The 72 Reflections

This page has been created to tell you about a blog that was started sometime ago with the assistance of two special friends. Our intention was to explore the Torah in terms of its more complex linguistic structure to see if any additional patterns would emerge, patterns that might suggest a further connection to God's Name, either in terms of the geometry associated with the letters, or the more expanded geometry associated with the combined cubic form of the luchot and its internal metrics.

The work was very intensive and time consuming and we were eventually forced to discontinue posts. However, if you'd like to wade through some of the extraordinary depths of the subject matter, you can find the blog via this link: The 72 Reflections.

Please note: We are not saying that any given 'pattern' is statistically significant, or that it necessarily connects back to the letters of the Name (however remarkable some may seem). All we are saying is that there are in fact, distinct patterns, at various levels in the linguistic structure, and that they seem to correlate with the Signature of the Architect and the geometry of its letters. Whether any given pattern is evidence of a larger reality defined by the letters of the Name, is something the reader must decide. In my opinion, the scope of the subject matter is beyond the computational ability of any computer to assess. True, taken within their context, some are too remarkable to be considered 'coincidence,' but other data sets (that one might use for purpose of analysis) are simply to small to draw conclusions. However, even in these cases, the number of repetitions themselves seem to correlate (within context) to the narrative in the background, and so the sheer volume of patterns, and the number of patterns within patterns, would suggest that we are getting a glimpse of its inner workings (the 'workings' that define creation).

You are invited to explore this blog at the link above. Just be forewarned that it was not designed to be 'read' as an article or book. It was compiled to look at repeating patterns, and therefore the manner in which the material is advanced may seem highly redundant. If you decide to dive in, you will no doubt discover quite a few gems that have gone unnoticed.         

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