clarity (the ratio between its wavelength and index of refraction) is 72. The nature of tikkun is mathematically defined by the most basic geometric properties of this sapphire cube, its measure being limited as-it-were by the 216 (three x 72) letters of the Name. You will see these properties at work in a moment.

We'll start by focusing on the characteristics of the five internal mathematic constructs that are a function of the geometry. The math is a bit steep, however it helps to understand that each of these constructs and their characteristics, essentially define the edges, faces and vertices of five regular convex polyhedrons more commonly known as the platonic solids. Each of these constructs has a polar opposite (each being a "self dual"). We modeled these in the post on string theory and the luchot to show how the cube [of creation] defined the underlying physics of the universe. In this post we will show how the same constructs form the underlying basis for tikkun olam.  

Simply stated, the 5 internal mathematic constructs and their 5 polar opposites can be thought of as 5 opposite 5 for purpose of identifying a certain pattern that repeats itself, not only in Torah, but physics and other areas of science as well. We should point out that all cubes have this mathematic characteristic. However the cube we are referring to is the "cubit-cubed," and the measure of all that was (and is to be). It is the primal form of the shnei luchot with an intrinsic nature defined by 216 elements in the form of a very specific measure (6 x 6 x 6 = 216 cubic hand-breadths). These hand-breadths are in turn a reflection of a larger reality defined by the 216 letters of God's Explicit Name. It is the constructs within a cube so defined, that give rise to the physical universe and its various hidden aspects. 

We’ll begin our examination with a brief description of how this cubic geometry finds its way into actual historic events (the process is elaborated upon by the Sages of Israel and you will likely recognize it in a moment) after which, we'll show how it pertains to this parashah. 

The geometry (of the events) will be presented as a mathematic poem focusing on a repeating pattern of 10 things that are either 5 opposite 5, or 10 things that are not. Contemplate carefully what you read below.

In a small corner of the universe where time as we know it does not exist...

10 “spheres” descend...
The spheres are in a single column one after the other (neither male, nor female)
In this form they are unable to hold the light of the Ein Sof...
Unable to fulfill their purpose...
The 10 spheres shatter...

A reflection of this “event” appears in the physical universe where time does exist...

10 pre-flood ‘kings’ arise, Adam through Noah...
The 10 reign consecutively, one after the other, but...
Despite their own personal perfection...
They are unable to transmit that light (knowledge of God) to the people...
The people degenerate...
The lives of the 10 kings (and their entire world) comes to an end in a flood...

Tikkun begins...

                       The 10 spheres are brought back...
                       This time the spheres are 5 opposite 5 (sefer yetzirah)
                       In this male-female form, they are able to transmit the light...

                       The letters of creation are now visible...
                       5 of these letters have 2 different forms (normal or sofit)
                       They are 5 of one type, opposite 5 of another (5 opposite 5)
                       a mirror image of the spheres...
                       that in turn mirror the pattern established by the blueprint...
                       5 constructs that are male and 5 that are female...
                       The letters of the 10 sayings of creation incorporate these constructs...
                       So when it comes time for God to destroy what He created (mabul/flood)...
                       He does so in like manner...

                       These 'letters' describe the waters...
                       that rise for 5 months and then recede for 5 months... 
                       In that corner of the universe where time moves forward...

                           10 more kings arise after the flood (Shem through Avraham)

                                  Shem (son of Noach)
                                                                          Terach and

                           These 10 kings are different...
                               some establish schools...
                                  to disseminate knowledge/light to the people....

                           The 1st set of 5 kings reign ‘before
                                     ...the separation of the continents.

                           The 2nd set of 5 kings reign ‘after
                                     ...the separation of the continents

                           The kings thus reflect the specifications of the blueprint

                                     ...and reign 5 opposite 5 (quite literally)
                               the nature of the spheres
                                           ...that were 5 opposite 5

                                     the nature of the letters
                                                 ...with 5 forms opposite 5 forms

                                                    ...and the nature of the luchot
                                                       ...with the 5 constructs and 5 opposites before them
                                                           ...that defined the specification in the first place

                           During the reign of this second set of 10 kings...
                                                            ...light finally begins to enter the world because...

