Human Conciousness and the Luchot

We are told that God "looked into the [primordial] Torah" before He created the world." It stands to reason that if the luchot constitute a cosmic blueprint with the specifications for everything created, that somewhere in the depths of human consciousness, man might have some awareness of this cube [of creation] (luchot) or at least a glimmer of its significance on some level, even if were subconscious. 

If such awareness does exist, it might reveal itself (to varying degrees) in different people, depending on the strength of the connection they have to their Creator, with perhaps the strongest connection being that of Moshe, since he saw it under the throne (in mishpatim) and later 'received' the luchot/blueprint at Sinai.

As with any hypothesis, an analysis of its validity would depend on the strength of any given observation, or maybe the number of relevant observations, perhaps the frequency of those observations.

The results would be subjective in any case, but assuming for the moment that this hypothesis were true, that man did indeed have at least a subconscious connection to the luchot (as the blueprint for creation) what form would these observations take? What might we expect to see? Actual cubes? Sapphire blue cubes? And where would we find evidence of such phenomena?

Obviously, the combined cubic form of the luchot (what would otherwise look like a simple cube) would have to be a part of whatever we observe, and since this "observation" involves the cube [of creation] and has to do with creation, we might expect to observe the phenomena (awareness of the sapphire blue cube) in individuals who are generally more "creative" than others, like artists, writers, and so forth. Perhaps it would appear in their artwork, or stories. What about business people who are talented and innovative in business?

With that in mind, have you by any chance noticed the number of movies that Hollywood has released in the last few years, with a similar theme? 

In the movie "Contact," for example, with Jodie Foster, a blueprint is given to the people of earth, but it is undecipherable until they realize it is a three-dimensional blueprint (it must be looked at in three dimensions). It is a written blueprint, with instructions for building/creating a bridge to "connect" with what is apparently a source of higher intelligence or higher consciousness (possibly even divine). A picture of the three-dimensional blueprint seen in the movie is shown below:

Coincidence? Isolated incident? Archetype of human consciousness? Why would anyone draw up a blueprint that was three-dimensional?

In the movie Transformers, there is a struggle to possess and control something that is called the "all spark" which can ultimately be used to create or destroy. The "all spark" just happens to be a cube with writing on it. It is protected by the good guys (a group of people on earth) but a titanic struggle ensues, in which the bad guys try to take possession of it, in order to use it for their nefarious purposes. The 'all spark' is pictured below:

Coincidence? Isolated incident? Archetype of human consciousness? What does a spark have in common with a cube? 

In the television series "Star Trek," Captain Jean Luc Picard is pitted against a highly advanced race whose ship takes the form of a cube. The sole purpose of these people and the focus of their existence (facilitated by their cube vessel) is the collection/absorption/acquisition of all knowledge. The cube-vessel with its collective knowledge appears below:

Why is the purpose of those who possess it or use it, to collect knowledge?

In the movie "Robot Overlords" the robots travel around in cube-shaped ships (pictured below). Imagine that! Are all these writers following the same script? Exactly what script are they all following? Did they get together in a meeting and decide they were all going to use the same concept? Or, is this evidence of a larger reality, buried deep in the subconscious. If the writers of these scripts are so creative, why don't the ships have shapes that are more in keeping with the traditional space ship theme?  

Where is this fascination with cubes coming from? Are movie producers hiring rabbis to write these scripts? Wouldn't matter, because the rabbinic community rarely, if ever, explores the geometry of the combined cubic form of the luchot. Ordinarily, we might consider a cube "boring" if not dumb. Yet, these writers seem to have some kind of subconscious inclination to feature cubes in their portrayal of knowledge and power.

Is this yet another coincidence? One or two; or even three examples are surely just a coincidence, but what if the phenomena becomes more frequent, and what if the archetype observed begins to take on specific attributes?

In the Captain America series of movies the artifact that drives the struggle between good and evil is (are you ready for it?) a transparent blue cube of power (pictured below). Does it look familiar?

