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As you know, the purpose of this blog is to reveal the connection between the letters of God’s Name and the geometry of the foundation stone, and to show how they define the world around us. Numerous examples were provided in posts like the "Primordial Torah.” Here we provide additional examples that reveal the hidden connection between the letters of several words that relate to the stone or stones and the “geometry” (gematria) of those words, in order to demonstrate how interconnected things are.

The first example pertains to the letters of "Chilazon"
(חלזון). Jewish men are required to wear a talit which is a garment having four corners. On the four corners of this garment are tzitzith or fringes that consist of eight strands of thread. One of those strands is dyed with a special blue known in Hebrew as tekhelet (תכלת). This dye comes from the Chilazon. There is a debate over the identity of the sea creature. Some authorities believe they know what it is, though its not a majority opinion.

Surprisingly, the identity of the Chilazon was either uncertain in Talmudic times or considered unavailable. The Midrash relates the story of R. Yossi who, while walking down a road, meets an old man. He asked the man how he made his living and the man replied “from the Chilazon,” to which R. Yossi replied, “ it available?” The man exclaimed “by heaven, there is a place in the sea which is surrounded by mountains...” and then explained that “spiders would come and sting the Chilazon causing it to die and dissolve in its place.” Finally, he acknowledges that [it] "...was being stored away for the righteous in the future [world] to come.” We take this literally, but there are loftier implications.

In the Gemara, R. Meir asks what makes tekhelet so special that it should be used as a dye for one of the strands of tzitzith? The answer given, is that the blue resembles the sea and the sea [reflects the] the sky which is like the blue of sapphire. What is sapphire? The throne [and more specifically] the sapphire stone [brickwork] under the throne. 

In Hebrew, Chilazon is spelled chet, lamed, zayin, vav, nun-sofit (חלזון). The letters of Chilazon are similar to the letters for the word “vision” (חזון) which is indicative of one’s ability to see beyond what is ordinarily possible, or to know something more completely. In this case, as an example, were it not discussed in various commentaries, how would we know that the tekhelet for tzitzith was, or is, like the sapphire stones brought down by Moshe? Perhaps more importantly, why?

When Moshe divided this stone he brought down the two halves as the shnei luchot (two tablets). In the realm above, the stone was 'one,' but below it is perceived in the form of its 'two' (halves). Throughout this blog we refer to them as the sapphire twins. There are many esoteric implications that are beyond the scope of this post. The volumetric measure however is
easy to understand. The 'one' above was 216 cubic handbreadths, so each of the twins, (each of its 'two' halves below) is 108 cubic handbreadths (as is known). The word for half in Hebrew is chetzi (חצי) and the gematria of its letters is 108, which equates to the volumetric measure of each half. The mathematic mirror image is therefore easy to see.

The letters of Chilazon (חלזון) are much like the word chetzi. They too provide us with the vision
(חזון) to see an aspect of reality that would ordinarily remain hidden. In this world Chilazon (חלזון) is spelled with only 'one' zayin. Above, where there is perfect clarity, we see 'two' (twin) zayins (חלזזון). With two zayins, the gematria of its letters becomes 108 which is like the sapphire stones (108 cubic handbreadths) that resembled the blue from the Chilazon; and also the letters of the word “half/chetzi” with a gematria (geometry) of 108. Things above exist in a state of perfect clarity, whereas things below often need rectification.

This is just one example of how our understanding in the world to come, will be greater than it is in this world. We will be able to “see” (perceive/know/understand) the connection between the letters of the Name and the measured geometry of the stone or stones. Everything will become clear and we will be able to see why tekhelet must be used; why it must come only from the Chilazon; and why it resembles the sapphire of the stones. The righteous will gaze upon the [foundation] stone (as Moshe did in Mishpatim) and their enhanced vision (חזון) will allow them to “see” God’s Name in the “brickwork” (Onkelos) of its sapphire geometry. However, this knowledge is “stored away for the righteous” who will merit to know God’s Name. 

The lofty nature of this signature geometry is also hidden in other words like sapphire and sphere. To refresh your memory, the primordial form of the shnei luchot (two tablets) was in the form of the (one) sapphire foundation stone which was simply the combined cubic form of the tablets. The six faces of this cube mathematically define a sphere within. If you think of these things as physical objects, you’re missing the point. The stones were in fact physical, but they were also much more. The knowledge and understanding (pertaining to the MeasuRemenT) of this stone was the domain of the angel MeTatRon (meaning to measure) and we delve into this more fully in the post on the Mem-Tet Angel. 

