The 360 Degrees of a Sphere

In the last construct we examined the circle/circumference defined by the 36 handbreadths on the face of the luchot. We then showed how the hemisphere associated with that circumference in turn defined the fine-structure constant to the 4th decimal place. In this construct we will examine the 360 divisions of that circle/circumference more closely.

Have you ever wondered why there are 360 degrees in a circle or sphere? Unlike other systems of measurement, a degree is not a measure of length or breadth. Rather it is a portion of something that may vary in size. Why 360 portions? Why not divide a circle into 10 parts, or 100 parts? Why not increase the resolution to 1,000 parts, e.g. 1,000 degrees in a circle? What person or group of people decided that a circle should be measured in terms of 360 parts, and why?

The answer may surprise you. It is actually self-embedded in the geometry of the luchot. In other words, the geometry itself creates the divisions. You will see exactly how it does this in a moment, but before doing so, we should first lay some ground work in order for you
to understand the significance of this measurement.

At one point in the distant past, the mind of man (more specifically Adam) was able to perceive certain things without having to measure them. You can demonstrate this concept for yourself by testing the limits of your own consciousness.

Have a friend throw two or threes coins onto a tabletop. There is no need for you to count them because you can immediately “see” how many coins were thrown. However, have them throw down a higher number of coins, ten or more, and you can no longer see or perceive the number without taking the time to count the coins.

At one time human consciousness was far superior to what it is today. Language was inherent. That is, it was “hardwired” into man’s consciousness. How do we know? God tested man by bringing the animals before Adam to see if he could “see” (perceive) their names (their inherent energetic properties).

Human consciousness suffered a serious setback when Adam “fell” into what we perceive as a physical universe. Having lost this exalted level of consciousness, he could no longer see “from one end of the universe to the other.” Things that had been obvious before, like his understanding of mathematic relationships or the energetic properties that allowed Adam to “see” without “the need to count,” were no longer obvious. Now it would be necessary for him to carefully examine “the measure” of any given thing, before he could see the intrinsic link between God and His creation.

Still, Adam had an advantage, because even after the fall, man still had that one comprehensive language consisting of 70 times the vocabulary we have today in any given language, words that when taken together, more clearly reveal the underlying connections between God and His creation. However, things went from bad to worse after the incident at Bavel (the tower of Babel) when that one all-encompassing language became fragmented. It wasn’t that everyone was speaking seventy different languages. It was that the one original language was fragmented into seventy different parts and the obvious connections were all but gone. Knowledge of God was obscured and the mind of man occluded to the point that he could no longer see God in the nature of the world around him.

Remember this as we examine in the paragraphs ahead, why a circle must be divided into 360 parts, and how these 360 divisions correlate with the original language and the letters of God’s Name.

If you’ve read the previous constructs provided throughout this blog, then you’ve already been exposed to anthropomorphic terms related to measurement, terms such as faces and hands, cubes, cube-its (cubits) feet, yards, fathoms etc. However we’ve not yet examined the fingers of the hand(breadth) or what part they play in the measurement of things, or how they might factor into the original more comprehensive language.

The hand consists of four fingers and a thumb. If we say that someone has five fingers, it is understood that one is different from the others. However, there is a more obscure word that can be used for both fingers and thumbs. It is the word “digit,” and it has a double meaning. It not only refers to fingers and thumbs, but also to numbers. That’s logical! We sometimes use our fingers to count. Look into any dictionary and you’ll find the following: Digit = Noun 1) any of the numerals from 0 to 9, especially when forming part of a number; 2) a finger (including the thumb) or toe.

From previous posts it is easy to see that the imperial (royal or sacred) handbreadth is more than just a measurement by which to perceive aspects of the physical universe. It also alludes to how the “Hand” of God created, or more specifically how God measures or otherwise rules the physical world. In the process, it also reveals the connection between these units of measure and God’s Name. 

Hands and faces? What about the finger (of God) i.e. the five digits of the hand? What role do they play in the measure of things? In the preceding paragraphs we asked the question: “What person, or group of people decided that we should measure a circle in terms of 360 parts (degrees).” The answer is: no one. Nor did any group decide that it should be divided into 360 parts. It was one of those things that was obvious to primordial man who possessed an elevated state of consciousness. Can this be proven? 

