Hashem HaMeforash

Hashem Hameforash (God's Explicit Name) is also known as the Triad Havaya of 72. It is hidden in the Torah as a contiguous one-dimensional string of letters. Sometimes this Name is referred to as "the Name of 72" as though it had 72 letters. However, the Name actually consists of 72 triplets or 72 groups, with 3 letters in each group. The total number of letters is thus 216 (72 x 3).

The four letters of the Tetragrammaton (yud-key-vav-key / YHWH) are often referred to as the Explicit Name because they are the primordial form of the 216, and together with their four-letter counterparts in ADNY (aleph-dalet-nun-yud) and Ehyeh (aleph-hey-yud-heh) they define a complex mathematic system that becomes the very heart of the universe. The sophisticated geometric relationship between all of these letters and how this Name rules the universe (by defining various aspects of physics, biology, chemistry and celestial dynamics) is the subject of this blog.

Here are just a few simple examples that reveal the larger reality that is associated with the Triad Havaya of 72:
  • The average amount of water1 in the human body 72%.
  • There are an average of 72 heart beats per minute for the human adult.
  • The axis of the earth moves 1 degree every 72 years in relation to the rolling vault of heaven.
  • The average life duration of the ovule is 72 hours.
  • There are 72 paranatellons that rise and set simultaneously with the 12 constellations.
  • 72 is the number of hours in 3 days

The "Signature" (essentially a mathematic reflection of the letters in God's Name) is hidden just beneath the surface of our reality so that it does not interfere with free will. However, those who look for it will find it in one form or another, just about everywhere.

The next construct is about: The Sapphire Cube (the combined cubic form of the luchot / primordial torah) that is "defined" by the letters of this Name.


Footnote 1 - The range for the amount of water in the human body is 50-75%. However, when this range is averaged factoring in each age group accordingly, the average is 72%.

More advanced students who are already familiar with God's Name and its abbreviated forms should note: the actual (216) letters of the Name are not the subject of this blog. For our purpose, all that is necessary is for the reader to be aware of their mathematic and geometric characteristics. Also, the Triad Name of 72 should not be confused with the miliu-ey of Yud-Key-Vav-Key known as the Havayah of Ayin-Bet which is an expansion of the Tetragrammaton that is numerically equal to 72. Nor should it be confused with the Tetragrammaton (Yud-Key-Vav-Key ~ YHVH) which is referred to as "Explicit" because it is the root of the 216 letters, and also the form or expression of the Name that describes the state of these letters at the moment "duality" was established in the creation of the universe (the 4 letters: yud-key with vav-key) and before its present multiplicity (expressed in all 216). The term/word "havayah' refers to this 'essential' four-letter form. However, since the other four-letter forms like Adnoot (aleph-dalet-nun-yud) and Ehyeh (aleph-hey-yud-hey) have a direct connection to this abbreviation, as explained in the post on the "Marriage of the Letters," we sometimes refer to all three as 'essential' (havayah) 'Names' regardless. In addition to the 216 letters of the Triad Havayah of 72 (3 x 72 = 216) there are a total of 54 ways the letters of the Name YHVH can be combined and permuted, and all of them mathematically yield a total of 216 letters (4 letters x 54 permutations = 216). These 54 permutations are said to be the mystery of power to all that exists within the created universe (YHVH = 12; YYVH = 12; YVVH = 12; YYVV = 6; YYHH = 6; VVHH = 6; Total = 4 x 54 = 216). You will see examples of this mystery manifesting itself when you've read the post on the primordial torah. These 4 letters are said to be like a soul to the 216 (Shaarey Orah 1, p. 4b, See also: Bahir 110, Zohar 2:270. cf. Sefer Hakanah-Cracow 1894, p88a, Pardes Rimonim 21:5, Pesekita Zutrata on Exodus 14:21; Rashi, Succah 45a. "Ani"


  1. Special thanks to the reader who challenged some of the information in this post. It gives me the opportunity to further elaborate. The individual claimed that the average amount of water was between 50 and 70%. This is not an average. It is a range. Moreover, the stated range is incorrect. It is actually closer to between 50 and 75%. However, if you sample the amount of water from individuals from each age group and then average the results you will find it to be almost exactly 72%.

  2. The Individual referenced in the above comment also took exception to the number of ways in which the letters of the Tetragrammaton can be permuted, contending instead, for example, that YHVH is 26 and not 12. It appears, at least in this instance, that they have confused gematria with the number of permutations of the three distinct letters (YHV) in this Name (YHVH). There is a big difference. Four stones would normally build 24 houses as is known. However, since there is a duplicate letter in this Name (HH) the number of stones (letters) available for combination drops to three, which results in, at most, only 12 possible permutations (houses) for this particular set of letters. The total number of permutations that can be made from all possible combinations of these three letters (as shown/listed in the post) is in fact 54, and those 54 permutations times the 4 letters in each is 216. This is well known in certain circles. Anyone wishing a more thorough explanation may write to me via the email address in my profile. Please keep the questions and challenges coming!