The Parable of the Sapphire Kingdom

This story is excerpted from the post on Metzora which provides additional insight. We present here the pertinent part, for those who are new to this blog: 

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there lived a king who possessed extraordinary longevity (the king's subjects did not have such longevity). The king was both righteous and powerful, and he wished to build a magnificent kingdom that would include every province1. To that end he appointed a viceroy to begin the work. The viceroy was given 600 years to complete everything according to the king’s direction. He was also given a highly detailed blueprint. However, because of the viceroy's limited lifespan, he would never see its completion and so it was necessary to pass on the obligation to his descendants. 

The king was rightly concerned that people would forget him over time, and so he ordered that the roads and highways throughout the kingdom, be built according to the pattern of the letters in his name. That way, future generations would not forget the king and continue to obey his laws. The king did all this because he intended to disappear until such time as the construction was complete. The viceroy was told that the systems of measurement used to layout the pattern, as well as the measurements themselves, would also have to conform to the letters of the king’s name. All would serve to remind the people of the king’s authority, and there would be no doubt as to the kings identity or his intention to return. 

The king wanted the people to have every opportunity to trust him and learn how to be good and loyal subjects, so he also specified that the roads extend from the palace like the spokes of a wheel. That way, every road would lead directly to the king's palace. Of course there were side roads too, but the main highways would always take a person directly to the palace, or in the other direction depending on where a person wanted to go. No one need ever get lost. 

Nevertheless, as time passed the people forgot the king. They couldn’t even remember his name. The viceroy eventually died but his immediate descendants continued the work until they too forgot the king. There was one particular descendant however who did not forget. Seeing what had happened to the others, he established and maintained schools to teach his family so they too, would never forget. They built the palace and all the roads and all the highways as the king had requested. Many people outside of this particular family refused to believe there ever was a king and acted in all sorts of belligerent ways, especially toward the family of builders. Despite many obstacles the builders persevered. Some of them weren’t sure the king would return and so they slacked off. Others, weary from the belligerence aimed at their family, were unable to continue. But many worked twice as hard so that everything would be complete within the designated time. 

Well sure enough, the king did return. He was pleased with the builders and the work they had done. Each was rewarded according to his efforts. The king then appointed a new viceroy from among them, who set about restoring order and teaching everyone the ways of the king. Many people had gone astray and had come to believe all manner of strange things, but the viceroy explained the secrets behind the original plan, and why the king had disappeared for such a long time. The people then recognized the king and bowed down to him. They put away childish things, and peace and harmony returned to the kingdom. 

For those who have read the essential constructs listed to the right in the proper order, an explanation of the story is simple. The king is of course God and the first viceroy was Adam. The blueprint was of course sapphire blue (the luchot). God told Adam how to measure everything that could be measured. The kingdom is the world in which we live. It is mapped in all directions according to a unique pattern established by God and taught to Adam. We still use the same system today. What is this system and how does it correspond to the letters of God’s Name?

There are 360 equal portions in the circle of the earth referred to as degrees, like those on a compass. Anyone familiar with navigation or GPS coordinates knows that each degree of the earth’s circumference, polar or equatorial, is further subdivided into 60 smaller portions known as “arc minutes,” and these are in turn subdivided into 60 portions that are even smaller, called “arc seconds.” Any place on the planet (within its three
spherical dimensions of space) can be expressed in terms of “so many degrees; so many minutes; and so many seconds” of latitude and longitude. 

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The King’s Name is hidden just beneath the surface (in the conversion of these measurements) However, in this case, it also includes a direct reference to the King’s timetable for mankind. When we calculate how many “arc seconds” there are in 360 degrees (360 degrees x 60 arc minutes x 60 arc seconds) the conversion results in 1,296,000 arc seconds (one million, two hundred ninety six thousand arc seconds). Any coordinate in “the kingdom” (planet earth) can be mapped accordingly. However, the King also provided a coordinate designated within the dimension of time for reasons that will become apparent. That coordinate was much like the one above where the king gave the viceroy and his descendants 600 years to complete the construction. In the real plan, God allowed 6 days for creation, but each day to the King is like 1,000 years as discussed in many commentaries. Thus, the 6 days of creation alludes to 6,000 years of human history. 

Divide the 1,296,000 arc seconds of ‘space’ that are used to locate any point on the earth’s surface (or the celestial equivalent for the stars under the rolling vault of heaven) by the 6,000 years of ‘time’ allotted to man for the purpose of creation, and you get the one-dimensional metric signature of the King, the exact number of letters in His One Explicit Name: 216 letters (1,296,000, divided by the 6,000 years = 216).

The mathematic equivalent of its letters are hidden within the design of His kingdom, as is the designated time period for its creation. Here, it is hidden as the common denominator between time and space. It remains hidden in order that people may exercise free will. They can choose their destiny by moving toward the palace, or away from it. Either way, the King’s Name is embedded within the dynamics of the space-time continuum created for this purpose, to which all of the people are subject.

How did man come to forget this? God walked with Adam in the garden and taught him many things. He taught him the secrets behind the systems of measurements and how each in its own way reflected certain characteristics of His Name. Adam’s descendants preserved this knowledge. However, eventually, they too forgot. There was only one small line of descendants who remembered and worked to preserve it. These were the descendants of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov. The Jewish people established and maintain yeshivot (schools) to pass on a correct understanding of God, His Name, and the moral code that man was expected to obey. They are the only ones who know the 216 letters of His Name. They are the only ones who know the mysteries surrounding it. The Jewish people are the builders mentioned in the story above. And yes, belligerent people have risen up against them in every generation and will continue to do so until the King returns. And yes, many outsiders are engaged in all manner of strange worship, thinking that they know God, when in fact, they don’t even know His Name.

The study of measurements or systems of measurement, by the way, is called metrology. However, the basis for the various systems was lost eons ago. There are those (even among other religions) who have noticed these unusual numbers, sets of numbers, and ratios, and can easily see that they are an integral part of the universe. They also rightly conclude that the pattern is evidence of intelligent design. However, since they are involved in “all manner of strange worship,” and not familiar with God’s Real Name, that is, the Name that gave rise to the universe (the Explicit Name) they invariably attribute the design to the name of their own particular (false) deity or idol. These childish things will eventually be put away, at the appropriate time, when God makes Himself known and confirms the identity of the builders and the nature of what was built and why.

All of these systems of measurement, their numbers, sets of numbers and ratios are reflections of the Signature of the Architect that few have the ability to recognize. 

The next essential construct reveals the extent to which the letters of God's Name (as found mathematically in the static and metric geometry of the shnei luchot or "cube of creation") defines and in fact rules over the entire universe, and even the history of mankind. You can read about this truly amazing connection in the next construct on: The Primordial Torah


Footnote 1 - There were/are 252 specific "provinces" in "the kingdom" (Sefer Esther) which will be explained as a geometric function of the foundation stone in the post on "The Supernal Stream).

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