                          The last of these kings is Avraham...

                          So naturally 10 trials are brought to test Avraham (as known)
                                ...He remains faithful (in all
                                    ...and continues to transmit his knowledge of God

                               all those willing to listen
                                             ...entertaining strangers in his tent for that very purpose!

Time moves forward...

Avraham’s descendant’s are not steadfast
    ...and so they go down to Egypt where they
       ...are subjected to fire for purpose of refinement
  the appropriate time the fire will be extinguished
               ...and the more refined souls will be removed from the furnace.

                      The catalyst for this (further) rectification

                           ...must now be entered into the equation.

                                  So 10 of the brothers1 sell Yoseph into slavery
                                       ...fulfilling God’s plan that was

                                          ...written in the stone of SapPhiRe
                                             ...with 5 internal geometric constructs that are self-duals
                                                ...the brothers inadvertently set the wheels in motion
                                                    ...a mathematic reflection of the eventual ‘rectification’
                                              seen when 5 silver shekels are split in half
                                                          ...among the 10 brothers
                                                             ...leading to their eventual descent into Egypt
                                                                ...for rectification.
                                                                   ...where the furnace is ignited.

Time once again moves forward...

The Egyptians refuse to let Israel go
   ...the dark side intervenes to prevent the building of the Temple
       ...which prevents the light from entering the world
          ...God provides the means for the light to escape
             ...and the dark side is subjected to 10 plagues
                ...the dark side is then destroyed by these 10 in succession
          the 10 kings before them that were destroyed in the flood
                      ...and like the 10 spheres before them that were shattered.

                             With destruction of the dark, the light escapes...

                                   The 10 have an entirely different (rectifying effect) on Israel
                                      ...Israel perceives them as 5 upper and 5 lower plagues2 (as known)
                                            ...preparing them to receive the light
                                       they can transmit that light to the world.

Israel thus arrives at Sinai where the process again resets.

     10 commandments are given
         ...Israel is not yet capable of holding or transmitting this powerful light to the world
   the 10 commandments are shattered
       the 10 pre-flood kings before them
                    ...and the 10 spheres before them
                        ...all being reflections of the blueprint.

                                    But then...

                                           The 10 commandments are brought down a second time

                                              ...and now the people are capable of
                                                 ...receiving this light
                                                     ...5 commandments on one, opposite 5 on the other
                                                            ...transmitting this light to the world                                                                                                ...they begin halachic observance
                                                                    ...fulfilling the standard set by the King.


The ripple thus continues to move forward through time
    ...until it arrives at this place and time (in Sh'lach)
        ...where the 10 'scouts' arise
           ...and do what the dark side was previously unable to accomplish.

                ...the 10 “scouts4” unanimously ‘agree to disagree’ with God and Moshe

                   ...they are united in their attempt
            prevent Israel from fulfilling God’s purpose
                       ...entering the Land
                          ...building the Temple
                             ...transmitting the light to the world.
                                ...the people are not yet ready
                                    ...the 10
scouts die immediately
                              all those before them
                                          ...who were unable or unwilling to transmit the light
                                    those destroyed by the 10 plagues
                                       the 10 pre-flood kings
                                          the 10 sphere’s


The lives of the remaining people are shattered by 40 years in the wilderness, during which time their lives come to an end (those that prevented the light). Moving forward through time we see many events where people prevent or try to prevent the light from eventually entering the world, for example:

The 10 sons of Haman oppose God and Israel

   ...they are united in their attempt prevent Israel from fulfilling God’s purpose
 prevent their return to the Land
   prevent them from (re)building the Temple
      prevent them from transmitting the light to the world               
         the 10 are hung on the gallows and
                     ...they cease to exist
                all those who went before them

                   those destroyed by the 10 plagues
                       the 10 pre-flood kings
                           the 10 sphere’s 

Jumping ahead to the more distant future....