This blue cube is the "power source" which is sought after by heroes and villains, the kind you find in any good science fiction movie, but there's a ring of truth to the underlying story. Esav sold his birthright, a birthright which included the 'receiving of the luchot' (cube of creation divided and brought down by Moshe) and ultimately the written Torah. His descendants have fought, at every opportunity, for millennia, to take back that birthright. Are all the writers of these various scripts aware of this, or that a sapphire cube is at the heart of the conflict? It is doubtful. 

Cubes are one thing, but when they are blue, transparent or crystalline cubes, one begins to wonder. Blue cubes? Blueprints? Creation? Knowledge? What's going on? Why are men suddenly focused on this concept. Has human consciousness reached critical mass? Is the subconscious mind of man becoming 'aware' of a larger reality?

If this is not a coincidence, should we expect to see something more in keeping with the actual measure of the luchot? The luchot were measured by smaller cubic handbreadths, like a series of cubes within a larger cube. The measure and resulting ratio was of course 6 x 6 x 6 handbreaths (216 cubic handbreadths / 216 little cubes). The advertisement below is rather interesting. You'll notice the item being marketed takes the form of a blue cube that just happens to be made of little cubes. How many? What ratio? 

This cube just happens to be the exact same ratio and color as the combined cubic form of the luchot: 6 x 6 x 6. The marketing people for this firm seem to be lacking the creativity necessary to come up with a better gimmick. Or, is this an indication of some, as yet unknown facet of human consciousness, that has to do with creation?

The Cube
6 x 6 x 6

Is this an isolated case? Doesn't seem to be. The picture below is taken from the movie Boxtrolls. These little guys all dress alike. They 'clothe' themselves in boxes (little cubes). Interestingly enough, in order to protect themselves, especially at night when they go to sleep, the little box guys all come together and form a larger box. In this case, the larger box is not quite 6 x 6 x 6. However, if you divide the long boxes in two (so they are roughly equal in size to the smaller boxes) the cubic ratio is generally 6 x 6 x 6. We're not saying this is a conscious connection. However, there does appear to be a connection of some kind. This particular cube (made of boxtrolls) is pictured below.
The Cube
6 x 6 x 6

After awhile, the number of examples/observations becomes a bit overwhelming. They can't all be a coincidence. Each of these scripts, advertisements, 3D models, whatever, seem to be following a primal script that was buried long ago, deep within man's subconscious mind. For some reason, it seems to surface much more often in the minds of creative people, than any other.

Perhaps one of the greatest innovators of all time was a man named Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple computers. Steve seemed to be obsessed with cubes. When he left Apple, he founded "Next Computers". Their logo appears below, along with their model for system architecture (two cubes). Certainly seems coincidental, but it was early in his career and this archetype was not yet fully developed in his mind.

What comes next is more intriguing. After Steve returned to Apple, he created/designed his famous "Cube" computer, which was a transparent, plexiglass cube (pictured below). 

Then when Apple became increasingly popular, this concept evolved even further, and they started building retail stores, many of which were all glass (transparent) cubes! The glass was divided into smaller window panels that make up each of the surfaces (walls). These panels were rectangular, but the ratio of their width, to their length, was that of two squares (side-by-side). Divide each of these panels in half, and the cube-shaped stores are 6 x 6 x 6. Was he aware of the connection to the luchot, or maybe the cube [of creation]? It's doubtful. The subject is so obscure and so arcane, that very few people are aware of its existence, much less its geometry, or that it is defined by the 216 letters of God's Name.

The Cube
6 x 6 x 6

Any one example is a coincidence. However, all of these examples taken together, is a bit hard to dismiss as a coincidence. It's just too bizarre. On some level, all of the people involved in these various projects, whether marketing, movie making, or creative design - all seem to have a tendency, for some reason, to reduce their 'script' to the shape of a simple cube, a cube that is often transparent and/or blue, and in some cases with components that measure 6 x 6 x 6.

Since most Torah scholars do not connect with the geometry of the (primordial) Torah, some other factor must be at work. Whether it is a facet of human consciousness as it pertains to an inherent knowledge of God and/or His Name, and/or His cosmic blueprint/luchot, we cannot say. Perhaps the writers of these scripts have just run out of ideas and become proverbial 'blockheads.' We'll let you, the reader, decide if this is an archetype of human consciousness related to a much larger reality.


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