By now you’ve probably realized that the measured geometry of the primordial torah (i.e. the luchot in their combined cubic state) is the origin of the word cube-it (cubit) so named because it is the measure of the cube [of creation]; in essence the mathematic system at the very heart of the universe. 

This system connects the design of the kingdom with the letters of the Designer's Name. If you’ve read the essential constructs from the introduction through the 42 letters in sapphire, then you already understand many of these things. Some would consider this not only as proof of what is called “intelligent design,” but also proof of a Name for a very real God who exists above and beyond the domain of normal space-time. Take just a moment to consider that statement. The only question is, how high is man capable of ascending on this ladder of human consciousness?

In Hebrew, the word for SaPphiRe is SaPiR (Samech-Pey-Yud-Resh / ספיר). The word for SPheRe is SPheRaH (Samech-Pey-Yud-Resh-Heh / ספירה). Notice the similarity in the letters, both in English and Hebrew. In fact, the letters of the word for sphere are exactly the same in Hebrew, except for the addition of a single letter, which is the final “Heh” of SPheRaH. In geometry, and in the geometry of the stone in particular, the six faces of the cube mathematically define a perfect sphere within, as just mentioned, and so in many ways the sphere within and the cube without are equal. You will see just how equal in a moment. Conversely, we could say that the surface of a sphere defines a six-sided cube, but either way the diameter of a sphere inside a cube is equal to the length, width, and depth of that cube. That makes the circumference of this particular sphere equal to Pi cubits. That's worth contemplating!

𝜋 (Pi)

Pi is an irrational number. Therefore, its decimal iterations extend to infinity and never repeat. There are actually three different mathematic functions of Pi within this one unique cube. The volume of the sphere defined by its six faces is exactly 1/6 of Pi times the volume of the cube that surrounds it (true of any sphere inside a cube). However, in the foundation stone, the size of the cube is also one cubit, which just happens to be exactly 1/6 of Pi meters. On top of that, the “virtual” sphere defined by the cube’s six faces happens to be exactly the number of faces times 1/6 of Pi cubits or simply Pi cubits  Chew on that for awhile. Three instances of Pi within a single cube, all of which relate to different systems of measurement, makes for a rather unusual common denominator.
There are, count them, three different instances of Pi hidden in this unique "stone" (and only this stone). Each instance pertains to a different system of measurement. The first is in the form of a ratio involving its volumetric measure, the second is in the form of an imperial measurement, and the third is in the form of a metric measurement. More importantly, they all correlate with one another by virtue of the same common denominator, which is either Pi or 1/6 of Pi, and the six handbreadths of the royal or sacred cubit (as opposed to the Hebrew cubit1).

Remember the three instances of Pi in the formulae for the Fine-Structure Constant that we showed you in the last construct? Do you think this is a coincidence? Not hardly!

Since the mathematic nature of this stone is the very foundation of the universe, it should go without saying that its mathematic and geometric properties must be, and are, the underlying “system” hidden behind the physics of the universe, a universe that God created, a world where He nevertheless remains entirely hidden (the letters of His Name being a function of the geometry). The letters are not only hidden in the measured geometry of "the stone,” but the very nature of the universe that the stone defines. From quantum mechanics to string theory, the letters of God’s Name underlie everything. The post on the primordial torah goes into more detail and provides specific examples showing that the (letters of the) Name do indeed “rule” the universe. Since specific examples are given in that post, we will not elaborate here, except to say that this is what our sages meant when they said God looked into the [primordial] torah (foundation stone) before creating the world.  

At any rate, from this stone and the mathematic system that it defines, we know that the word sapphire (ספיר) and the word sphere (ספירה) are spelled differently in the realm above, just as it was for Chilazon, where two of its letters (the two zayins) were compressed into one below. In the realm above, how are the letters of sapphire (ספיר) and sphere (ספירה) spelled?

Examine the letters of these words through the prism of the foundation stone. The “prism” (mathematic/geometric properties) were mentioned earlier in terms of its
length, width, and depth, each of which is one cubit. These measurements are identical to the diameter of the sphere defined by the six faces of this cube (basic math). We mentioned previously that the  circumference of the SPheRaH was Pi cubits. However, keep in mind that this measurement is in turn divided by the 360 degrees of its circumference, and coincidentally, these 360 degrees are also found in the angular measure of the SaPphiRe (cube) that surrounds it, where any given corner equals 90 degrees. Since each face has four corners, its total angular measure is 4 x 90, or 360 degrees. In other words, both the cube and the sphere can be measured in terms of 360 degrees. Since the cubic form of the "stone" has six faces, the combined number of degrees is 6 x 360, or 2,160 (216 x 10) degrees. This is the MeasuRemenT within the foundation stone that defines movement on the cosmic clock where each of the 12 constellations takes 2,160 years to pass through the precession of the equinoxes (12 x 2,160 = 25,920 years).

