Friday, November 30, 2012

Chai Sarah

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"Eliazar gave to Rivka a gift..."

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In Chai Sarah, God's Explicit Name is found in “Eliazar gave to Rivka a gift of 2 bracelets.”

Their weight in silver was 10 selaim (shekels). The Sages of Israel conclude that these 2 bracelets allude to the 10 commandments on the 2 luchot, that her children would eventually observe. 

In their original form above, the sapphire cube is characterized by 5 internal mathematic constructs that exist in 2 forms (5 opposite 5). The 2 “bracelets” to be “worn” in the future by Israel, the luchot, with their 10 commandments on 2 tablets (5 opposite 5) were a reflection of this characteristic. 

The ratio of these twins (luchot) were 6 x 6 x 3 (which equals 108) times the 2 luchot. This alludes to the mathematic and geometric Signature of God’s One Explicit Name with its 216 letters (108 x 2).

[For more information on the Triad Name and where it is found in the Torah (as well as in everything from particle physics, quantum mechanics, celestial dynamics etc., to the historical narrative of mankind) see "The Signature of the Architect," available soon in the iBookstore.]

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