Hitler’s 10 henchmen oppose God and Israel
    ...they too unite to prevent Israel from fulfilling God’s purpose by
       ...preventing Israel from returning to (re)build the Temple and
 so doing, prevent light from entering the world
             ...the 10 are convicted at Nuremberg
                ...hung on the gallows and
                   ...cease to exist

             the 10 son's of Haman who were also hung on the gallows and
                         ...ceased to exist
                            ...and the many "10's" who went before them.
                      the 10 pre-flood kings and
                                  ...the 10 sphere’s
                                     ...all of which did not, in their respective time
                               the minimal specifications within the blueprint  

Despite this attempt by Hitler and his 10 henchmen, the Jewish people begin returning to Israel. History repeats itself over and over again. In each case, the numbers and sets of numbers are the same. Why do we see the same pattern over and over again? What is it? What does it mean? Where does it originate?

All of the above events are really a reflection of a much larger reality that revolves around the mathematic characteristics of the blueprint defined by the letters of God’s Name. The ‘specifications’ for the events are found in the sapphire cube that has 5 internal mathematic constructs together with 5 polar opposites (a total of
10). This particular cube is 6 x 6 x 6 cubic hand-breadths, with 216 elements that reflect the Signature of the Architect. That is why these seminal events take this form. The same geometric characteristics are found in the star tetrahedron (magen david) as described in other posts. 

The pattern, in rectified form, appears in the spheres when they return 5 opposite 5 (sefer yetzirah) after which they take form in the letters of creation where 5 letters have 5 specific counterparts (normal and sofit, positioned at the beginning or end of a word as is commonly known). The specific requirements for the process are then found after the division into the luchot, where we see 5 commandments on one, opposite 5 commandments on the other. For 5 months the waters rose and for 5 months they receded. We see 5 tapestries sewn together at one end of the mishkan and 5 sewn together at the other. There were 5 specific things in the first Temple, but those 5 things were not in the second (and these are but a few examples). 

When any given aspect of creation meets the minimal specifications required by the blueprint, where there are at least 5 opposite 5 (in a mixed state of good and evil) then it is allowed to continue. When it is characterized by 10 elements that are unanimous and resolute in their opposition to the light, those elements are destroyed, there is a reset, and the process of bringing them back in a rectified form begins (as seen in key events). This is the nature of tikkun olam and it inevitably repeats itself. 

The "Ten" are Hidden in the Geometry of the SapPhiRe Cube
5 Opposite 5

(the cube of the mem-tet angel depicting the constructs defined by the 216)
(and measured by  42 sets of 42 linear hand-breadths shown in the post on "42 Letters in Sapphire")

The mathematic nature of the above constructs define various events, like the division of the cube [of metatron] (6 x 6 x 6 or 216 cubic hand-breadths) into two halves (108 cubic hand-breadths opposite 108 cubic hand-breadths) with 5 commandments on one, opposite 5 commandments on the other (the mirror image of the geometry in the five constructs that are self-duals). Each is a reflection of a larger reality that flows from the ultimate unity, the Blessed Holy One, whose Name, with 216 letters, defines the measure for everything in the created universe.
The Combined Cubic Form of the Shnei Luchot
6 x 6 x 6
10: 5 opposite 5

Remember the gematria of the Tetragrammaton? The gematria of yud-key-vav-key (YHWH) is 10, 5, 6, 5. See anything in the geometry of the (gem)stones above that looks familiar? 

It should come as no surprise that we also see this same pattern in the mathematics corresponding to the 5 string theories in physics that are reconciled by “dual resonance” wherein the male-female wave forms dictate the underlying rules of physics (ultimately quantum chromodynamics). The universe must take the form that is specified in the blueprint, and so it does.

Each of these reflections requires contemplation to fully appreciate. Please understand that it is not possible to see the world on this level without first looking into the geometry of the [primordial] Torah.
The events (especially those pertaining to Israel) and the geometry in the combined cubic form of the sapphire tablets, are one in the same.

Next week, in Parashah Korach we will see how the letters of the Name in combination with cause and effect, become the template for future events and even specify the character of those events. Watch for it.


Footnote 1 - There were more than 10 brothers, however 10 were involved in the sale and while the sale may not have been direct, 
                     it nevertheless had the same result.

Footnote 2 - Rabbi Yehuda Lowe of Prague (the Maharal)

Footnote 4 - There were more than 10 "scouts," but 10 were involved in the evil report.