So how are SaPphiRe (SaPiR / Samech-Pey-Yud-Resh / ספיר) and SPheRe (SPheRaH / Samech-Pey-Yud-Resh-Heh / ספירה) spelled in the realm above? Just as "Chilazon" must be spelled with twin zayins before it reveals its secrets, so too, sapphire and sphere must be spelled with twin letters before they reveal their secrets. In higher realms, "sapphire" (sapir) is spelled ספייר with a double Yud (יי) instead of a single yud (י) and the word "sphere" (spherah) is spelled ספירהה with a double “Heh” (הה) instead of a single heh (ה). When the letters of these words parallel their respective permutations of the letters in the Tetragrammaton, their hidden origin in the geometry of the foundation stone is revealed.

The spelling of these words 'above' requires a double Yud (יי) or double “Heh” (הה) for the same reason that Chilazon requires a double Zayin (
זז). Each of these words normally has a different gematria. The gematria of sphere (in this world) is 350, while the gematria of sapphire is 355. They both fall short of providing an accurate reflection of their origin in the foundation stone. However, when the letters of the Tetragrammaton found in these words are doubled (made twins like the stones themselves) the gematria of both words becomes 360, like both measures in the foundations stone: the 360 degrees in the circumference of the sphere 'within' the stone, and the 360 degrees 'without,' on each face of the stone (see picture below).

Above, our vision is clear and we can see the connection. Below, our vision is obscured, so we we cannot see (understand) these words as a function of their origin in the foundation stone.

The four 90 degree angles on each face equal 360 degrees

The four 90 degree quadrants of the circumference equal 360 degrees

4  x  90  =  360  Degree Circumference

click to enlarge

Those who wish to climb higher on the ladder should contemplate the twin letters. The gematria of Heh is 5 and the gematria of Yud is 10. The foundation stone, or cube [of creation] as some would call it, is internally defined by 5 mathematic constructs that have 5 polar opposites (5 opposite 5). These are sometimes referred to as the 5 duals.

If you look close enough, you will see that these 5 “duals” are the template for such things as the “5 string theories” that are reconciled (mathematically) by what is called “dual" resonance. This aspect of the stone (properties of the mathematic system) manifests itself in many ways throughout the entire physical universe. A biblical example is when Moshe divides the stone under the throne and brings it down as the shnei luchot (two tablets) with 5 commandments on one, and 5 commandments on the other (5 opposite 5) although, many more examples of this pattern are provided throughout this blog. This is the reason for the double heh. The significance of the foundation stone cannot be perceived in this world until it is divided as it was by Moshe when it was brought down as the luchot (the sapphire twins).

This is also true of the double yud (gematria 10). The first set of 10 (constructs / commandments / spherot) are shattered. They are not received because man is not ready to comprehend the torah at this level, so a second set, another 10 are “crafted” and brought down. This set is received. The first set of 10 are withheld and remain hidden. The second set of 10 are given (revealed) to the people. 

That is why the word sapphire has "twin" heh's (two 5s) above and why the word “sphere” has "twin" yuds (two 10s) above. The torah at this level requires a higher level of human consciousness (a messianic level).

Why are the secrets of these words revealed when they are spelled with 'twin' letters? The primordial torah was itself in the form of twins. Twin tablets. Shnei luchot. As it says: "when it came time to give brith, twins were in her womb." Words that are related to these twins need twin letters in order to reveal their geometric secrets.  

In the world to come, when our vision is clear, we will comprehend this larger reality and 'spell' our "understanding" of God's Name, along with its connection to the stone or stones, and its sapphire characteristics, with the twin letters that reveal its secrets. Is it possible to  see any of this in this world? Study the geometric prism of the primordial torah and look for God’s Name.

The next construct is a meditation on a single word of Torah: Machnaim
Footnote 1 - The Hebrew cubit consisted of only 5 handbreadths because the royal or sacred cubit was considered to be to holy for ordinary measurement. It could only be used for the measure of holy things like the temple. This is why the measuring rod in Ezekial 40:8 is said to be six cubits by [the type of cubit that is] a cubit and a handbreadth (i.e. the Hebrew cubit of 5 handbreadths plus another handbreadth, which is the royal/sacred cubit of 6 handbreadths reserved for the measurement of things that are holy).

This post was published just before shabbat which this year (5778) coincides with the Ninth of Av


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