An understanding of the “foundation stone” (the primordial luchot) was one of those things originally hardwired into human conscious, one of those things that allowed him to “see” (perceive) God on a level that we can now only imagine. The correlation between the geometry of the stone and God's Name as discussed earlier in the post on the "42 Letters in Sapphire" provides a glimpse into the validity of this assertion.

The three-dimensional geometric models of the luchot below are provided to show beyond a reasonable doubt that certain things were in fact hardwired into human consciousness. Through these models the student has the means to reconstruct the knowledge lost to man in ages past. Both are geometric representations of the luchot in their divided side-by-side form, as opposed to their combined cubic state (the divided form is that which parallels the Triad Havayah of 72, or 216 letter Name of 72 triplets). 

The model on the right shows the 6 “hands” of the “stone’s” first dimension (with 30 “digits”) that trace back to a point at infinity forming the opposing angle. Think of the point as the ultimate quantum singularity from which the universe emerged. What is the measure of that angle? It measures 30 “digits” because it is literally “created” (defined) by the 30 digits of the 6 handbreadths. Ask any mathematician and you’ll find that geometrically, it also happens to be 30 degrees! Is this a coincidence or something more significant?

The model on the left shows the 12 “hands” of the “stone’s” second dimension (with 60 “digits”) that trace back to the measure of the opposing angle. What is the measure of that angle? It measures 60 “digits” because it is defined by the 60 digits of the 12 handbreadths. Geometrically, it also just happens to be 60 degrees!

Contemplate the above measurements for a moment before proceeding. Enlarge the image below and look closely at the models. Take time to understand what you are seeing. 

Click to Enlarge

Contemplate the above geometry carefully and understand that the 216 cubic handbreadths (correlating with the 216 letters of the Explicit Name) are the basis for the 360 digits/degrees in a sphere. It is very easy to see once its been pointed out to you!

In a right triangle (rectangled triangle) such as that defined by the face of the luchot (shown below) the number of degrees in its right angle is 90. This means the sum of the two remaining angles is also 90. In the case of the luchot, the two remaining angles are 30 and 60 degrees respectively (basic geometry). The three angles of any triangle will always add up to 180 degrees and the four angles of a square or rectangle will always add to 360 degrees. Study the geometry displayed below carefully.

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The measure for each of the angles in "digits" defined by the handbreadths happens to be the same as the measure of each angles in degrees. This measure defines the number of divisions/portions (degrees) in both the four corners of a square and the four quadrants that we find in a circle or sphere.

This is true either for the hemispheres in the two halves of the cube, or as a sphere within their combined cubic form. They are in fact, quite literally, “the digits” of the hand(breadths) by which the stone is measured. That is why we measure a circle in terms of 360 degrees. This knowledge was originally inherent in man’s understanding of reality. Today it must be contemplated before it can be understood within the context of God's Explicit Name.

The measure of the mishkan should also come to mind where the two opposing north and south walls are each 180 handbreadths. The two together are 360 handbreadths, like the number of degrees in the four angles of each face and the 360 divisions of the sphere within the stone.

By now you've noticed the connection between the word DiGit and the word DeGree. The first thing to point out is that, in English, two of the root letters are the same. Why? The words “digit” and “degree” are actually measuring the same thing, albeit in a slightly different way.

Remember the single language originally spoken by man before Bavel/Babel? Remember how this more comprehensive language revealed aspects of reality that have been lost to man? In Hebrew, the word for "degree" is maala. It is spelled the same as the word maale, which means "ascent." What does this have to do with geometry of the stone(s) or consciousness?  It is through gematria (geometry) that one begins the ascent required for man to return to the edenic level of awareness
(wisdom) once possessed by Adam. This is just one example of how words in several languages, now fragmented, were originally combined to reveal a much larger reality, one that is no longer obvious to man.

Having demonstrated the connection between digits, degrees and the hand(breadth)s of the foundation stone (primordial form of the luchot) the student is now prepared for the different manner in which words are spelled in the realm above and the meditations associated with the letters discussed in the next construct.
The next construct is an examination of words related to the stone, to show how the letters of these words coincide with its measured geometry: Fixed in Stone

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